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Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities. Just last week, Stephan Schürmann launched the BlackBelt on Kickstarter, a 3D printer that catered for continuous printing thanks to a carbon fiber conveyor belt instead of the usual print bed.

Build plate stack feeds 3D printer for continuous printing possibilities

Now Korea's Opencreators has also kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for a 3D printing system that feeds in new build platforms for each object from a stack to, again, allow for continuous production. The Opencreators BS210 fused filament printer's standout feature is its ABC Module, which houses a stack of tempered glass build plates that are fed into the printer one at a time for each new print. This allows for small, continuous production runs, with the unit reported capable of operating for 24 hours straight without supervision. A sturdy metal frame and the use of low vibration, low noise motors are said to keep "wobble" in check, for improved print accuracy and precision. Sources: Opencreators, Kickstarter. Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation. Multicopter drones are breaking through the final restriction on their movement in the air: they no longer need to hover parallel with the ground.

Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation

The Voliro prototype's six props can tilt 360 degrees, allowing a staggering 12 degrees of freedom in the air. It's mesmerizing to watch. Last week we covered a cube shaped drone, whose ability to calculate the trajectory of a thrown ball and catch it mid-air overshadowed its other remarkable capability of flying and hovering in any orientation. The Voliro has no such party trick as yet, but it's still a real mind bender. Designed and built in nine months, the prototype is a regular-shaped hexacopter, but each of its six props can tilt a full 360 degrees, allowing a staggering 12 degrees of freedom in the air. Its acrobatic capabilities are more or less unlimited, but the Voliro team (a group of 11 "highly motivated" students from ETH Zurich) is more interested in its ability to hug walls. Watch it in action in the video below. Pluspuu Log Cabins. Forget playing with Lincoln Logs Cabins.

Pluspuu Log Cabins

How about living in one? Thanks to the Pluspuu line of gorgeous Finnish log cabins, you very well could. Each of these pre-fabricated homes from the Helsinki-based architectural firm Ollikaisen Hirsirkenne Oy can be customized and tailored to each homeowner’s needs. The smallest of the models offers up just 1 bedroom, while the largest boasts a 4 spacious bedrooms. SCORKL Handheld Scuba Tank. Even before Bond put a high-tech rebreather in his mouth during the classic Thunderbolt, people have been trying to come up with clever ways to stay underwater longer and with less equipment.

SCORKL Handheld Scuba Tank

After all of these years of development and testing, the SCORKL may be exactly what we were looking for. This reusable tank is relatively simple to use. To fill it with air all you need to do is attach it to either a high pressure hand pump, or your more standard scuba tank. BMW R80 T63 by Angry Motors. Watch out bike world, Switzerland-based Angry Motors just dropped the first build out of their workshop and this thing looks to shake up the scene for the better.

BMW R80 T63 by Angry Motors

It’s a scrambler based off a 1989 BMW R80 RT that has now been murdered out in all black and now bears the name “T63”. Over 350 hours of sheer passion culminated in this monochromatic work or art, beginning with ripping the donor bike down to its most basic elements. From here, Angry Motors powder-coated the frame, spray painted the motor and parts and rebuilt the thing with all new seals and stainless bolts. All told, the bike boasts Bing carbs, a Megaphone exhaust to help the 800cc boxer engine breathe, and a custom rear end complete with a specialty-made leather seat for good measure.

In addition, a Motogadget speedo and electronics were installed and the black beauty now rides atop Michelin T63 tires. Hide Out House in Los Angeles. Buildings are alive.

Hide Out House in Los Angeles

With the passing of seasons they expand and retract, sink in their foundations, and experience the kind of common wear and tear you’d expect from any lived-in space. So it would make sense that after long enough, even a home designed by the likes of Frank Gehry would need to be updated. Such was the case with the Los Angeles-based Hide Out House. Just picked this beauty up last night, how does everybody organized their workstation? : toolboxmods. HM6 Alien Nation watch dumps the case for crystal. As mechanical wristwatches become more showpieces than timepieces, large front and back crystals have become common as a way to show off the intricate workings inside.

