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General Electronics II

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Freq Show: Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Scanner. RSGB Amateur Radio Techniques - 7th Edition - Pat Hawker (G3VA) by undefined. Arduino Programming by undefined. Arduino workshop a hands on introduction with 65 projects by undefined. Make electronics by undefined. FreePCB: freeware PCB layout software. T50-1. Seeed Studio Bazaar, Boost ideas, Extend the Reach - Seeed. Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs. Prototyping. Comparing the RX 250A meter data with predicted we find: Calculated: 2.72 pF Measured: 2.80 pF ±0.16 pF.


Laser Activated GSM Call Alert Security Circuit for Home - Electronic Circuit Projects. In this post we discuss a simple laser GSM call alert security circuit which immediately calls the master as soon as an intruder is detected through a laser beam interruption.

Laser Activated GSM Call Alert Security Circuit for Home - Electronic Circuit Projects

The idea was requested by Mr. Roldan. The Request. Wireless Cellphone Charger Circuit - Electronic Circuit Projects. In this post we will try to wireless cellphone charger circuit for facilitating a cordless cellphone charging without employing a conventional charger.

Wireless Cellphone Charger Circuit - Electronic Circuit Projects

Here the cellphone is required to be installed with a receiver circuit module internally and connected to the charging socket pins, for implementing the wireless charging process. Once this is done, the cellphone simply needs to be kept over the wireless charger unit for initiating the proposed wireless charging. In one of our earlier posts we learned a similar concept which explained the charging of a Li-ion battery through a wireless mode, here too we employ a similar technique but try to implement the same without removing the battery from the cellphone. Also, in our previous post we comprehensively learned the basics of wireless charging, we'll take the help of the instructions presented there and try to design the proposed wireless cellphone charger circuit.

How to Build a Cheap Wi-Fi Controlled Water Valve. One day a co-worker of mine asked me if I knew of a way to control an irrigation system from a smartphone or computer.

How to Build a Cheap Wi-Fi Controlled Water Valve

We did some research and quickly found that it was very expensive to purchase a system with this capability, so we wondered if we could build it. This happened to be right around the time the ESP8266 first came out, and some quick searching revealed DC water valves that could be used to control water flow to the irrigation system. Manual Pick & Place Station. Assembling a single electronic board using SMD parts is doable using simple tools with tweezers and a fine tip soldering iron.

Manual Pick & Place Station

However, it can become tedious after a few boards or simply if you start an actual production yourself. Also, some parts are really hard to solder by classic means, and I ended up building a reflow oven to “bake” my boards. If you’re not familiar with reflow soldering, I suggest you have a look to this wikipedia article for details. Reflow Soldering For large boards, placing the SMD parts on the solder paste can really be an issue since your hands must travel above the board to reach the part location, with risks to drop the part and mess all your solder paste stencil work. Low Cost Water Flow Sensor and Ambient Display using arduino -Use Arduino for Projects. Water is a precious resource.

Low Cost Water Flow Sensor and Ambient Display using arduino -Use Arduino for Projects

Millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water, and as many as 4000 children die from water contaminated illnesses every day. Hack N Mod - Amazingly Cool Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects. DIY Portable, Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater. With a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can remain connected to the cloud from anywhere.

DIY Portable, Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater

Even then, a Wi-Fi router needs electricity to operate. To cut this umbilical cord, you can power it with the help of the sun or the wind just like this portable, solar powered Wi-Fi repeater. A solar panel powers a Linksys WRT54G v8 router with 7.5 volts at 500 milliamps in direct sunlight. For sunless times, you have a backup of 5 AA batteries that get charged up thanks to the solar panel. The solar-powered repeater is packed neatly into a cigar box for easy portability. Power Quality Meter using Arduino -Use Arduino for Projects. Arduino UNO project, Power Quality Meter, someone would call it’s PQ Monitor or PQ Analyzer.

Power Quality Meter using Arduino -Use Arduino for Projects

I had already published one blog devoted RMS voltage measurements on full band 20 – 20 000 Hz audio signals. ( Following my own style, I’d refer to already published materials whenever it’s possible ). This time measurements performed on single AC Power Grid frequency. ( 60 Hz in Canada. Algorithm would works with 50 Hz as well ). Features: Adafruit MintyBoost USB Charger Kit v3.0. The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore. Lifehacker. A Homemade Variable Tuning Capacitor for tuning in your FM stations... Birmingham, Alabama Crystal Radio Group - B-Ham Radios – The Progressive Crystal Set. Get loopy with the DIY $10 Ableton Footcontroller (no soldering required) A free keyboard-mapping utility called Autohotkey (if you’re running Windows).

