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Facet by Bloomming for 3form. アマノデザイン事務所 天野善啓. Elisa Strozyk's wooden textiles. Elisa Strozyk has revealed her new wooden textile collection for 2013.

Elisa Strozyk's wooden textiles

Blurring the line between textiles and hard materials, new pieces Fading Red Wooden Textile and Limited Red Wooden Rug explore the relationship of colour and pattern with Strozyk’s signature geometric veneer technique. The pieces are a collaboration with Hugo Boss for its Red Never Follows exhibition, shown at The Saatchi Gallery to mark the brand's 20th anniversary.

The brand is celebrating 20 years of creativity and innovation by asking 20 inventors and creators from around the world to present pieces in Hugo Boss’ trademark colours: red, black, and white. Fading Red and Limited Red are currently being shown in Hamburg at the exhibition Well Grounded: Experiments in Contemporary Rug Art, which runs at the Stilwerk Limited Edition Design Gallery until 14th September. Sustainable Egg Packaging. Brooklyn-based Emiliy Zirimis, a Senior Communications Design student at Pratt Institute, was assigned to create a sustainable package that is meant to house four duck eggs that come from Cowberry Crossing Farm – a biodymanic farm established in upstate Claverack, New York.

Sustainable Egg Packaging

“In regard to the farm’s logo – I was inspired by the farm’s biodynamic methodology. Biodynamic agriculture is based on astronomy and on the alignment of planets which dictate the ideal crop times throughout the year. Sara Paculdo Flat Chair Project. With a background in industrial design, physics and studio art, California-based Sara Paculdo is one of those people that can create anything and everything with a little imagination.

Sara Paculdo Flat Chair Project

Designed to ship flat and be assembled by the end user just like a puzzle, her latest project is an innovative Flat Chair, made out of durable plastic. Built as a single structure that folds completely flat, it looks just like a colorful origami concept but with quite a lot of curves. Vidéo / Origami. OneEighty: malleable packaging design. Finnish design students Nikolo Kerimov, Juho Kruskopf and Arttu Kuisma created this innovative packaging design.

OneEighty: malleable packaging design

Called OneEighty, the product's tessellated geometric surface allows it to fit to the shape of a hand while keeping contents safe. Concorso Expopack. ‘quattro Festkogl Alm’ by Designliga (DE) ‘quattro Festkogl Alm’ by Designliga Munich-based creative agency Designliga transformed Audi’s legendary quattro drive system into a memorable visitor experience at Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Austria’s ‘diamond of the Alps’ ski resort.

‘quattro Festkogl Alm’ by Designliga (DE)

The ‘quattro Festkogl Alm’ opened as a partnership between AUDI AG and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl Ski Lift Company (Liftgesellschaft Obergurgl-Hochgurgl). Says Designliga, “The realization of this architectural metamorphosis begins with a visual impetus arising from the geometrical form of the Audi rings on the parapet and extending throughout the terrace to reach its culmination on the facade. This is clad in faceted matte-finish anodized aluminium, gradually shaded by the design’s featured shade of red from the parapet to the facade wall. The glowing colour creates an eye-catching splash against the snow, clearly visible from long distances.”

“This core visual impetus is continued throughout the interior of the hut. BA Final Collections, Fashion, Fashion Show, Graduates. If you see Yuki Hagino’s BA final collection, it’s pretty clear why she’s been receiving praise across the board.

BA Final Collections, Fashion, Fashion Show, Graduates

The London Evening Standard called her designs “heavenly”, whilst Elle UK say that she “provided one of the standout pieces of the show”. The Business of Fashion cherry picked her as one of the top six CSM designers to watch out for – and for good reason! Having previously studied architecture back in Japan, Yuki has ended her time in fashion knit by presenting a stunning collection of sculptural garments, contrasting hard origami pleats with the softness of cotton. Could you describe how your previous studies in architecture have influenced your work as a designer? I think the similarity between fashion and architecture is the covering of a human’s body. BA Final Collections, Fashion, Fashion Show, Graduates. Cardboard Banquet at Cambridge University. The Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge recently played host to an event called the Cardboard Banquet in which students were asked to design and erect a temporary paper pavilion as part of an architecture studio called Bricolage.