HM6 Alien Nation watch dumps the case for crystal

Now MB&F takes the trend to its logical conclusion with its Horological Machine No. 6 (HM6) Alien Nation – a watch that does away with the case entirely by sealing the movement inside a single, all-encompassing sapphire crystal. The latest in HB&F's very limited HM6 series, the Alien Nation is less Rolex than Roswell. Where the previous HM6 Space Pirate took its inspiration from the Captain Future science fiction character's spaceship, the Comet, with a touch of American Greyhound buses of the 1950s and '60s thrown in, Alien Nation takes its cue from those persistent folklore figures of modern times – the Little Green Men from outer space, or in this case, little silver men.

The new Moto2 engine is a Triumph 765cc triple. The MotoGP paddock will soon ring with the whistling tune of three-cylinder engines, as Triumph has announced it will take over from Honda as the sole supplier of Moto2 spec engines from 2019.

The new Moto2 engine is a Triumph 765cc triple

It's a step up in capacity for the Moto2 class, which until now has used a modified CBR600RR engine. The new engine will be based on the 765cc motor from Triumph's 2017 Street Triple, which will make race teams happy, as it's much narrower than Honda's 600cc 4-cylinder. Modifications to the donk will include revised inlet and exhaust ports for optimized gas flow, titanium valves and stiffer valve springs to lift the rev limit, a lower output race kit alternator, a taller first gear, a tuneable slipper clutch, a Magneti Marelli race ECU, narrower engine covers and a slightly modified sump for improved header routing.

"Arthur's Cave" tiny cabin fit for a king. Drawing inspiration from an old Welsh fable, Miller Kendrick Architects has created a tiny cabin that's fit for a king.

"Arthur's Cave" tiny cabin fit for a king

Dubbed "Arthur's Cave," the dwelling was designed in honor of the cave where the legendary King Arthur supposedly took shelter alongside his knights. Located in Castell y Bere, Wales, the cabin is one of eight winning entries for Epic Retreats' "Pop-Up Hotel. " Stratolaunch, the world's largest plane, emerges from its hangar for the first time. After four years of construction, the world's largest plane has just rolled out of its giant hangar for the first time.

Stratolaunch, the world's largest plane, emerges from its hangar for the first time

The Stratolaunch aircraft, which boasts a wingspan greater than a football field, is designed to carry rockets into the stratosphere, where they are released before firing their engines and continuing on into space. The giant twin-fuselage aircraft, which weighs in at 500,000 lb (226,000 kg), is designed to carry payloads up to 550,000 lb (249,476 kg). The really bad(ass?) Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker. In the latest edition of "crowdfunding campaign: cool or crap?

" comes Sound Heroes, a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a humanoid robot. Apparently there are plenty who would place this one in the "cool" camp as the campaign reached its goal in only four minutes. Rolls-Royce-powered Aeroboat S6 brings speed and luxury. Boat building is as much an art as a science – maybe more. So it's no surprise that Aeroboat chose the Saatchi Gallery in London to unveil its S6 yacht.

Designed by British-based Claydon Reeves design studio and BMT Nigel Gee, the 65-ft (20-m) aluminum and carbon-composite yacht combines a number of luxury features as well as a pair of Rolls-Royce MTU V10 2000 M96 engines for a top speed of 48 knots (55 mph, 88 km/h) that makes it just as much a speedboat as pleasure barge. At first glance, the Aeroboat S6 looks like a fat cigarette boat until you realize its scale. In fact, its aerodynamic hull with its bluff nose, sweeping transom, and recessed lights and mooring ports can carry up to 12 passengers and sleeps four in a surprising degree of comfort. The curving superstructure is dominated by the teardrop cockpit available open, or as a hardtop or fixed bimini for sightseeing and al fresco dining using a concealed table.

