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Hey everyone! This is the set of brushes that I currently use. I like them because many of them do a great job of mimicking the look and feel of traditional media. I organized and named them according to what properties they have, so the best way to view them (at first, at least) is to set your brush presets to the "small list" or "large list" in order to see the categories and names, and also have brush settings window open as well so that you can see the brush stroke of the selected brush. My Brushes by HoustonSharp on deviantART My Brushes by HoustonSharp on deviantART
팔 그리는 방법 팔의 움직임 ★팔 그리는 방법 팔의 움직임 ■어깨에서 손목까지 팔 구조 팔은 동적으로 복잡한 움직임을하지만 요점을 억제하면 그다지 어렵지 않습니다. 자신의 팔을 관찰하면서 각부의 움직임을 확인합시다. 팔 그리는 방법 팔의 움직임
▶ "Master of sand" : Daily Spitpaint 30 min. by NeoArtCore
▶ "Forest shrine" : Daily Spitpaint 30 min. by NeoArtCore
Low Poly Cemetery Starter Set Low Poly Cemetery Starter Set Get started on your new game prototype quickly with this low poly, hand painted cemetery starter set. You should find the items contained in this set easy to reshape and alter as needed or they can just be used as they are to quickly assemble a basic cemetery. Contained in this pack are: 6 unique grave stones4 floor textures1 tomb1 obeliks1 coffin1 coffin broken1 gate with animations1 broken gate with animation1 crypt1 fence tile1 destructible plinth with statue1 plinth with statue1 fence corner stone left1 fence corner stone right1 statue body fragment1 statue head fragmentMultiple fence elements Also included are mobile optimized version of the models. 3D File Formats Included: .fbx (multi format), .mb (maya)Animated: YesCreated In: Maya 2013Geometry: PolygonsLow-poly: YesMaterials: NoPoly Count: 23595 in totalRigged: NoTextured: YesUV Layout: Yes
Digital Brushes Digital Brushes "Like all of my personal projects these days, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here… NKS5 is a custom toolkit for Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 – it provides a wide range of natural media, texturing and production tools in an attractive, easy to use palette with a minimal footprint. It’s a free download, but if you’re pro and it’s helping or if you just want to see more projects like this come about please consider making a donation below. Donators will receive download links to updates as the’re available along with early access to future extensions."
See Part 1 here.Continuing with my case study of the shot compositions from Pixar's film "The Incredibles". All images used here are ©Disney/Pixar (unless otherwise stated). Composition in film includes many different aspects; color, shape, line, contrast, positioning, cropping, viewpoint, rhythm, perspective, proportion, geometry, and many more. The dinner table sequence is a nice one that showcases how well you can move the camera around depending on which character(s) you want to make as the focus of the shot. With 5 characters all facing inwards, turning their heads left an right according to which other person they are talking to, you create scenario that can have a million different ways you can shoot this scene from. The Cinematography of "The Incredibles" Part 2 The Cinematography of "The Incredibles" Part 2
Quick and easy grass texture
Controls of XIVModels! Controls for the model viewer differ between browsers, see below for details! This model viewer will only work in up to date WebGL browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Mouse Controls: Chrome Rotate: Left Click + Drag Pan: Wheel Click + Drag Zoom: Wheel Scroll Mouse Controls: Firefox Amalj'aa I - Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn (FFXIV ARR) Model Viewer Amalj'aa I - Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn (FFXIV ARR) Model Viewer
Creating Custom Brushes With Creating Custom Brushes With Ever wanted to know how to create your own custom brushes? ctrl+Paint has a new video that will teach you the ins and outs of creating custom brushes in Photoshop. If you’ve never heard of ctrl+Paint, then you’re missing out on some great tutorials and a wealth of handy knowledge when it comes to digital painting and art fundamentals and much more! The site is updated very regularly as there are two new videos posted every week and each one better than the last. So I would highly recommend visiting ctrl+Paint to anyone interested in the digital painting medium.
free game graphics It is once again time for a prototyping challenge! The rules are the same. You are an elite programmer that wants to make something fun without spending ten years in art school learning how to draw stick figures. free game graphics
Aris Kolokontes art.
Welcome to our periodic spotlight feature where we take a look at the concept art and design of a game or film. The intent here is to get the creative juices flowing, remind people what's out there and what's being done, and to not lose sight of the quality of professional work. We can also discuss what works and maybe what doesn't, what you dig, or what you DONT dig. #ConceptCraniopagus Blog on deviantART #ConceptCraniopagus Blog on deviantART
An unusual Velo Towers design project by Asymptote Architecture promises to become a significant architectural landmark of Yongsan Park, South Korea. The structure is composed of dynamic arrangement of stacked and rotated volumes from formal to conventional extrusion of mass. Velo Towers feature unconventional design due to skilful fusion of the typical tower architecture into horizontal and vertical configuration. Velo Towers Design Project (+ VIDEO) Velo Towers Design Project (+ VIDEO)
Green Ribbon: Futuristic Ecology Park for Toronto. Canada
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Planning of the park began in October 1997. Construction began in October 1998, and Millennium Park was opened in a ceremony on July 16, 2004, four years behind schedule. The three-day opening celebrations were attended by some 300,000 people and included an inaugural concert by the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus. The park has received awards for its accessibility and green design.[3] Millennium Park has free admission,[4] and features the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, the Lurie Garden, and various other attractions. Millennium Park
Хит-парад арт-дизайнов • Charts of art design Сегодня вас ждет большое количество работ, от художников и дизайнеров Аллодов Онлайн. Все арты будут подписаны. Heute wird auf Sie durch eine Vielzahl von Arbeiten, von Künstlern und Entwerfern des Allods Online gewartet.
Borderlands is a science fiction FPS with RPG elements developed by Gearbox Software for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game was originally revealed in the September 2007 issue of Game Informer magazine. [Info from Wikipedia] When the game was shown again in April 2009, Gearbox changed the graphic style of the game using a “cell shading” technic, that they like to call “Concept Art Style”, instead of the original “realistic” look. Some of the beta places and characters seen in the early screens are not be present in the final version or were heavily changed. Also, in the final game’s code are still hidden lots and lots of beta unused elements, as we can read from Celice posts in the Cutting Room Floor Forum : Borderlands [Beta - Xbox 360 / PS3] | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
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Monster Legacy -- The latest news on Pacific Rim Dear readers, Back when I first conceived this blog, I decided to host it on Blogspot due to lack of better knowledge on the matter. It all worked smoothly at first; but as the blog got more complex, glitches and bugs began to arise -- coming to a point where even writing and editing posts posed a considerable number of issues. For this very reason, Monster Legacy is soon going to move on another server -- WordPress, as it was very positively suggested to me. You do not have to worry for the articles or the image galleries: every important post here will be transferred to the new blog, in what will be a better format and view.
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