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Snapchatters Can Wrap the Arc De Triomphe Via a New Portal Lens. Why is Kpop so popular? How Girls’ Generation, BTS and others conquered the world. - Washington Post. TikTok, Spotify Join With MAC to Inspire Self-Love Messages. The New York Times Creates Vertigo Effect for Instagram. La beauté au naturel. SL Dear Haters. MilkPEP Revives Iconic 'Got Milk?' Slogan for a New Generation. “Got Milk?”

MilkPEP Revives Iconic 'Got Milk?' Slogan for a New Generation

Is back. After launching in 1993 with the classic, Goodby Silverstein & Partners-created and Michael Bay-directed “Aaron Burr” spot for the California Milk Processor Board, the tagline was later adopted by the national milk processors’ organization, MilkPEP. But in 2014, MilkPEP decided to head in a new direction, leaving “Got Milk?” Behind. (Its California counterpart, however, still used the slogan.) Now, after a surge in milk sales amid the coronavirus pandemic, the slogan has been resurrected for a new generation of consumers. “The answer to the question of ‘Got Milk?’ Snap Inc. Wants Businesses to ‘Meet the Snapchat Generation’ “Meet the Snapchat Generation,” Snap Inc.’s first-ever global business-to-business marketing campaign, is going live Monday across print, broadcast and digital media channels in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Snap Inc. Wants Businesses to ‘Meet the Snapchat Generation’

The campaign will be expanded to the U.K. on Aug. 17 and to the rest of Europe, as well as the Middle East and North Africa, on Aug. 24. Snap’s first global consumer campaign, “Real Friends,” kicked off last July highlighting the power or friendship and the platform’s communication tools. The new campaign was developed in-house by the company’s global business marketing and internal creative teams, along with external creative agency SpecialGuest.

“Our first marketer-focused campaign showcases what is so special about our community, from their strongly held values to their unique behaviors,” Snap Inc. chief marketing officer Kenny Mitchell said in a statement. Meet the Snapchat Generation Volume 90% Is It a Video Game, or Is It New Zealand? This Fun Tourism Project Gamifies the Country. It’s not easy to get away overseas on vacation at the moment, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is It a Video Game, or Is It New Zealand? This Fun Tourism Project Gamifies the Country

So Tourism New Zealand, with the help of TBWA\Sydney, found a way to open up the stunning country to virtual visitors. The tourism group and its agency partnered with Twitch and gaming influencer Loserfruit to gamify the country so that people can explore some of New Zealand’s greatest attractions. Primarily targeted at neighboring Australians and the gaming community, the campaign aims to present the country as the ultimate travel destination. Street Artists Reimagine Classic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt for AR-Enabled Murals. A graffiti artist whose resume includes Tom Clancy video games and Reebok yoga outfits has reimagined the classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt as part of a new outdoor art installation for the brand.

Street Artists Reimagine Classic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt for AR-Enabled Murals

The street artist, known as ELLE, is part of the summer campaign that spans New York, Chicago and Dallas, where three giant and selfie-ready murals rolled out this month. The out-of-home campaign also includes work from artists Steve Hunter and CERA, and each piece is enabled with augmented reality animations via a Snapchat code to encourage consumers to spend time engaging with the brand and the images. The pieces “feature a polo horse activated by Snapchat AR so that a pony blasts out of the painting and allows users to toggle the colors in the image,” the brand explained in a blog post. PetSmart’s First Snapchat AR Lens Turns Reptile Enthusiasts Into Lizards. PetSmart made its Snapchat augmented reality lens debut Tuesday in reptilian fashion.

PetSmart’s First Snapchat AR Lens Turns Reptile Enthusiasts Into Lizards

Snap Inc. said PetSmart is the first pet retailer to use AR on Snapchat, and its lens has an educational bent. Snapchatters answer questions about reptiles in a true-or-false test format, and correct answers cause their faces to morph into reptiles. PetSmart Snapchat Reptile AR Lens Volume 90% Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcuts Play/PauseSPACE Increase Volume↑ Canon Created a Site for Photojournalists to Tell the Real Stories Behind Their Viral Images. It’s a well known adage that an image has the power to speak 1,000 words.

Canon Created a Site for Photojournalists to Tell the Real Stories Behind Their Viral Images

But in today’s age of fake news and trolling it also has the power to be taken out of context and manipulated for ill gain to forward an agenda. Just last week, as Adweek reported, a Trump ad on Facebook about the “chaos” of recent U.S. protests misleadingly used a 2014 image from the Ukrainian Revolution. Agency Uncle Grey Copenhagen in Denmark has created a new tool for camera brand Canon that aims to help avoid that type of image being taken out of context. In a bid to help press photographers protect and tell the real stories behind their most powerful images, the agency and Canon have developed a publicly searchable global database, called Truthmark, which allows photographers and photojournalists to upload their photos along with the real stories behind how and why the images were taken. Anyone who wants to check the authenticity of an image can search for it by uploading an image to the platform.

Volume 90% Snapchat Launches New Shoppable AR 'Try-On' Campaign with Gucci Shoes. Snapchat has launched the first campaign using its new 'Shoppable AR' technology, which it recently announced at its 2020 Snap Partner Summit.

Snapchat Launches New Shoppable AR 'Try-On' Campaign with Gucci Shoes

The initial campaign will be an AR shoe 'try-on' filter, created in conjuction with Gucci. As per Gucci: Social media case study : Social Media Examiner. Netflix and Instagram Join Forces to Promote Mental Health with New Weekly Live Series. How do we stay connected during social distancing?

