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Current. 10/24/16, 5/2/17
Tagged. 11/29/16
Finished "Home Decor" 5/2/17
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Colorblocked Scratching Post DIY – A Beautiful Mess. If you have a cat (or two!)

Colorblocked Scratching Post DIY – A Beautiful Mess

And have ever roamed the pet store aisles looking for a good scratching post, then you probably already know about my personal anguish. Our cat Mac has taken to occasionally scratching on a few rugs and chairs that I would rather keep “unshredded”, so I thought we should get him a post so he can direct his scratching instinct in a more positive direction. The problem with cat scratching posts is that most of them are pretty, well, boringly hideous. I mean, if I want a piece of furniture that’s going to stand out in my house, I want it to be a cool vintage chair or plant stand, not a dull-looking scratching post. Thankfully, what’s a girl to do when she can’t find what she wants already made? We’re happy to be working with Fancy Feast, who just launched their Broths with Chicken (you can see Mac is loving it!). You may already know, but I have a pretty big heart for the humane society and pet adoption. Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.

For the longest time I was not a "bracelet person.

" They just felt awkward and heavy on my wrist the same way my ears felt when I first got them pierced when I was 13. I loved how a stack of cute bracelets looked on other people, so I figured if I just kept wearing them, eventually they would feel more natural, and I was right! Now my wardrobe feels incomplete without a stack of multi-finger rings and a few bracelets to go along with it. I've been really getting into jewelry DIYs lately, and I wanted to find a few ways to make embellished skinny leather bracelets with leather cord.

These 3 options are all quick and easy, and they make great gifts as well! Supplies:-round leather cord*-end caps with loop-lobster claw clasps with eyelet-gold hex nuts (check your local hardware store for these)-long gold tube beads-small needle nose pliers-jewelry glue *There are lots of different thicknesses of leather cord. Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman & Sarah Rhodes. After living in our home for over four years, I can finally say, as of last weekend, our bedroom is completely finished!

And what a soothing relief that is in my life. Bedrooms often seem to be cast aside in favor of rooms that are seen by guests and enjoyed by the entire family. In our case, we have very little space in our master bedroom (for someone not living in a New York apartment, that is), so the challenge of finding pieces that fit in the room and aligned with our tastes was a little daunting. I shared earlier about how we opted to use an open closet system in this room and how we had finally rearranged the room to flow better.

The only problem was that we didn't have enough room beside our newly relocated bed to use our hodgepodge vintage nightstands! Fabric Covered Storage Boxes – A Beautiful Mess. Recently, I've been super superrrr obsessed with organizing my closet.

Fabric Covered Storage Boxes – A Beautiful Mess

I've been cleaning out, donating, hanging, boxing up and building displays. I wanted to have some cute hat boxes in the top of my closet to store some of my vintage hats and other things that can be easily bent up. After shopping around I decided that the best option for me was D.I.Y. An Abstract Painting Anyone Can Make! – A Beautiful Mess. Recently, I've been in the market for wall art.

An Abstract Painting Anyone Can Make! – A Beautiful Mess

I mean, really it's an ongoing thing. I still have SO many undecorated walls, nooks and even rooms in our home—even though we've been here a whole year! Plus- I like to swap art often. Key Organizer DIY – A Beautiful Mess. If you're like me, your keys aren't ever available right when you need them.

Key Organizer DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Marbled Clay Ring Dish – A Beautiful Mess. Wow—so many of you have made these!

Marbled Clay Ring Dish – A Beautiful Mess

It’s incredible. We’ve also heard from many of you that you would like to see a video tutorial of this project, so we’ve added one (above). You can still see the original post along with all the photo and text tutorial below as well. 10 Easy DIY Makeovers (with Major Wow Factor!) – A Beautiful Mess. This post has been brewing in my brain for a while.

10 Easy DIY Makeovers (with Major Wow Factor!) – A Beautiful Mess

We do a lot of projects around here. Many are easy, most are budget-friendly, but once in a while this extra magic happens when it's both AND high impact too! Today I'm here to talk about these kinds of X-factor DIY projects. Emma’s (Super Easy) DIY Sewing Desk – A Beautiful Mess. For the past month my poor sewing machine has been just sitting on the ground in my office.