Tiny off-grid cabin is filled with dappled sunlight. Commissioned to create a low maintenance summer house in Halkidiki, Greece, architect Eva Sopéoglou designed and built this tiny off-grid cabin. Named the Olive Tree House, it can be opened up to the outside and is clad in perforated decorative metal sheeting that fills the interior with dappled sunlight. The Olive Tree House is very much a weekend retreat rather than full-time home and is located next to an olive grove overlooking the sea, hence its name. With a floorspace of just 21 sq m (226 sq ft), it was designed to be easy to dismantle if required.

Structurally, it consists of a chestnut wood frame and concrete foundations, and is topped by a sloping corrugated iron roof. With all that metal, it's obviously going to get hot in the sun and we wondered if it would get too hot inside. Like the Koleliba, the Olive Tree House maximizes what space there is by embracing semi-outdoor living. The occupants dine outside on the north-east side of the home. Yamaha XSR900 'Aeon' By Diamond Atelier. Though they have only existed for a few short years, the makers at Diamond Atelier have made a name for themselves. This is partially because of the constant sleekness of their builds. But it’s also because they do something well that so few do – take risks.

Land Rover Project Viper by East Coast Defender. As if East Coast Defender didn’t already build hefty enough aftermarket Land Rovers, they went ahead and started a new Ultimate Vehicle Concept division to build some of the most extreme off-road capable vehicles around. Shown here, Project Viper is the first of only ten custom SUVs the UVC division will build this year, and boy did they deliver right from the get-go. This guy's presentation on ADHD is excellent : videos. No magic smoke. We are go for launch. : Quadcopter. Amazing autonomous robot navigation. : Futurology. Reddit: the front page of the internet. I Built a Super Beefy Industrial Steel Frame & Butcherblock Wood Desk : DIY. I just wanted to share bij custom desk build with you guys :) : battlestations. Spherical cells free up modular CellRobot design. Toy robots are pretty commonplace these days, whether they're playing games, teaching kids to code or being our best buds.

Plenty of those are modular, too, like the EZ-Robot line or Wunderkind sets, but with its spherical "cells" the CellRobot from KEYi Tech looks more versatile than most, coming together as everything from an RC racer or home security guard, to a smart camera stand or mini robo-bartender. The basic non-functional cell modules have eight joint faces with which they can connect to other cells, opening up an impressive range of possible body shapes and forms.

False Bay Writer's Cabin. When architect Tom Kundig was presented with the assignment to design the ideal writer’s cabin for a couple of owners who wanted to feel completely connected to the natural world in the Puget Sound, he decided to embrace the writer’s dual introvert/extrovert personality trait. Snipe Nano Quadrotor could reshape the battlefield. Humvee C-Series. We’ve seen a lot of ruggedized SUVs over the years, but it’s hard to think of any that quite compare to the monstrous original Hummer H1 – or, as it is called in its military form, the Humvee. Here's a hologram appliance I designed and built that uses the native Windows 10 Cortana [WIP] : 3Dprinting. Toyota drives its 2,000-hp Land Cruiser to world speed record. Already considered one of the world's true off-roading and overlanding icons, the Toyota Land Cruiser is now also the world's fastest SUV ... well, kind of.

Toyota drives its 2,000-hp Land Cruiser to world speed record. 1966 Chevelle 'Grand Sport' By Timeless Kustoms. BMW R nineT by Diamond Atelier. For Munich locals Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder of Diamond Atelier, talk is cheap. As a custom workshop, they’ve heard the tall tale a million times from prospective clients inquiring simply for the sake of inquiry.

20 Best Housewarming Gifts For Men. Topo Coasters If you are going to have something you throw on every surface in your home, you may very well go ahead and try to pick something nice. These coasters, for instance, feature subtle cuts and colorings to give the cork surfaces the look of a topographical map. Infinity House By Vladimir Konovalov. One of the best ways to experience nature is to leave as little imprint on it as you can while you’re in it. Yet, striking that balance between minimalism and comfort is hard to master. Vladimir Konavalov, however, may have figured it out with his Inifinity House. This brilliant, sparse home located in the mountainous region of Northern Norway is composed of just three self contained sections. The dihedral synchro-helix actuation system hinge used to operate the doors on the Koenigsegg One:1. Off-grid cabin lets you escape civilization in style.

