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Law, School of. Law, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 93.8%, Graduate prospects: 76.7%, Graduate employment: 74.1% Graduate destinations: Work Full-time: 61%, Work Part-time: 6%, Work & Study: 6%, Further study: 22%, Unemployed: 5% Top industry sectors: Legal Profession; Buying, Selling & Retail; Event Management, Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism; Education; Administration Salary levels: Under £10,000: 9%, £10,000-£19,999: 58%, £20,000-£29,999: 28%, £30,000-£39,999: 2%, Over £40,000: 2% The Leeds Network We have an extensive network of alumni with a wide range of experiences, doing all kinds of jobs.

Law, School of

Careers and employability » School of Law » University of Leeds. There are many opportunities to improve your employability We encourage all our students to consider their future employment early in their university career.

Careers and employability » School of Law » University of Leeds

We want you to get the most out of your academic and co-curricular experiences at the University of Leeds. Our school offers one of the broadest ranges of activities you will find in any academic department. Proposed changes to the qualification route for Solicitors. Downloads. Downloads. Law degree career options. Whether you’re interested in a career that will make direct use of your legal knowledge or want to change direction and work in a different industry then this guide is for you.

Law degree career options

It should help you think about the skills you have, the jobs they can be applied to, and the options available. Some of the other skills you will have picked up include: communication skills ability to state a case (orally as well as in writing) good analytical skills problem solving skills ability to see the bigger picture assimilation of facts self-management precise expression (especially in writing) One obvious career option is to seek work as a legal executive - often seen as inferior to solicitors, but with increasingly similar roles. You should also be well placed to get into graduate schemes at auditing employers. Some jobs you could go on to do include: But if none of those career paths are for you, don’t worry.

John Cleese Fidel Castro Paul Robeson John Grisham Gerard Butler Henri Matisse. What can I do with my law degree? Studying law doesn't mean you have to become a solicitor or barrister; many options beyond the legal profession will be open to you...

What can I do with my law degree?

Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Twelve jobs you can do with a law degree. If you have ever found yourself saying ‘I’m studying law but I don’t want to be a lawyer’?

Twelve jobs you can do with a law degree

, don’t panic. The competencies you are developing during your law degree and legal work experience are relevant in many alternative careers. Analytical and research skills, for example, are needed by not just solicitors or barristers but most other professions. Likewise, good communication and problem-solving skills are directly transferable to many careers including management, town planning and consultancy work.

There are also roles where legal knowledge as opposed to skills, is particularly useful – such as HR or tax advisory work. 1. Company secretaries ensure organisations comply with company law and regulations. Donald McPherson, company secretary at Alliance Trust PLC, told TARGETjobs Law: ‘I have found that a legal background provides a framework for approaching issues dispassionately and thinking through all the implications before acting.' 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Law. 1454926549Leaflet proof. GTI Specialist Publishers. Publication. Future Lawyers Network. This site uses cookies.

Future Lawyers Network

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our cookies policy for more information. Home Select the links below to see this month's feature members' blogs:A University of Law tutor's blog Careers and employability blog Litigation – a bit like MarmiteStarting the GDL journey…Diary of a GDL studentConverting to lawThe Training Contract TrialsMore blogs... Come and meet us2015 open days nowavailable at all our centres Birmingham Bristol Chester Guildford Leeds London Bloomsbury London Moorgate Manchester Book now Undergraduate courses LLB Hons Law Degrees Postgraduate courses January A Youtuber is being sued for copyright infringement over music featured in her videos.

. © Copyright The University of Law 2013. Legal Careers, Training Contracts and Pupillages. Junior Lawyers Division. Launched in January 2008 for junior lawyers across England and Wales, the Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) is a division of the Law Society but with an independent voice.

Junior Lawyers Division

With over 70,000 members, it is the largest community within the Law Society.Membership is free and automatic for LPC students, LPC graduates (including those working as paralegals), trainee solicitors, and solicitors with up to five years post qualification experience.The JLD is all about its members and their needs. To enable us to better represent you, we want to hear from you. Email us at

What does the JLD do? The JLD provides members with an opportunity to network and, importantly, to connect with other junior lawyers, discuss issues that concern them and benefit from training and advice provided at conferences and meetings. Your JLD The JLD is responsible for representing junior lawyers, which means: How do I join? Student Law. CEDR Foundation : Negotiation Competition. Law Training Contracts & Careers in Law. The Beginner's Guide to a Career in Law 2015. The Resource for Aspiring Legal Professionals. All about law careers. Law Careers, Law Graduate Jobs & Law Internships. Law Careers, Law Graduate Jobs & Law Internships.

Grays Inn University Advocacy Day .docx. Leeds University Library /All Locations. Object moved. Downloads. ESSL Law Goodresourcesguide. Government Legal Service (GLS) legal trainee scheme - Detailed guidance. Introduction The GLS legal trainee scheme (LTS) is the term we use to describe the training contract and pupillage opportunities available in GLS departments.

Government Legal Service (GLS) legal trainee scheme - Detailed guidance

All trainee places will be based in London. When and how to apply Training contract structure If your application is succesful you will be allocated to one of the recruiting departments. As a trainee solicitor, you will have at least one seat in a litigation team and one in an advisory team. Communication and practice support legal research writing and drafting interviewing and advising negotiation advocacy oral presentation We only offer full 2-year training contracts and do not take into account previous training completed elsewhere. Pupillage structure Your pupillage will last 12 months and your time will be split between the GLS department you have been allocated to and a set of external barristers’ chambers. The structure of the pupillage varies between departments.

Course fees. Legal_incite_7.pdf.