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Electronotes. Low-cost-voltage-to-frequency-converter_Circuit Diagram World. Declaration:We aim to transmit more information by carrying articles .

Low-cost-voltage-to-frequency-converter_Circuit Diagram World

We will delete it soon, if we are involved in the problems of article content ,copyright or other problems. The 741 op amp integrator signal is fed into the Schmitt trigger input of an inverter. When the signal reaches the magnitude of the positive-going threshold voltage, the output of the inverter is switched to zero. Circuit Diagram World. Art's Theremin Page: Transposable Chord Generator. Transposable Chord Generator.

Art's Theremin Page: Transposable Chord Generator

Art's Theremin Page: Symmetrical Digital Dividers. Symmetrical Digital Dividers These digital divider circuits permit the division of a frequency by odd integers (three, five and seven illustrated) while maintaining an output with a nearly-perfect 50% duty cycle square wave.

Art's Theremin Page: Symmetrical Digital Dividers

This symmetry is useful in music applications where square waves may be filtered efficiently to extract the fundamental sine wave, with, for example, switched capacitor or continuous low-pass filters. The first example's waveforms (divide by three) illustrates the basic technique of deriving appropriate positive-edge clocking transitions by utilizing an exclusive-or gate preceding the first flip-flop (U1A). The very-short transitions at the output of U1A correspond to the time of propagation through the two flip-flops and the gate. A supply of +5 volts is indicated, although the CMOS devices shown operate within a range of +3 to +15 volts. Art's Theremin Page: Four Phase Clock Generator. Four Phase Clock Generator Here is an extremely useful circuit that may be applied as the timing core for any sequential digital process, using a single dual-flip-flop package, CMOS type CD4013BE.

Art's Theremin Page: Four Phase Clock Generator

One of the four outputs (phase 1) provides a squarewave at one-quarter the clock input frequency. The phase 2 output provides a squarewave one clock cycle later, and phases 3 and 4 follow with a delay of two and three clock cycles, respectively. A supply of +5 volts is indicated, although the CD4013BE device may operate within a range of +3 to +15 volts. Art's Theremin Page: Square Wave to Triangle Wave Converter. This circuit converts a square waveform to a triangle waveform while automatically maintaining a constant triangle amplitude for a wide range of input frequencies.

Art's Theremin Page: Square Wave to Triangle Wave Converter

Although originally designed for application in a communications system, the idea is readily adaptable for certain electronic music applications where waveform conversion is desired. Operation is as follows: Transistor Q2 provides a square wave at its collector that has an amplitude controlled by Q1. The square wave is fed to an integrator consisting of operational amplifier U1A and associated components. Operational amplifier U1B integrates U1A's output, compares it to ground, and provides a term at U1A's positive input that maintains U1A's output centered about ground. Dintree - Synth DIY. How to Produce 18 Sequential Outputs by Cascading 4017 IC - Light Chaser Circuit. Circuit Description Looking at the figure alongside, we see some important configurations done around two 4017 ICs pin-outs.

How to Produce 18 Sequential Outputs by Cascading 4017 IC - Light Chaser Circuit

Let’s try to understand them in a step wise manner: Pin #16 is the positive and pin #8 is the negative and are connected to their respective positions. Pin #13 is also grounded; not following this would latch the output and stop its proceeding. All the outputs as shown in the figure are terminated with LEDs, so that the shifting sequence may be visualized. Pin #15 is the reset input and requires to be grounded and therefore is pulled to the grounded level via R1. Tim Stinchcombe - Serge VCS & how it works. Serge VCS - How it Works This page focuses on the Serge VCS voltage-controlled slope circuit, as embodied in the Cat Girl Synth CGS75 module (available as a PCB), and the Bananalogue Serge VCS module.

Tim Stinchcombe - Serge VCS & how it works

(It appears that the Bananalogue website,, disappeared sometime in 2008, but the VCS page (including the pictures) is viewable at the Internet Archive, and as of December 2009 the module has once again been made available through Big City Music.) AMZ Warp Controls. One little used effects technique is the “warp control”.

AMZ Warp Controls

This control is used to change the harmonic content of the clipped output from primarily odd harmonics to a mixture of even and odd harmonics. This makes the sound smoother and less buzzy, and can even add a bit of octave-up character. One could speculate that the reason this type of control is not often used in commercial boxes is that the change in sound is noticeable but subtle. It is not a drastic enough that the added cost, complexity and extra control knob space can be justified. There are a variety of simple ways to implement a warp control, and the sound character that they produce is not identical. Pucktronix / usb-octomod. The USB-Octomod is a USB device which allows generation of computer-controlled analog synthesizer control voltages in the range of approximately +/- 5V.

pucktronix / usb-octomod

Using a small open-source and cross-platform host application, the user is able to control the 8 output channels of the Octomod through a simple OSC/MIDI interface. The OSC interface allows composers, musicians, etc. to control the Octomod from their software environment of choice. PCBs are generally available from Greg Surges. Technical Information Tutorial.

Software / Circuitry. A Homemade Variable Tuning Capacitor for tuning in your FM stations... Would you like to make this site your homepage?

A Homemade Variable Tuning Capacitor for tuning in your FM stations...

It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! Don't show this to me again. Get loopy with the DIY $10 Ableton Footcontroller (no soldering required) A free keyboard-mapping utility called Autohotkey (if you’re running Windows). If you’re running Mac, the program to use is calledIKey. That’s it. Here’s how to make it go: Above: Steps 1-2. Simple enough. 1. You’re going to remove a significant number of the QWERTY keyboard’s keys, leaving only those spaced far enough apart to operate with your foot. Schematics / Moog Parametric Equalizer. DIY | Filter | Fixed Filter | Equalizer | Parametric | Moog | ACX Synth Moog Parametric Equalizer by ACX Synth ,visit for more information and details on this Moog adaptation and various other modules as well as pcb offers . From the notes on the web page dedicated to this Filter : This module is a parametric equalizer whose frequency can be voltage controlled.

It is based on the heart of parametric MOOG. Index of -diy-Schematics.url. This circuit probably looks all wrong – we’ve got an NPN transistor with its base connected to ground, the emitter connected to the positive supply railvia a resistor and the collector hanging out in the breeze! If we’re trying to build an amplifier, yep, this circuit has real problems. But if we’re building a very simple white noise generator, then this circuit is perfect.

It doesn’t seem to be all that well known that transistors when reverse biased actually produce decent amounts of white noise. White noise is random noise across the entire audio spectrum. ECE4893A: Electronics for Music Synthesis (Spring 2010) Office: Centergy 5212 (but I'm almost never there) Phone: 404-385-2548 (but I almost never answer it) E-mail: (by far the best way to reach me; please include "EMS" somewhere in the subject of class-related e-mail so I can find it quickly)Course website: Prerequisites: ECE3040 and ECE3041 (with concurrency allowed, i.e. you can be taking ECE3041 this semester and be OK).

Basically, I need some familiarity with op amps, diodes, and transistors, and I need to make sure that you have had some experience using a scope by the time you will to use one in EMS. AES1.PDF. Larry’s DIY synthesizer module page. Download mp3 page. Unusual synth circuits. Juergen Haible. "Living VCOs " back to JH. homepage. Antonelli_2375_Organ_Schematics_XA. Experimentalists Anonymous - Archives. CMOS Synthesizers.

Op_amp_circuit%20collection_AN-31. Fun with sea moss (or, basic digital sound devices) By Sebastian Tomczak. Please email for blah-blahing. Free Simple Circuit Diagram.