Cardboard Banquet at Cambridge University

The pavilion was made entirely of folded cardboard and assembled within three days, and later followed by a public banquet which was fittingly serenaded by an accordionist. Rigid Origami // Folding Architecture. I have been recently coming across several examples of origami influenced shapes and even whole projects in architecture.

Rigid Origami // Folding Architecture

The complex level of thinking and preparation behind the final outcome is of a great interest to be studied. Rocking Cardboard Chair by Sylvain Bienvenu. Yung Wong's SS14 menswear collection. In the two menswear collections of young fashion designer Yung Wong, dissonance takes center-stage.

Yung Wong's SS14 menswear collection

With a mix of contrasting languages and styles: classic yet avant-garde, with mathematical rigor and artisanal warmth. A student at Nottingham Trent University and the recipient of the Avery Dennison Fashion Innovation Award, this young designer from Hong Kong searches for solutions and architectural possibilities that can represent the complexity of dynamism. Inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid, Yung Wong's construction purposely disturbs the tranquility of smooth surfaces with tortuous asymmetries and geometric mosaics that evoke vector graphics as they disarticulate onto the fabrics. Thus new shapes are defined, with unstable geometries, in which the whole highlights the fragment. ORIGAMI-BUILDING-PARIS - Manuelle Gautrand.

Photography by Vincent Fillon (c) This office block stands on avenue Friedland, a few hundred yards from the arc de Triomphe.


The brief called for an upgrade in two parts: the main building on a 20 meter-wide strip on the avenue, and an extension in the rear, between two courtyard gardens. At ground floor level, the lobby plays on transparency between the street front and the main garden. The building in the rear of the lot is more private, and it is there that the cafeteria and meeting rooms are laid out, with garden space on both sides. On the avenue façade, the architects imagined dressing out the windows with an origami arrangement of marble panels, to express elegance and modernity. Interview Orli Tesler Itamar Mendelovitch designers bois. Partons à la rencontre du studio Tesler Mendelovitch nous révélant les dessous de sa création ainsi que ceux de son textile de bois. – Orli, peux-tu nous présenter Tesler Mendelovitch Studio, les activités et l’approche abordée ? Tesler Mendelovitch est né d’une collaboration avec mon actuel partenaire.

Edc plier déplier - le blog des 1aa2. Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) Junya Watanabe automne 2015. Né en 1961 à Fukushima, et diplômé du Bunka Fashion College de Tokyo en 1984, Junya Watanabe a intégré la célèbre maison Comme des Garçons en tant que patroniste avant de prendre la tête de la section tricot en 1987 pour enfin y développer sa propre ligne à partir de 1993 sous son nom. - P L I S S E R - julia-dessirier. Yiqing Yin Haute-Couture Printemps Eté 2012.

Paris ne cesse de révéler des talents, comme celui de Yiqing Yin qui saison après saison nous révèle tout l’étendue de sa créativité. Sa collection Exils construite autour des capacités dynamiques du pli et de volumes en mutation lui vaut d’être récompensée par le Grand Prix 2009 de la Création de la Ville de Paris. Présentée au Festival international de mode de Hyères en 2010, elle affirme une nouvelle vision de la couture : sculpter le vide autour du corps. Techniques de pliage pour les designers. Paul Jackson par Jean-Christophe Courte Ahhhh… Ce livre vous offre des heures, que dis-je, des semaines, des mois de réflexion sur le devenir d'une simple feuille de papier…!

Origami Tessellation Basics: Open-Back Hexagon Twist. Tangram Origami Daniele Lego. L’art ancestral du pliage japonais est devenu tendance ! Dans le design ou la mode, ces variations en papier découpé allient créativité et aspirations écologiques. Terrain. Entre sculpture, mode et design, Terrain est le fruit de l’association de Alice Allis et Gillian Toh, deux illustratrices basées à Singapour. À partir d’une structure métallique, elles construisent couche par couche cette robe inspirée des dénivellations des paysages montagneux mélangeant textile, papier et bois. Origami Tessellation dress by Romina Goransky. Ying gao - designer.

How to "quickly" make an Origami Magic Ball. Junya Watanabe automne 2015. Japonica.gif (567×721) Le Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier (MFPP)