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Alibaba Group. Exhibitions - Glass Microbiology - Luke Jerram. UN, Palais des Nations, Geneva 2012 Heller Gallery NYC Intersections: Science in Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2012 Cosmo Caixa Museum Biennale Kijkduin, Hague, 2011 .

Exhibitions - Glass Microbiology - Luke Jerram

The Collection, Frequency Festival Lincoln Queen Beatrix of Netherlands at Biennale Kijkduin, Hague. Smallpox artwork displayed in private collection Heller Gallery, NYC 2009 Work in private collection. Smithfields Gallery, London 2009 The Corning Museum, NY. Dale Chihuly. Dale Chihuly is an American sculptor who does amazing and beautiful works in colored glass.

Dale Chihuly

His works range from small pieces to large scale installations, both outdoor and indoor, often accompanied by the striking effects of dramatic lighting. A large part of the appeal of his work, aside from the beautiful character of the material and the colors and patterns within it, is the inspiration he takes from natural forms. His graceful, fluid objects echo forms from plants, birds and even undersea life. The natural origins of his shapes are frequently emphasized by installations in which his sculptures are placed in natural settings, notably in botanical gardens.

Chihuly studied glass at the first program of its kind at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960′s. The museum has several videos and a slideshow feature on their website. Marbles 1. Playing with Rocks – Marla's Art Page Blog. 14 Sep Rocks are pretty easy to find around here.

Playing with Rocks – Marla's Art Page Blog

You know the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemon-aid.” Well how about “When life gives you rocks, make art.” OK it may not catch on, but collecting rocks and painting them is fun. DIY Candy Gemstones. Posted on April 5, 2010 by Christina I saw candy gemstones over at Martha Stewart and knew that I had to make my own.

DIY Candy Gemstones

Now, I’m no candy makin’ pro. In fact, the first time I made hard candy was only a few months ago when I made sea glass candy. Our delightful Blue Morpho Butterfly Earrings capture the beauty of nature for your wardrobe.

These handcrafted enamel on sterling silver plated (cloisonne) Blue Morpho butterfly earrings make a great gift for the butterfly lover. About Cloisonne Jewelry. Robert Mickelsen. Jennifer Umphress. Roman Glass Jewelry from Israel (with image) · Kindred. Roman Glass Jewelry from Israel. Buy online Glass Bangles. Phantasma Gloria – Los Angeles, California. In front of an Echo Park home known as Randyland, a rainbow of colors is refracted through the bottles and glass items hanging in the sculpture web of Phantasma Gloria.

Phantasma Gloria – Los Angeles, California

Phantasma Gloria is a glittering sculpture created in the front yard of artist Randlett Lawrence, better known simply as Randy. Hidden away in the residential community of Echo Park, Randy's work is a towering icon created out of colorful glass bottles, wire, and colored water. When viewed by the morning light, the bottles refract the sunshine, creating a beautiful glow of color, light, and a topsy-turvy view of the world contained in each bottle. Electrolytic Copper Etching. As part one of my mission to make my studio practice healthier for me and any future babies, I decided to give electrolytic copper etching a try.

Electrolytic Copper Etching

It turns out it's so easy to do I am surprised more people haven't tried it. I downloaded an article from Art Jewelry about how to do it, but you can also find lots of good information floating around the internet.Basically, all you need to do is hook up a D battery to two pieces of copper suspended in a saltwater bath. One is the piece you are etching, the other can be any piece of scrap copper. The current draws copper from the etching piece to the scrap copper.

Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet. I love jewelry projects.

Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet

Seriously love them. Especially bracelets (gee, have you noticed?? LOL). So I tried my hand at a wire wrapped cuff, and for a first try, I’m pretty happy with it! The things is, I can’t help looking at it and seeing all the room I have for improvement. This bracelet took me closer to 90 minutes than my standard hour-or-less, but as far as supplies go and the process itself, it’s actually quite simple. Artful Home - artful glass. Art glass captures the dance of light and color like nothing else.

Artful Home - artful glass

From blown glass vases to flame-worked sculpture, discover the largest selection of contemporary art glass in America. » Vases & Vessels » Sculpture & Figures » Bowls » Platters & Trays » Bottles, Jars & Teapots » Menorahs » Paperweights » Perfume Bottles » Art for the Wall » New Arrivals » One-of-a-Kind » View All More ways to find artwork: » Search by Artist » Find a local Artist » Commission a work of art in the Custom Design Center © 2014 The Guild, Inc. All rights reserved Enjoy thousands of works of art for your home and wardrobe—all made by North America’s finest artists. Modish Golden Earring and Necklace with Brass Chain. Free Shipping In All Over India.

