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Graphic Design Inspiration, Blogs, Business & Career Advice

Graphic Design Inspiration, Blogs, Business & Career Advice

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10 top tips for landing a creative job Pip Jamieson 25 March 2015 The creative industries are booming and there are more jobs than ever, but competition is fierce. Give yourself the best chance of landing that dream job with these top ten tips from Pip Jamieson, founder of professional networking platform for the creative industries The Dots. 10 Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Resources for Editors The days of ‘just being an editor’ are over. Most editors are now required to wear multiple hats and juggle various video editing, motion design, encoding and color grading applications on a daily basis. On most freelance jobs I am often using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for graphics tasks, Maxon Cinema 4D for 3D work, along with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer for video editing. With the recent free addition of Cinema 4D Lite into After Effects Creative Cloud, more video editors will now be integrating 3D into their work. In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 resources will help you strengthen your After Effects and Cinema 4D skills – free After Effects templates, motion graphics plugins and loads of free training and tutorials!

Top 10 Websites For Designers - June 2012 In this month's "Top 10" websites for designers, you'll find sites featuring great typography, images, motion and more. This month's "Top 10" websites features the latest and greatest sites for visual inspiration and graphic design tools. Plus: stunning sites created in celebration of design. This month's "Top 10" websites for designers is a mix of things that delight: graphic design resources, graphic design inspiration sites and more. This month's "Top 10" websites for designers is all about reflecting on 2015 and celebrating some of the most notable graphic design projects of the year. In this month's "Top 10" websites for designers, you'll find great web design that pulls you in, fantastic type resources and more.

The Society of Typographic Arts About the Chicago Design Archive The Chicago Design Archive is an STA-sponsored initiative that has been serving the entire community of Chicago designers since 2002. It provides the one permanent, online record of excellent design created by local professionals from 1927 right up to the present. Photographer: Job description Photographers create permanent visual images for an exceptionally wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. A professional photographer usually works to a brief set by the client or employer. Examples of image content include wedding, family and baby photographs, fashion, food, architecture, corporate photography, war zones and landscapes. Also see press photographer. Most professional photographers specialise in one area, such as fine art, fashion, advertising, editorial or social photography.

Design - Design & Media - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates Did you know the iPhone was created by a UK designer? No wonder the UK's design industry is recognised as world-class. Over 185,000 people work in design in the UK, helping businesses to stand out in crowded market places and compete on value rather than price. Around 8,500 people are employed in the region with most agencies being small to medium with some larger firms found in Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster. Jobs in Design can be varied but popular career routes include graphic design, fashion and multimedia. In all areas you can expect to be working to develop creative ideas and adapting a product or concept to meet a brief agreed with a client or account manager.

Discover the language of motion design The proliferation of screens in our lives has transformed nearly every static surface into a dynamic canvas. In our pockets, on the street and projected onto virtually everything around us, technology has promoted a new aspect of our designed world: motion. Motion design is notoriously difficult to define. It's shorthand for the longer but only slightly more helpful term, 'motion graphic design'. For many, this conjures visions of logo animations or cheesy wedding video effects. For others, it suggests abstract 3D shapes undulating in beautifully complex but ultimately meaningless forms. Top 10 Websites For Designers - August 2012 Every month HOW scours the web and pours through submissions from creatives to discover the top design websites. We’re looking for the best promo sites of talented designers and illustrators, as well as design tools, resources and fun sites for creative time-outs. Check out the best design websites below. (You can also submit a site you think should be included in this list of cool design websites next month.) Get The Designer’s Web Handbook and find inspiration for your web designs.The HOW Interactive Design website serves up advice and inspiration for graphic designers working on the web.

Reputations: Adrian Frutiger For more than 45 years the Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger, born in 1928, has been a hugely influential figure in typography. After an apprenticeship as a compositor in Interlaken, he studied from 1949-51 at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich. In 1952 he as hired by Charles Peignot, of the type foundry Deberny & Peignot, as a youthful artistic director. After initial acclaim for his font Méridien (1954) Frutiger soon established an international reputation by designing the Univers family of sans serif faces (1954-57). Other typefaces designed by Frutiger include Avenir, Centennial, Egyptienne, Glyphia, Iridium, Icone, OCR-B (the standard alphabet for optical character recognition) Seifa and Versailles, plus in-house typefaces for corporations such as BP and Shiseido. In 1960, Frutiger established a design studio with Andre Gürtler and Bruno Pfäffli, His commissions have included logotypes, signage systems and maps, with clients such as Air France, IBM and the Swiss Post Office.

Press photographer: Job description A career as a press photographer would suit you if you have an interest in current affairs, a flair for the creative and the necessary technical ability... Press photographers take photographs to record news, current events and lifestyle stories. Their aim is to capture the best images which document an event, tell a story or convey a message and support the printed word. The pictures are then reproduced in newspapers, magazines and increasingly, online. It's also known as editorial photography. The role can develop into photojournalism.

New government figures show UK has largest design sector in Europe January’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) results are fantastic news for the creative industries – and for design specifically. The high growth year on year proves once and for all that that the creative industries are outperforming the UK economy as a whole, and that design is a key engine within this sector, with its contribution growing faster than any other part of the creative industries. The new figures value the UK creative industries as a whole at £76.9 billion a year – contributing an incredible £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. The creative sector as a whole is up nearly 10% from last year’s £71.4bn, growing at three times the rate of the wider UK economy – but design itself is growing at double that rate. World-class employment Indeed, some of the statistics are nothing short of extraordinary.

Motion Design Business Practices Diagram courtesy of the author Motion design is a very rapidly growing creative field. Motion components—both high-end and low-end—are being integrated into online projects, television programs and commercials, feature films, games, applications and content for mobile phones and tablets, as well as three-dimensional installations and kinetic displays in public places. Prototyp-0 / Font Generator by Yannick Mathey (@bytefoundry) #processing #typography #font Created by Yannick Mathey (byte-foundry), prototyp-0 is an application designed for the drawing of typographical characters. Created using Processing, the application automates the process allowing you to manipulate a large number of character properties in realtime, reflecting on the results and applying it to others. Settings used on a single letter or letter sequence “type,” are instantly reflected on all the glyphs: Low-to-break, capitals, small capitals, but also numbers and common punctuation. The built in database includes all the typographic features achievable for any desired font, including fonts similar to the historical styles.

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