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Print Hula Hoop Rug Page

Print Hula Hoop Rug Page
This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 2 to 3 hours Ages school-age What does it take to transform a pile of old T-shirts into spectacular works of woven art? Just a spare hula hoop or embroidery hoop and the techniques we'll show you here. The oversize looms and easy-to-use loops of T-shirt fabric make these projects particularly appealing to beginning weavers. Learn the basic hoop weaving technique by crafting a colorful accent rug to brighten up a room. Before you begin, some terms you need to know: the warp is the material you string on the hoop, the weft is the material you weave with. by Nicole Blasenak Shapiro What you'll need Scissors About a dozen T-shirts 33-inch hula hoop How to make it For the warp, cut 1-inch-wide loops from the bodies of one or two tees (we found a boy's large worked best on our 33-inch hoop), removing the hem and stopping at the sleeves.

Crystal Enamel Drinking Glasses My kids are old enough that we can all use glass to drink out of now. However, it seems they haven’t outgrown using a million cups everyday to drink from. There’s always a sink full of glasses because they take a new one whenever they get a drink. I thought about doing monograms or even names, but I really wanted a set of drinking glasses that were more stylish and grown up. DIY Rope Bracelet « ANNOUNCEMENT: A select number of these bracelets are available for sale here. I know, I know, MORE friendship bracelets. I can’t stop myself. I am a friendship bracelet making machine. My 9-year old self would be so proud! I’ve been itching to make some Utility Cord friendship bracelets.

oh my! handmade goodness - StumbleUpon by Michelle Vackar, Modern Handmade Child One of our favorite outside activities at our home is drawing with chalk on the driveway. You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories. My daughters and I were talking one day as we played hopscotch about how to make chalk and I thought to myself, let’s try it! It ended up being quite a lot of fun. What you will need: • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes • Scissors • Duct tape • Wax paper • Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe • ¾ cup of warm water • 1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris • 2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint • Paper bag or a “mess mat”

Paper mache teacup in Craft ideas for original gifts and presents It seems unbelievable that these teacups are made ​​with paper mache! These small containers are very versatile and functional to put any detail either for gifts, wrap or decorate corners of our home. The idea starts from Ann Wood, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her blog, which describes a great tutorial with all of the steps, including the template she used as base. The paper dialogues has made her lovely version with glitter hosting a pretty pink rose inside. Magic Wand Tutorial When you are done sew the two main pieces together; first check where you want your stick to sit and starting just to the side of where it will come out, stitch up and around leaving about an inch or so open at the bottom/side for stuffing. Using a chopstick, a pencil, knitting needle or just your fingers stuff gently – aim for it to be firm but not fat – you can add a little right at the end before you close it if you need to. ok – now for ribbons (if you are lucky your baby might wake up just in time to help you with this bit, mine did!) Cut three, four, five lengths of narrow ribbon in whichever colours you like/have.

Paper flower tutorial I thought some of you would enjoy a quick tutorial on how to make those little paper flowers I used as part of my table setting a couple weeks ago. The credit for these go to Martha Stewart (I saw this idea nearly 10 years ago in her magazine, but haven't been able to find it on her website). So here I go.. Step 1: Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper

Art From Everyday Objects: Paperclips + String So today I thought it would be a fun challenge to work with paperclips. You can’t get much more mundane than a paperclip! After much thought, I came up with paperclip earrings. If you have paperclips and some pretty cotton string, you can create these beauties. Put Up Your Dukes: braided scarf tutorial I have a tutorial that is forty thrillionty times easier and better than my previous (ahem, first ever...give me some grace!) tutorial. It is accessible to infinitely more people (you dont have to have a baby, OR a dress to start out with). And it is really simple. there are only 4 lines of stitching total. Oh, did I mention it's mega cute and chic also? 5 weeks ago I saw this scarf on pinterest. it was pinned by a VERY popular pinner that I follow under her DIY board.

Can lid plant markers in Crafts for decorating and home decor Curious project to do along the weekend:let's recycle can lids to use them as plants marks. What do we need? Forks, used or antique Hammer Pliers Masking tape (optional) Permanent marker and a baby wipe Stamping set (you can buy it for example here) Place the lid of the can in a stable place and put a piece of masking tape to place the text perfectly in line. With the help of hammer, stamp plant name with the metal letters and remove the tape. If you want to add more depth to the name, use a permanent marker to color the letters and all its little nooks, and before the ink dries, clean it with the wipe.

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