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Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter

Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter
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Outils de visualisation jean-louis zimmermann / Stock Photos Nos stratégies d'apprentissage s'élaborent en interaction permanente avec notre environnement. Et celui-ci, surtout si l'on considère sa composante numérique, est actuellement saturé d'images. Images que l'on regarde, image que l'on fabrique, avec des outils de plus en plus variés et performants. Aucun domaine n'échappe à la vogue de la visualisation des données. Nous en examinerons trois. Tout d'abord, l'enseignement et de la formation. La gestion de projet en contexte professionnel ensuite. L'activité en ligne, enfin. Ce dossier ne serait pas complet s'il ne s'intéressait aussi à l'infographie. L'infographie, info ou intox ? 22 avril 2012 L'infographie permet d'accéder à des données complexes par le biais d'une représentation visuelle facilitant la compréhension. Gephi : bâtir une communauté autour d'un logiciel Gephi est un logiciel gratuit et ouvert de visualisation des données. 24 avril 2012 Visualiser pour mieux comprendre

Blog Resources: Researching the Research, Finding the Facts, and Seeking Supporting Evidence As part of my ongoing series on blog resources, covering the many online resources I use to help me blog, you can tell that I don’t deal with rumors or guesses. I like facts. I don’t mind a few estimates, but I like being right when I make a claim or statement, so I work hard to find backup supporting evidence to support what I write. Here are some of the resources I’ve bookmarked to help me find the research material, facts, and supporting evidence for my blog writing. Your list may be different because of the topics you cover. Mine relates specifically to blogging, blog writing, and WordPress, and a few other blog-related topics. Is It Fact Or Fiction Before you publish it on your blog or forward that email, check to make sure you are publishing and forwarding facts not fiction. Check first. Here are some hoax and scam checking resources and articles. Chasing the News I use several resources for tracking down newspapers, magazines, and news beyond typical online resources. General US Law

10 Essential Tools For B2B Conference Coverage Domination Congratulations! You’ve finally convinced the boss-man that attending and covering an industry conference on behalf of your B2B company is fantastically worthwhile for a multitude of reasons. As an attendee, you’ll absorb rich information from true thought-leader s– info you can bring back to the office so the whole team stays on the cutting-edge of technologies, trends, tactics, and techniques specific to your biz. As a blogger, you’ll churn out a ton of valuable content sure to beef up your B2B publication (fresh traffic, readers, links, hooray!) and get on the radar of the conference organizers and speakers (because who doesn’t like when their genius is favorably promoted?). And lest we forget: The bevy of after-hours networking events, opportunities to mingle with industry rockstars and soak up some juicy secrets of the trade…. So yes, congratulations. But Where Do You Begin? Read on for a list of essential 10 tools that help ensure ultimate coverage and optimal experience. 1. 2. 3. 4.

TheAbysmal Calendar - Calendar Wiki The Abysmal Calendar has been developed as a replacement for the Gregorian calendar in its role as the global standard. It was developed anonymously from December 21st 2005 to December 20th 2007 in Vancouver Canada. The Abysmal Calendar seeks to harmonise a number of different Calendars’ features in order to provide the most eloquent means of translating dates between one Calendar system and another, and for communicating dates across the world's cultures. Abysmal Calendar’s Components Edit The Abysmal Calendar has several components, each of which assigns numbers, numerals or names to each particular Day, such that it may be more easily grouped into weeks, months, years and other measures of Days. a Chromatic Counter Lunations (aka Lunar Months) the 52-Week Perpetual Year and other features. In almost every case, the Abysmal Calendar begins the numbering of time periods with 0, followed by 1, 2, 3, etc... Chromatic Counter Edit The initial periods occur as follows: Lunar Calendar See also

Explore museums and great works of art in the Google Art Project One of the things I love about working at Google is that you can come up with an idea one day and the next day start getting to work to make it a reality. That's what happened with the Art Project—a new tool we're announcing today which puts more than 1,000 works of art at your fingertips, in extraordinary detail. It started when a small group of us who were passionate about art got together to think about how we might use our technology to help museums make their art more accessible—not just to regular museum-goers or those fortunate to have great galleries on their doorsteps, but to a whole new set of people who might otherwise never get to see the real thing up close. We're also lucky here to have access to technology like Picasa and App Engine and to have colleagues who love a challenge—like building brand-new technology to enable Street View to go indoors!

How to back up Languages Learn how to use iCloud or iTunes to back up and restore the most important content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Should I back up with iCloud or iTunes? Get help deciding whether to use iCloud or iTunes to back up the content on your iOS device. Use iCloud iCloud Backup provides an easy and reliable backup solution for customers who want to back up their iOS devices wirelessly and automatically. Back up to iCloud If you're using iCloud, it can automatically back up your data if you've chosen this option. Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. Turn on iCloud Backup if it's off. Restore from an iCloud backup If you have a new iOS device, or if you need to restore your iOS device to resolve an issue, follow these steps. Follow the initial steps in the iOS Setup Assistant (select your language, and so on). You can restore a backup only by using the iOS Setup Assistant. Use iTunes You can use iTunes to back up and restore your content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Back up

Using Piktochart: a marketing technology review A friend alerted me to Piktochart, the online Infographics creator so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s my first impression after making two infographics, the one you see above (which took about 7 minutes) and a spoof Content Marketing Strategy infographic I cranked out last week and shared on Pinterest (yes, it did get shared as a real infographic). What is Piktochart? It’s a quick and easy way for non-designers to create and share infographics. Why would you use it? How does it work? You can then change the ‘Mood’ using pre-made colour palettes and start editing the text, icons and images using pretty simple drag & drop editing tools. You can then export your work as a PNG file, as raw data or as HTML (Premium only). Pros Very easy for non-designers to get something basic createdFast & free Cons Alternatives Use a proper designer – you can’t beat a talented designer (like our own Jim, Luke, Joel and Mel for instance) for making your ideas come to life. Your thoughts?

What are the names for the thirteen moons of the year? Author: Strix d' Emerys Paula & Gordon Ireland ProprietorsEarth Spirit Emporium: Books & Stuff"Where Olde Traditions meet the New Age" There are thirteen Lunar months in the year, the Full Moon is near the mid point of the Lunar Month. The Lunar Moons listed here may not always occur as given because the first New Moon of a new Lunar Year may not coincide with the first day of the first Month. Full Moon Listing  January, The Wolf Moon The first full moon is a time of silence and sitting by the home fire. v February, The Storm Moon At this Moon begin your spring cleaning.  March, The Chaste Moon This is the Moon of the maiden and Faery folk.  April, The Seed Moon At the Seed Moon plant your seeds of magick, whether it be in a garden, in a pot by the window or simply in your heart.  May, The Hare Moon Now is the time to celebrate life and love.  June, The Dyad Moon See how things are growing!  July, The Mead Moon Bask in the warmth of summer and take time for yourself, relax.