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Innovation. CyArk. Dwelling with the spirit of freedom. Faculty of 1000. The Human Protein Atlas. MIMA House — MIMA Housing. 100,000 Stars. Universal Leonardo: Leonardo da Vinci online › Welcome to Universal Leonardo. Nanocrafter. Sharing bird sounds from around the world.

Collections. Kube Web Framework. Media History Digital Library - Online Access to the Histories of Cinema, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound. Collection. Monoskop. Biodiversity Heritage Library. World Library of Science. Danielrapp.github. Recently I stumbled upon an interesting paper for implementing motion sensing requiring no special hardware, only a speaker and mic!


Unfortunately the paper didn't include code to test it, so I decided to reproduce it here on the web! What is the doppler effect? First of all, what is the doppler effect? The doppler effect is a physical phenomenom which affects waves in motion. The standard example is the effect on a fire engine siren as it quickly drives past. This phenomenon actually has really wonderful applications in astronomy for figuring the speed at which galaxies are moving towards or away from us by looking at the frequency shift of light, but I digress.

Anyway, it's important to realize that the doppler effect would also occur if you were to run towards the siren, rather than the siren moving towards you. Measuring the doppler effect. Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos. Clarifai: Amplifying Intelligence. 60-Second Adventures in Thought. Home : Nature Communications. History in Motion. Online Science. Frontiers for Young Minds. WorldWide Telescope - Microsoft Research. By Christopher Barnatt. Personal and Historical Perspectives of Hans Bethe. Helping you discover more about DNA, genes and genomes, and the implications for our health and society. BETA.

BBC Science Club

Cell Models. For life all cells have basic needs.

Cell Models

Cells have diverged in their structure and function to accommodate these survival requirements. Here are some KEY TERMS to help you think, explore and search for similarities and significant differences that have become the characteristics of eukaryote (animal, plant) and prokaryotic (bacteria) cells. Examples might be searching: eukaryote prokaryote reproduction or animal plant cell energy. Reproduction / cell division Energy trapping, storage and consumption Form / shape / structure Cell specialization Compartmentalization of cell functions Communication within and beyond the cell Cell / organism survival. PocketQube Kit v1.0 EM — PocketQube Shop. Structure Skeletonized Structure, designed for the PocketQube Standard (Pico-satellite class).

PocketQube Kit v1.0 EM — PocketQube Shop

Aerospace grade aluminium structure with plated finish (flight model only) with two micro-switches for double redundancy (kill switches). Can accommodate PCB board stack such as PQ60 v1.0. Frozen Ark. Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools. The Madingley Model. Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever. Global access to the web’s best content on your mobile device.

Lantern: One Device, Free Data From Space Forever

Anonymous. Uncensored. Free. Outernet “The Short Wave Radio for the Digital Age.” -- Fast Company. Eskeletons. EveryCircuit. Higgs Hunters. The Art of Complex Problem Solving.


Astronomy. Physics. Biology. World Library of Science. Mobile 3D Reality Capture System. 3D-ify Your World! Prizm - Turn your speakers into a learning music player by Prizm. Whether you are alone at home, with family, or partying with friends, Prizm adapts and predicts the music you’ll love.

Prizm - Turn your speakers into a learning music player by Prizm

Prizm streams music directly from the Cloud so you don’t even need to use a phone or a computer. You can now discover and enjoy more music with a single hit of a button. Press play and the music starts. Music streams directly from the cloud to your speakers. You will no longer have to use your smartphone, computer or any other device to enjoy music. The Laboratory for Social Machines. Museum of Endangered Sounds. The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices.

Smithsonian X 3D. Neurokernel. Emotiv - Brain Computer Interface Technology. PLoS - Public Library of Science & Medicine. Big History Project. Old Maps Online. Engineering For Change Webinar Series. MonkeyLearn - Text Mining Toolkit. Tactile Picture Books Project. Pilo - Shake It To Power It. One Codex. PROJECT DRAWDOWN - If it is happening, it is possible. Special Announcement About Important Things!

PROJECT DRAWDOWN - If it is happening, it is possible.

Drawdown is a book, a database, a basis for curricula, a digital platform, and a movement. It defines and describes 117 impeccably researched, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies, both practical and social, that will reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Drawdown delineates a path to carbon neutrality and reduction in the atmosphere using technologies that are already in place, and describes the beneficial financial and social impact they deliver over the next thirty years.

It is also a mirror held up to the world about what we are doing about greenhouse gases, with the underlying motto that- if it is happening, it is possible. Drawdown will arrive in the fall of 2015. American Museum of Natural History. JIBO. Mcb80x.

Web traffic measurement solution XiTi. MindRDR. Personal and Historical Perspectives of Hans Bethe. Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated. Glowing Plant. Smithsonian X 3D. Envisioning: The Future of Money. LEVAN: Learning Everything about Anything. Small World of Words Project.

Welcome to the small world of words project!

Small World of Words Project

Last modified: April 16, 2014 Voor Nederlandstalige informatie, klik hier The small world of words project is a large-scale scientific study that aims to build a map of the human lexicon in the major languages of the world and make this information widely available. In contrast to a thesaurus or dictionary, this lexicon provides insight into what words and what part of their meaning are central in the human mind. This way it enables psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists and others to test new theories about how we represent and process language.

Current Project The project started at the Experimental Psychology department of the University in Leuven (Belgium) in 2003 and already resulted in the largest available network of word associations in Dutch (over 5M responses) and English (over 1M responses). La Red de los Seres Humanos. Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community. Mosa Mack Science Detective. Modern History - Remixed & Remastered. The R Project for Statistical Computing. Theban Mapping Project. SciShow. Science News. Distributed Intelligence. Sci² Tool : A Tool for Science of Science Research and Practice. Collective-Evolution. Solve Puzzles for Science. Cultural Institute.

Phylo. Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history. Watch Free Documentaries Online.