Get loopy with the DIY $10 Ableton Footcontroller (no soldering required)

If you’re running Mac, the program to use is calledIKey. That’s it. Here’s how to make it go: Above: Steps 1-2. Simple enough. 1. Electronics DIY - Quality Electronic Kits, Electronic Projects, Electronic Schematics, FM Transmitters, TV Transmitters, Stereo Transmitters. DIY 2k(2560x1440) LED beam projector. Hacking A Fluke Multimeter To Serve Readings Over WiFi.

Your multimeter is probably your most useful instrument if you work regularly with electronics.

Hacking A Fluke Multimeter To Serve Readings Over WiFi

It goes with you everywhere, and is your first port of call in most cases when you are presented with a piece of equipment. And when you think about it, it’s a pretty amazing instrument. The H.P. Friedrichs (AC7ZL) Homepage. Snaptekk Catalog Jan2016a. Mendocino Motor. A Mendocino Motor is an optically commutated, magnetically levitating, solar powered Rotor. This one consists of 3,6mm plywood and was completely machined with my CNC mill. The Design has been accomlished in Google Sketchup, the G-Code was generated with the Phlatscript plugin.

The dimensions can be estimated from the screenshots. After milling the parts are taken out of the plywood sheets (cut the tabs that hold them in place) and just pressed together, no glue necessary! The 2 coils have ~100 turns each with 0,3mm enamelled copper wire. Sketchup files (1 for the base and 1 for the rotor):SketchUp files. Reflow Oven Controller Shield (Arduino Compatible) I bought a standard toaster oven with a convection feature and opened it up. Once inside, I was able to remove all the controls and preserved the wiring for later reuse. I bought a Crydom D2425D SSR on e-bay to run the heaters and the fan. The heaters consist of four quartz elements, which are arranged in series-parallel. Build a Twilight Photometer to Detect Stratospheric Particles. Have you wondered why some sunsets are so spectacular and others so drab? This ultra-sensitive photometer project will allow you to tease out the secrets of twilight and even do serious science by finding the altitude of the dust, smoke, and air pollution that influence the colors of twilight.

With this project you can detect the tiny particles and droplets known as aerosols from 3km (around 10,000 feet) high to well above the top of the stratosphere at 50km (165,000 feet). While the photometer will not detect aerosols below 3km, many of those particles eventually float high enough to be detected. Build a Beautiful Seismometer to Detect Quakes and Explosions. Volcano eruptions, slippage of faults, explosions, landslides, drilling, and even traffic can create vibrations in the Earth’s crust known as seismic events or earthquakes. Seismometers are devices that detect seismic events, usually by mechanically or electronically detecting the movement of a suspended mass. Forrest M. Mims III. Circuit Specialists Blog. A push­-pull power amplifier that was exhibiting higher than normal levels of distortion was used to demonstrate some of the features found in the low cost Hantek DSO5202P.

HOW TO BUILD YOUR VERY OWN 8×8 LED MATRIX. Today we will be starting our adventure into the deeply complex, yet totally incredible world of LED Matrices. This post will be the first of an entire Arduino Matrix Programming series by Circuit Specialists. Make sure you subscribe to our facebook, twitter, and newsletter to keep yourself updated! How to Set up Multiple Monitors – Add Monitors to Your Computer. NASA: Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. A good introductory series of 8 videos (total 30min) discussing each type of wave length. (If you start… How to Collect Free Energy from Atmosphere - Circuit Diagram Attached - Homemade Circuit Projects. Electronics: Soundcard-Oscilloscope. Most of today's personal computers are equipped with quite advanced soundcards. These soundcards often contain powerful analog/digital converters, able of up to 100 ksamples per second at 16 bit or more.

WWW.SIXMHZ.COM. Dave's Homemade Radios - Circuits Page. Musically Synchronized Christmas Lights. Truly global GPS tracking and messaging systems using Iridium satellite. About The CORE The CORE is designed to provide a single-point of control for Iridium-based tracking devices. RockBLOCK Data Sheet. HOW-TO: Build 3D models from Eagle files. Pinterest. Wireless electricity transmission circuit. Technology - Design Simulation and Device Models. How to make a printed circuit board (PCB) using the UV light LED method. OscilloPhone: Use your Smartphone as an Oscilloscope / Signal Generator. Tom Kipgen's Designer Radios – Home Page. The Project Asylum - Home. Solar Panel Testing Shunt Regulator. Pinterest. Electronics Repair And Technology News. Why You Should Be Using a Linear Voltage Regulator. Build an Entire Home Automation System with a Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Build an Entire Home Automation System with a Raspberry Pi and Arduino.