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Delicate Sunburst Mirror DIY – A Beautiful Mess. I tend to forget about them, but mirrors really are wonderful additions to the category of "wall decor.

Delicate Sunburst Mirror DIY – A Beautiful Mess

" They make spaces look bigger, they reflect light, and they allow you plenty of opportunity to find out that you do in fact have something in your teeth that no one told you about (gee, thanks guys). Elsie wanted to try a mirror DIY for her new office that involved these small wooden matchsticks, and it only took a few seconds of trying different arrangements around the edge before I got excited about the end result. Supplies:-spray paint-mirror (we bought this 24" x 24" safety mirror)-small match craft sticks that are thinner at one end (check your local craft store)-popsicle sticks-super glue-painter's tape The first thing I did was make an "X" over the mirror with tape so I could divide the mirror into four equal areas.