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The Mountain Refuge By Gnocchi & Danesi. With an ever-growing number of designs entering the market, buying prefabricated cabins and homes has become an increasingly popular option over traditional construction, and while the concept of a modular prefab cabin design is nothing new, very seldom are they as unique or engrossing as Italy-based architects, Paolo Danesi and Massimo Gnocchi’s newest work: “The Mountain Refuge.”

The Mountain Refuge By Gnocchi & Danesi

Though still in its conceptual phase, the cabin is made up of wooden modules with their own self-contained structures, allowing them to be pieced together in a variety of different manners. The design also enables the modules to be airlifted via helicopter and dropped on-site in the outdoors as fully-assembled units, opening up the possibility of placing the cabin in remote settings where traditional construction would be exceedingly difficult (and expensive), if not impossible.

Learn More: Here. Newatlas. Ever wonder what a Sprinter 4x4 off-road camper van would look like if you shrunk it down?


It'd look something like this Suzuki Every show van from Outclass Cars. Dyson Lightcycle 60-Year Lamp. Dyson might be a world-renowned vacuum proprietor but that doesn’t mean they shy away from the interior design realm.

Dyson Lightcycle 60-Year Lamp

In fact, their background in industrial design has helped them to advance their newest venture — an innovative, long-lasting lamp named the Lightcycle. [image] this one hit home for me : GetMotivated. Land Rover Series One 107 UTE By Timm Cooper. Auction Block: 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. It’s not every day that we come by an FJ40 that exceeds our expectations, and even more rare when that legendary platform is over four decades old. The prominent vehicle reseller, Bring a Trailer, recently listed an impeccably-kept 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 with enough upgrades to satiate even the most parched 4×4 enthusiast — and with only 21,000 miles on the odometer, it stands apart as one of the best-looking examples we’ve ever seen. The FJ40 in question was purchased by the current owner as a partially completed project just over a year and a half ago — since then, it’s undergone an extensive upgrade process that has garnered its 3.9-liter 1F inline-six and column-shifted, 3-speed manual transmission a significant amount of notoriety among its peers.

The outdoor-oriented vehicle utilizes Old Man Emu shocks and springs, burly aftermarket wheels dressed in BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires, and a Weber carburetor to get it where it needs to go. Purchase: 13,500+ Queen's Lane Pavilion By Carney Logan Burke Architects. Wyoming’s Jackson Hole has long been one of the state’s natural wonders, fostering an ecosystem that combines equal parts splendor, serenity, and peaceful beauty.

Queen's Lane Pavilion By Carney Logan Burke Architects

Those who call the area home have become firmly rooted and deeply indebted to the landscape, made all the clearer by Carney Logan Burke Architects’ 20-year project, the Queen’s Lane Pavilion. CLBA has spent the past two decades collaborating with Queen’s Lane Pavilion’s visionary owners to establish one of the area’s most remarkable properties — a hodgepodge of immaculate creative gumption, a breadth of immersive design principles, and focused attrition that stays true to Wyoming’s wild spirit. Five separate projects comprise the Pavilion, bringing together a modern, timber-clad lodge, wine silo, and shop alongside the home’s rustic log, stone, and metal structure. Nature Cruiser Solar-Powered Houseboat By +31 Architects.

Living on the ocean gives you a liberating feeling you can’t quite capture on land.

Nature Cruiser Solar-Powered Houseboat By +31 Architects

You’re at the mercy of the sea and at the heart of adventure, which is why the Nature Cruiser Houseboat by +31 Architects is so alluring. This modern houseboat with a hybrid electric drive was designed by request from a German adventurer and businessman to allow him to coast on rivers and lakes in the comfort of his peaceful refuge. The Box Hop Cabin. As architecture takes a step into the modern age, so too have the methods that prominent builders utilize in their day-to-day projects.

The Box Hop Cabin

The Box Hop cabin is a staggering departure from traditional cabin design — utilizing repurposed shipping containers to create a warm, holistic experience within the secluded woods of Ohio. The Box Hop is a sustainable living space that’s comprised entirely of intermodal containers, providing a spacious three-bedroom, two-bathroom escape with a focus on modern design principles. The minimalist home features a cozy living area that’s been built to cater toward familial socialization, a warm and inviting fireside nook, and a rooftop patio perfect for summertime contemplation.

A separate six-person hot tub is nestled just below the treeline, providing serene views of the surrounding forestry while minimalizing exposure to the harsh elements. Purchase: $310+/Night. Hofats SPIN Fire Tornado. House In The Woods By Alexander Dimitrov. It’s difficult to decide whether a mid-forest abode should abide by the law of man or fall victim to the haunting, eerie nature of the uncharted wilds.

House In The Woods By Alexander Dimitrov

Luckily, Alexander Dimitrov has successfully adjoined the two aforementioned principles — bringing to life his own realization of what a secluded cabin should be. Nestled within a jagged outcrop of moss-covered rock, the artist’s stirring “House In The Woods” forbodes a dark, isolated existence — expanding subtly over shadow-strewn waters and providing an explicit view of the surrounding treeline via framed, geometric windows. An uncured, worn-wood facade adorns the exterior of the dwelling, demarcating the home’s rustic roots, while a sparsely lit and furnished interior provides a serene, melancholic atmosphere. Dimitrov’s “House In The Woods” is merely the personification of nature’s untamed propensity to both heal and mesmerize — soliciting thoughts of mystery, disorientation, and introspective design. Villa 1 By Powerhouse Company. Lazareth La Moto Volante 496 Flying Motorcycle.

Desert Storm Trophy Truck. When it comes to off-roading, few vehicles are as purpose-driven in their design as trophy trucks.

Desert Storm Trophy Truck

Unfortunately, that means that most of them pretty much look the same from one to another. But there’s no rule that says you couldn’t have one imbued with sinister styling — like the Desert Storm Trophy Truck by EPTA Design. This beastly matte-black concept 4×4 shares a lot with its desert-going brethren — including a huge ground clearance, a hefty suspension system, a complete lack of cabin accouterments, a roll cage, and an open bed that houses two huge spare all-terrain tires. But it also has a lot to offer we’ve not seen elsewhere, like exposed carbon fiber body panels, integrated housing for the roof-mounted floodlights, and an aggressively sinister aerodynamic body that looks more like a Batmobile than a trophy truck.

Triumph Speed 'Triple X' Motorcycle By Zeus Custom. It’s no secret that custom motorcycle builders are partial to a few of their favorite transitionary platforms, and Thailand’s Zeus Custom is no different.

Triumph Speed 'Triple X' Motorcycle By Zeus Custom

Once again, the shop has called upon Triumph’s burly Speed Triple 1050 as their weapon of choice — and the result: a shapely and supple “Triple X” fighter. Triumph’s “streetfighter” class motorcycle has been the foundation of many aftermarket builds, thanks to its powerful 1,050cc Triple engine and classic monoshock/progressive rear linkage. While the bike’s body lines serve as the perfect basis for most modern-day riders, the team at Zeus wasn’t satisfied with the Speed Triple’s already aggressive demeanor. GXV Patagonia Expedition Vehicle. NASA x MIT Morphing Wing. While there have been a lot of huge changes across the aerospace industry since the Orvilles’ first flight in 1903, the basic idea behind fixed-wing aircraft has remained largely the same.

NASA x MIT Morphing Wing

But now NASA and MIT, both engineering giants in their own right, have teamed up to create a radical and revolutionary new Morphing Wing that could change air travel as we know it forever. Assembled from hundreds of tiny, identical pieces, the Morphing Wing isn’t fixed. In fact, it is actually designed to change shape mid-flight to control the trajectory of aircraft in a much more efficient manner than existing flapped fixed wings. And while this new technology could make ailerons virtually obsolete, its interwoven lattice structure also has the potential to make aircraft based on the Morphing Wing a good deal lighter, more efficient, and easier to repair.

Muskoka Boathouse By AKB Architects. When living among the wilds of Canada’s Ontario region, blissful, waterfront properties might seem like they’re a dime-a-dozen. After all, serene waterways and the homes that accompany them are a trademark for the denizens of Lake Rosseau — a notion that was carefully observed and acted upon by the area’s AKB Architects.

The inspiration for AKB’s Muskoka Boathouse was drawn primarily from the simplicity of the surrounding area — a locale near Ontario’s Tobin Island district that’s been characterized by its calm, undisturbed waters, rustic wooden docks, and dense forestry. Ken Block's The Gymkhana Files. Ken Block is a madman behind the wheel of a car. And he’s put that madness on full display nine times now over the course of a decade in his series of Gymkhana trick driving viral videos. And while we’ve all seen and marveled at the ever-increasing insanity of those shorts, we’ve never been cued in on what, exactly, goes into making one. That’s all going to change now, thanks to The Gymkhana Files. Produced by Amazon for their Prime customers, The Gymkhana Files is an eight-episode original documentary series that follows the making of the upcoming Gymkhana 10 in all its magnificent glory.

And if the preview is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride. Magirus AirCore Fire-Fighting Robot. Running into a burning building with the heat blazing and the smoke filling up their lungs, firefighters have to deal with hell to keep us safe. The Magirus Group is looking to make their jobs a little easier with the AirCore Fire Extinguishing System, which is made to handle more dangerous fires with explosive threats. This vehicle is a jet turbine-assisted firefighting robot that can be controlled remotely by a single operator from as far as 500 meters away. It uses two effective modes of dousing flames: high-water flow and water mist. In high-water flow mode, it’s able to blast 3,500 liters a minute up to a distance of 80 meters. On the other hand, the water mist mode can project up to 1,500 liters of water per minute up to 60 meters away.

A miniature 5-Axis CNC machine : EngineeringPorn. The Space Smart Home By IOHOUSE. When sci-fi writers and the proto-imagineers of Epcot first conjured images of the houses of the future, they imagined domiciles of detailed integration; houses that were completely connected and adjustable on the inside, and innocuous and camouflaged on the outside. The designers at iOhouse have sought to fulfill that vision in creating their tech-infused Smart Home. Designed to be intelligent, throughout every nook and cranny, the residence runs on a 220v generator and solar panels embedded on the roof.

The Space’s creators imagined a not completely off-the-grid oasis, a house that, while considerably tech-y, remained quietly assimilated in a natural surrounding. Simplicity and tranquility were the focus in creating The Space. Learn More: Here. CeramicSpeed Chainless Drivetrain. Spyra One takes squirt guns to the next level. MAD's all-white conference center melts into the snowy mountains of China. Hultafors x Hults Bruk Ovako Axe Collection. Heimplanet Inflatable Backdoor Tent. Aston Martin Vision Volante Concept.

The future is approaching, fast. No longer are visions of flying cars the stuff of Jetsonian fantasy. Northern Wisps Nordic Cabins. Stedsans In The Woods Resort. In Hyltebruk, Halland lies a tranquil outdoor resort where you can unplug and unwind in the comfort of nature. Stedsans resort and restaurant is a place where you can immerse yourself in the outdoors, surrounded by a permaculture farm, as well as enjoy freshly harvested food daily, while taking in the beautiful lake views. CABN Adelaide Tiny Cabin. Torsus Praetorian 4x4 Off-Road Bus. Auction Block: Armored 2016 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW. Undeniably, Ford’s line of Super Duty trucks are some of the beefiest and most-capable pickups around. So, how does one improve upon such an impressive vehicle?

Well, apparently you can transform it into an SUV with a luxury interior and ballistic armor on the outside, like this 2016 F-450 DWR that’s up for sale. [Daily Maker] Black SLS nylon is awesome□ the surface is even smoother than white nylon. Also save the time and efforts for dyeing. : 3Dprinting. Very delicate work. : mechanical_gifs. BAE awarded US Marine Corps next-gen Amphibious Combat Vehicle contract. DARPA demonstrates 6 new technologies behind the agile combat vehicles of tomorrow. Luxury concrete house takes the sting out of the Indian summer. Look, up in the sky! It's Disney's new autonomous acrobatic robot.

Antarctic-grade Ocea Nemo 50 ICE megayacht to power through polar seas. Microfluidics - controlling liquid through electricity : EngineeringPorn. We Can Now 3D Print in Suspended Gravity (And It’s Mesmerizing!) - Rapid Liquid Printing [xpost from /r/futurology] : 3Dprinting. Toyota Land Cruiser R2.8 Pickup. FlopHouze Shipping Container Hotel. 1967 Chevrolet Nova 'The Innovator' Patriot Campers Megatourer 6x6. Suunto 9 Outdoor GPS Watch. Devel Sixteen Hypercar. 1931 Ford Model A Sedan Hot Rod. Rogue Fitness The Load Trainer. Boeing Hypersonic Passenger Jet Concept. Novitec Lamborghini Huracan Performante. AirBnB Villa On The Rocks In Bendol, France. Natural Selection Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge. Coiled carbon fiber artificial muscle lifts 12,000 times its own weight. The ambitious plan to build a city of floating pyramids. Combar Outdoor Multi-Tool.

Land Rover Defender 'Bigfoot' By Kahn Design. General Dynamics The Flyer 60 Lightweight Tactical Vehicle. How it's made. Forged Carbon Fiber glow rings  Barrington Residence By Eric Rosen Architects. Brabus Shadow 800 Boat. Zapata Flyride Aerial Jet Ski. EcoCamp Patagonia. Left Field Design Key Clip Wallet. XSV 17 'Thunder Child' By Safehaven Marine. Ceradyne IHPS Ballistic Helmet. Sheats-Goldstein House in Los Angeles. Oceanco Tuhura Superyacht. Suzuki SV650 "Moto 11" by Droog Moto. Panorama Glass Lodge In Iceland. A CVT In Action : mechanical_gifs. How a mechanical watch works : mechanical_gifs. Underground dome house stays warm in Omaha winters : EngineeringPorn. Used shipping containers turned into passively-cooled homes.

Gallery: 2017 Wood Design Awards showcase the best in timber construction. Smart Game Board - Chess, Checkers and more! : DIY. Plus Hus Tiny Home By Minarc. This Jameson whiskey bottle : ProductPorn. On Being Creative. Barrington Residence By Eric Rosen Architects. Vanderhall Edison Electric Autocycle. Realistic racing game 'DRAG' coming to Linux soon, built on Linux and it looks astonishing. Amazon. Assembling a 35 million dollar engine : mechanical_gifs. Virgin Hyperloop One sets new speed record. Scientists conclude 'Oumuamua came from another solar system similar to our own.

Solar-powered floating rig can harvest hydrogen from seawater. First look at Boeing's unmanned MQ-25 Stingray aerial tanker candidate. Blue Origin reveals first commercial payloads. The most formidable, fearsome and freakish off-road vehicles of 2017. Expanding Table : mechanical_gifs. Norwegian Cabin Cluster. External escapement watch movement : mechanical_gifs. Mounted gaming systems (Next Level - Facebook) : cableporn. 3D gears : mechanical_gifs. Buell XB9 '1/1' By deBolex Engineering. Ford Mustang Fastback ‘Eleanor’ By Fusion. Little Cabin By RDG Architecture. Concrete micro house is a pipe dream.