SolarStratos plane flies for the first time – but not quite to the stratosphere. Super luxe Shika-shima train debuts in Japan. Ludicrous torque: France's hybrid rotary motorcycle concept. Facility to test SABRE air-breathing engine under construction. Designers raise the roof for spacious container tiny home. Blue Lake Retreat By Lake Flato. Review: Held Air n Dry – one motorcycle glove to rule them all - New Atlas. Tesla T1 Concept Vehicle. Refugi Guardat de L'illa Mountain Retreat. Elbow Portable Cassette Tape Player. Auction Block: 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45. Blackbelt 3D - What we know about the latest 3D printer from the Netherlands - TCT Magazine. Flight tests of Lockheed's Fury drone heat up ahead of production. Shun Premier 7-Inch Asian Cook's Knife. Pen Drawing Machine : EngineeringPorn. Here's a non-crap print: a 6 axis robotic arm (seen on /r/robotics) : 3Dprinting. Kincrome 60" Superwide 12 Drawer Trolley.

Tool Chests - Page 1 - Homes, Gardens and DIY - PistonHeads. Tool chest. Hands-on: Porter Cable Tool Storage Combo is Inexpensive, But is it Cheap? Whalen 48" Metal and Wood Workbench. I made an acoustic guitar! : DIY. Modern take on a rustic kitchen in this cabin located in Montana. [2048 × 1360] : RoomPorn. Open Source Pick and Place Robot with 3D printed parts : 3Dprinting. NASA prints up complex metallic "space fabric" 1972 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. History Time! 14 Classic Car Brands and How They Failed. Boeing to Begin Using FAA-Certified 3D Printed Parts for New 787 Dreamliner - SolidSmack - Parcel sorting facility in China : interestingasfuck. Flower-shaped solar panel follows the sun - Curbed.

Model of the Week: Sci-Fi Wall Tiles [Glue Them To Yo' Face!] - SolidSmack - Instantly 3D Print Cities with SketchUp PlaceMaker - SolidSmack - Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape Speakers. 1991 Nissan 240SX DeathKart. World's Largest Race Drone. Ford 351 Engine coffee table i built for my dad for his birthday from his beloved 70's farmtruck 'frank' : DIY. Solved 99% of my problems to make this for my 4.5yr old son. Turns out that fan wasn't spare after all... : 3Dprinting. From Earth to orbit using a single-stage rocket. I built a new quad and destroyed it the day after □□ : Quadcopter. I Designed and 3D Printed My Fiancée's Engagement Ring : 3Dprinting. Toyota's HiLux Tonka Concept channels your inner child. Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 [2048x1365] : carporn. Farm gate opens and closes automatically. Man with severe Parkinson's disease tries marijuana for the first time : MadeMeSmile.

Another Anti-Friction Roller Bearing from the Box of Crazy - Print It! : 3Dprinting. BMW R1200R 'Eddie 21' by VTR Customs. PressTV-Iraq probes fatal US-led strikes in western Mosul. Model of the Week: 3D Printed Quadruped Robot [Four Times the Awesome!] - SolidSmack - Revival's Confederate Hellcat Motorcycle Redesign Is Absolutely Badass - SolidSmack - The beginning of my car, to reaching my goals. And having to restart again. My 1995 Honda Prelude VTEC the 8 year quest. 320 km/h, no driver: Roborace reveals the Robocar.

Spherical concept tire takes AI on the road. Dodge Ram Prospector XL by AEV. Macallan x Urwerk Whiskey Flask. Kormaran K7 Luxury Personal Watercraft. Yamaha XV1000 by Ortolani Customs. Yamaha YZF-R1 By Lazareth. Outside Van Valhalla 4x4 Camper. Tent House By Sparks Architects. Confederate Hellcat Revival 140. Computer Recycling. The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk'. Tiko 3D Printer. Stegasaurus! Printed at 190% in PLA. : 3Dprinting. Jeep Wrangler Rattletrap.