Netflix and Instagram Join Forces to Promote Mental Health with New Weekly Live Series

How do we manage anxiety and overwhelming thoughts introduced by these uncertain times? What does self care actually mean in the context of a global pandemic? These are just a few of the questions that Netflix and Instagram are looking to tackle in a new partnership aimed to help their viewers address some of the concerns they may have amid the current health crisis.

Case Studies - HR Open Source. Case Study - Public Relations Today. Edition 19 Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media Communications - Business Case Studies. Brands That Won Social Media In 2019. For the past decade, brands have been capitalizing on the pervasiveness of social media in consumers’ daily lives and shopping habits.

Brands That Won Social Media In 2019

And this past year was no different. Social media analytics company Unmetric found that brands that promoted messaging with edge, savvy, conviction—and occasionally dogs—won the marketing game. Of that messaging, video—particularly those with memorable storylines, guest appearances or creative approaches to addressing social issues—reined as the overall best-performing format for branded and original content, a consistent trend in their numbers since at least 2015. The PR success stories of 2019. What are the PR tactics that worked in 2019?

The PR success stories of 2019

Many organizations embraced their role in the cultural conversation, whether it was speaking out on gun violence and gun regulation or talking about taking steps to fight climate change. How PayPal finds employee advocates to tell authentic stories. If you want to humanize your brand, start with stories about your employees. Your workforce is one of your most precious communications resources, whether it’s to help spread brand messages on social media channels or to source great stories about your company’s impact in the community. However, connecting with these stakeholders requires long-term campaigns and close work with your internal communications colleagues.

Two communications leaders from PayPal shared how they turn employee stories into winning external and internal campaigns—and highlighted how internal and external communicators must work together. At Ragan’s Writing and Content Creation Conference in New York this week, Ian Cohen, PayPal’s head of global content innovation and creation, and Lenore Feder, director of internal communications, spoke about how they are elevating staffers’ stories. User Generated Content Campaigns: Best Examples From 2018 (So Far..)

User generated content (UGC) campaigns are more prevalent, bigger and bolder than ever before in 2018. As consumers continue to switch off from digital ads, and view celebrity endorsements with skepticism they deserve, brands are continually looking for new ways to connect with more discerning and elusive consumers. Proactive marketers are slashing the wasteful bucks shelled out on shouty ads and turning to authentic earned content to connect once more, as a hefty 84% of millennials say that UGC directly influences what they purchase. Leading brands, such as National Geographic, Starbucks and Ripley’s are incorporating UGC into product pages, Social Stories and large interactive digital screens to increase sales, drive first-party data collection and boost advocacy.

4 Experiential Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Brand's Strategy. Ninety-five percent of marketers believe that live events give the opportunity to form an in-person connection and by 2020 it’s projected that the customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiators. 30 brands with excellent social media strategies – Econsultancy. Okay, it’s probably disingenuous to pretend that social media is still something nascent and unproven for brands. Even with a tricky attribution problem to solve, most brand marketers and advertisers agree it just makes sense to target these large, active and known audiences.

Having said that, some brands ‘got’ social media a lot quicker than others. Here are 30 examples… Blog — Source: References Adams, L., Burkholder, E. & Hamilton, K. (2015). Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile, Google, Available Online: [Accessed 27 November 2016]. Arvidsson, A. & Caliandro, A. (2015). Brand Public, JOUR, Journal of Consumer Research, [e-journal], Available Online: [Accessed 17 October 2016]. Barwise, P. & Meehan, S. (2010). Bennie, F., Crossley, D., Goodman, J., Jewell, J., Knowles, H. & Uren, S. (2011). Christodoulides, G. (2009). NSFW: This VR Company Is Designing a New Reality Populated With Porn Stars - SURFACE. TECHNOLOGY By Gustavo Turner March 28, 2018 Please note: This story contains explicit images and video content—of virtual humans. Etude de cas Meliá Hotels International. Chaque jour, les hôtels du groupe Meliá sont inondés de demandes de collaborations et de séjours gratuits de la part d'influenceurs.

Initialement, ces demandes étaient traitées de façon aléatoire, sans qu'il existe de procédure pour déterminer les influenceurs les plus adaptés à chaque marque, susceptibles de toucher les audiences cibles de Meliá Hotels International (MHI) et de générer du trafic sur les sites de réservation. “ Nous préférons les collaborations non rémunérées, en proposant des séjours gratuits à un coût conséquent. 7 Things We Learned From Nat Geo, the No. 1 Brand on Social at SMWLA. Chipotle’s Instagram Story Featuring 100 Pictures of Queso Generated a 70% Completion Rate – Adweek. Buoyed by the Success of the Dancing Hot Dog, Snapchat Is Opening Up 3-D AR Ads for the Real World – Adweek. Ikea Just Made a 25-Minute ASMR Video, and It’s One of the Most Satisfying Ads Ever – Adweek. This Agency Proved You Don’t Have to Be a Spanish-Language Shop to Work Across Cultural Lines – Adweek. Client Stories. The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2016 So Far. Digital marketing industry case study library - social media case studies.

Case Studies - Link Humans. 5 Outstanding Social Media Campaigns. The best social media campaigns of 2015 (so far) How to Do Your Case Study. Here Are the Top-Performing Fast Fashion Brands on Social. 50 Social Media Case Studies You Need To Bookmark. Digital marketing industry case study library - social media and social networking case studies. Desigual. Social Media for Science Outreach – A Case Study: Better Posters. Desigual. Case Studies - Link Humans. The Obama Campaign: A Great Campaign, Or The Greatest? Business case studies organised by curriculum topic. How Obama Won with Social Media.

Social Media Case Study: EMC Academic Alliance. Social Media for Science Outreach – A Case Study: That social media thang. Indian Social Media Case Studies Archives - Social Samosa.