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GDC 2017: Substance pipeline and toolset for Paragon heroes w/ Brad Smith. DebrisMaker2. 3ds max: viewport objects turn into boxes - 3DTotal Forums. Surface displacement maps – Tagged "alpha" – The Art Of Gaming. Zbrush, Rocks and Environment. Instant online quotes from local 3D Printing Hubs. The Fundamentals of Perfect Baking. Damaged Marble Pillars -including resources(zBrushes+zTools+ingame models&textures) Amir Abdaoui. Anatomy Scan Reference Dump. Substance: Red Rock Cliff Face. Polycount’s Weekly Substance #8: Red Rock Cliff Face 100% Naturally organic Substance Designer goodness!

Substance: Red Rock Cliff Face

This red rock cliff face has the following tweakability: Primary shape scale and distributionEditable layers of detailRock layering / erosion effectsSand and stones that accumulate on the tops of the rock face Process and Breakdown Philosophy: I almost always approach my substance workflow like I would a sculpture. You can see in the image below how the main forms are broken down and accumulated. Substance: Red Cliff Face Height Breakdown Additive and Subtractive Approaches: You can see from these WIP images below, how my exploration of form began. The first pass was an additive approach created by instancing rock layer shapes.

As an alternative to my first pass, I tried additively combining different Parabaloid Scatters and noises in order to build up the low frequency rock face that I had imagined. Cutting Away the Layers: Cutting away the layers was actually quite simple. Zbrush Rock Sculpts, Andrew Fletcher. Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn't) Substance Designer. "Rogelio is one of the best texture artist and Substance Designer specialist I know.

Substance Designer

If you want to unleash the true power and become a master of Substance Designer I can only, strongly recommend Rogelio's tutorial! " - Sebastien Deguy Allegorithmic, Founder and CEO "Few people have as masterful of an understanding of Substance Designer as Rogelio. His creative process has given me much insight into the unlimited possibilities of procedural texturing. I am thrilled to have learned so much from such a talented and good artist" - David Ballard Environment Artist at Naughty Dog "Rogelio is an incredibly skilled and well versed environment artists, with the ability to take on challenges ranging from the highly technical to the purely artistic.

. - Teagan Morrison Technical Art Director / Naughty Dog. Meta Mesh 1.10. Final Fantasy IX Static Backgrounds - Album on Imgur. Neets. Anitagaughan: Fire dude lip sync testSound clip is from “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” And the GIF version here“I couldn’t eat another thing, I’m absolutely stuffed!”


Fire dude lip sync test Sound clip is from “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” I intended to put a human on the horse, but had hardrive failure and lost that file. Colour and image quality was cut by insaaaane amounts to get it moving as a gif, might try to get it up as a video soon! A few unfinished pieces that I didn’t have the time to complete, what with commuting and all that malarkey.. But!! Playing around with run cycles - Guild wars charr More flight animation… and probably the most detailed background evurrr Replaying pokemon gold – so here’s the odd caveman/crocodile, croconaw!!

UV Packer IPackThat - Page 13. Hello folks, im very sorry for the delay. our notary told us the stuff is all at the court and is waiting to be approved. we can't push things more. german court is german court. i still hope that all the papers will come within the next 2 weeks. when we got all the corporation papers, i can finished the steam and gumroad documents and upload the tool.

UV Packer IPackThat - Page 13

Still updating and adding more features to IPackThat while waiting for the papers. here a short list of the new stuff. Rocks (RealTime) - Jonas Ronnegard. Allegorithmic. Volume 1: the Theory of PBR This is the first of two volumes, which focuses on the theory of physically-based rendering and shading.


The second volume will cover the practical guidelines and workflows for creating PBR textures. It’s important for us to understand how light rays interact with surface matter because our job as texture artists is to create textures that describe a surface. The textures and materials we author interact with light in our virtual worlds and the more we understand about how light behaves, the better our textures will look. In this first volume, we will discuss the theory behind the physics through which physically-based rendering models are based upon. This guide was put together by Wes McDermott and cross-checked by experts in the field. Discuss PBR theory, guidelines and application in our dedicated forum thread. // Latest issue of 3DCreative Magazine. What's in this month… Mastering stylized character design We catch up with pro character artist Pior Oberson and his latest projects Experimenting with ZBrush Freelance artist Marcello Baldari shares his story and a selection of work Working with symbolism Michele Durazzi walks us through his imaginative mini-series Once Upon a Time Sculpting anatomy in ZBrush Djordje Nagulov shares his bold, naturalistic ZBrush sculpts Art Gallery 10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

// Latest issue of 3DCreative Magazine

Streamline your Maya workflow Jahirul Amin reveals 15 top tips to enhance your Maya skills Enhance your characters with color Will Schneller reveals his Polypaint and texturing processes. A new kind of reference for artists (RAW Scans) Lost Ark Online Gameplay Debut Trailer Hack & Slash MMORPG. Normal edge thickness. Bake diffuse. Decimation edge mask. Orb texturing workflow. RAGE art dump - Jonathan Fawcett. Hard Surface Essentials.