Modish Golden Earring and Necklace with Brass Chain

Usually delivered in 10-15 business days. First 500 Gms Rs. 0 Additional 500 Gms Rs. 0 We are anxious about every shopping experience that our customer makes and so we struggle hard to keep up our services at par with your satisfaction level. Blue Color Kundan Bridal Necklace Set Jewellery. Free Shipping In All Over India. Usually delivered in 10-15 business days. First 500 Gms Rs. 0 Additional 500 Gms Rs. 0 We are anxious about every shopping experience that our customer makes and so we struggle hard to keep up our services at par with your satisfaction level.

Before unexpected happening of your unsatisfied online shopping of product we request you to please understand the process and be-conscious before shopping. Mini Hot Air Balloon Tutorial - StumbleUpon. As I mentioned in my steampunk tree post, these hot air balloon ornaments have been our most time-consuming Christmas project. Lots of trial and error, figuring things out as we went along, and, in the case of getting the baskets to hang straight, plenty of "colorful metaphors. " The good news is this isn't a holiday-specific craft: wouldn't they make an awesome mobile? Or hang one in the corner of your office for a little whimsy. To start, you'll need a plastic ornament. Cloisonné. Ming Dynasty cloisonné enamel bowl, using nine colors of enamel. Chinese cloisonné enamel incense burner, 17th-18th centuries Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects, in recent centuries using vitreous enamel, and in older periods also inlays of cut gemstones, glass, and other materials.

The resulting objects can also be called cloisonné. Crystalsmexico. Crystal Caves - The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico. It's "the Sistine Chapel of crystals," says Juan Manuel García- Ruiz. The geologist announced this week that he and a team of researchers have unlocked the mystery of just how the minerals in Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) achieved their monumental forms. Buried a thousand feet (300 meters) below Naica mountain in the Chihuahuan Desert, the cave was discovered by two miners excavating a new tunnel for the Industrias Peñoles company in 2000. The cave contains some of the largest natural crystals ever found: translucent gypsum beams measuring up to 36 feet (11 meters) long and weighing up to 55 tons. Beaded Spider Tutorial. This is a list of step by step instructions to make beaded spiders.

Let's get started. Tools: Untitled. The Amazing Power Of Quartz Crystals. No. 4 Lee Avenue. Bidley's Garden. FloWeR FrENzY. A Mother's Hug. Luna Glory. Big Bear. Web Description Sherry Markovitz began making paintings and large-scale sculpture with beads in the early 1980s, and she is internationally known for her mixed-media animal heads. Her inspiration comes from ethnic, folk, tribal, and Native American traditions, rather than from contemporary figural or abstract art. Big Bear may be appreciated more as a symbolic power object than as a hunting trophy. Beaded Basket Depicting a Couple. Web Description. Wearable Planters: Sculpey, Cold Porcelain. 13 CRYSTAL SKULLS. Wholesale 32mm Dragonfly Blue Crystal Dangle 925 Sterling Silver Charm Earring Eardrop. Welcome to! Artful Home - artful glass. 'Regal' Art-Glass Decor. Handmade quartz crystal jewelry for sale - crystal quartz new age metaphysical style crystal pendants - crystal quartz earrings - quartz crystal bracelets.

Crystal earrings - quartz necklace - quartz bracelet - clear quartz ball pendants - quartz power bracelets spiral wire wrap clear quartz points and balls. Crystal Caves - The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico. Stoned Love: DIY Agate Necklace. Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet. Metal and Pearl Fringe Bracelet by Nishka. Pattern for pendant or ring, schema. Holiday Earrings. Big Bear. Beaded suncatchers, easy - made these & hung them in the ...

Bidley's Garden. 1800's Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chimes by nevastarr. Blue Color Kundan Bridal Necklace Set Jewellery. Free pattern schema for pendant (brooch, ring) Gold Gilded Geode Ring. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet. Crafty, easy, stylish jewelry. Crystal Picot Bracelet. Beading Tutorials: Beaded Jewelry Cones.