Emma’s (Super Easy) DIY Sewing Desk – A Beautiful Mess

I've set it up at the dining room table twice in this time to make a few fabric napkins and hem some of my curtains. Although this worked fine, I really wanted to make a more permanent home for my little sewing machine. I'm not someone who sews ALL the time, but I have been getting into it more and more this past year, and one of my goals for 2016 is to sew a quilt—something I've never done before. DIY Rope Wrapped Planters – A Beautiful Mess. Pretty much wrapping anything in rope instantly makes it cuter, am I right?

DIY Rope Wrapped Planters – A Beautiful Mess

These little Rope Wrapped Planters are no exception. We combined an inexpensive clothesline, some string and a bit of craft paint to add some pizazz to a typical terra cotta pot. Instant cuteness! Supplies:-a couple terra cotta pots (We used potted succulents.) -white acrylic paint –clothesline-colored string-hot glue and glue gun-acrylic paint and foam brush First, we painted the pots white so that any gaps with the rope didn't show the orangey terra cotta color.

Once your pot is dry, start wrapping clothesline around your pot and secure with hot glue as you go. Next you're going to start wrapping your colored string around the white rope. Work your way all the way down and cut your rope when you get to the bottom of your pot. Add Geometric Panels to Your Plain Closet Doors – A Beautiful Mess. Once you start to really get a room together, it becomes obvious how important all the finishing details are. I find with most things it’s the little touches that really draw you in and keep you interested in a space. So I wanted to add some personality to as much as I could in our “soon to be finished” den area. Scandinavian Wall Art DIY – A Beautiful Mess. I'm a big fan of making your own wall art when you're looking to fill a space or add some interest to a room. I'm also a fan of that sweet spot where those hippy vibes intersect with Scandinavian design and birth something a little bit of both!

Can we call it Hippy-Scandi? Did we just make that up? Get me to the patent office! This project would work beautifully in a living room or studio, but it would also be precious for a nursery (as long as it wasn't hanging within reach). Supplies:-one 12" wood embroidery hoop (only the inner ring)-one 1/2" x 12" brass tubing-one 16ga. (0.051") flat brass circle-one 1" x 8" strip of cowhide-four 1.5" wooden beads-one small skein of ecru cotton yarn-one small skein peach cotton yarn –small pipe cutter-3" embroidery needle (not shown)-hammer-nail-awl (optional)-scissors Step One: Prep your brass circle by hammering a nail clean through it somewhere near the edge.

Step Four: Wrap your peach cotton yarn around your hand about 30 times as shown. Laura’s Craft Room (Before + After) – A Beautiful Mess. Transformable Hairpin Leg Desktop DIY – A Beautiful Mess. Some of my favorite DIYs have been born from the need to solve a problem. In this instance, my problem was needing more tabletop space in a studio that was always needing to be rearranged depending on the task at hand. As it usually happens, I realized it would be easier for me to build my own and get exactly what I needed than to pay top dollar for something that mostly worked. I thought about it for weeks before coming up with a way to make a transformable desktop that would not only be easy to adjust by myself, it would be simple enough for you to build without owning a lot of power tools. I’m so proud of how this one turned out! Some days I need as much floor space as possible to work on a DIY, so a corner workspace made the most sense.

Supplies:-one 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ sheet of Purebond plywood. Here’s a visual on the threaded insert nuts that you’ll need. Step One: This step is merely to double check your angles are all nearly perfect before gluing in place. Tips for Organizing Your Craft Space – A Beautiful Mess. If you are a serious or novice crafter, you probably have some sort of craft room or corner of your house devoted to your DIY stash. My office also doubles as my craft room, and since making things is a full time job for me, you can believe I have quite a few supplies on hand.

When we first moved into the house a year and a half ago, it took a while for me to figure out where everything should go in the new space. So it was a bit unpleasant working in here until I got it all sorted out. Organization makes life so much easier, you guys! Make Your Own Gradient Planters – A Beautiful Mess. Make Any Box Into a Jewelry Box! – A Beautiful Mess.

Pretty decorative boxes are one of my favorite things to have around the house (usually in little groupings with other candles or figurine type things). Star Trim Closet Door DIY – A Beautiful Mess. Oh man, I’m so excited to share this closet door project with you today! Easy Custom Nail Polish Shelves – A Beautiful Mess. Hi, friends! Statement Wall Hanging – A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess.