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Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community

Data Visualizations, Challenges, Community

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60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to make drastic changes in order to notice an improvement in the quality of your life. At the same time, you don’t need to wait a long time in order to see the measurable results that come from taking positive action. All you have to do is take small steps, and take them consistently, for a period of 100 days. Below you’ll find 60 small ways to improve all areas of your life in the next 100 days. Home 1.

15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization Data Visualization is a method of presenting information in a graphical form. Good data visualization should appear as if it is a work of art. This intrigues the viewer and draws them in so that they can further investigate the data and info that the graphic represents. In this post there are 15 stunning examples of Data Visualization that are true works of art. Click on the title or image for a larger view of each visualization. Our data is our digital identity - and we need to reclaim control I’m a film-maker by trade, so heading to Capitol Hill the other week was a new experience for me. I was there to talk privacy, and in essence, to advocate. I didn’t have the first clue where to begin. The architecture, both impressive and oppressive, made me feel simultaneously important and meagre, and as I was later told, this was intentional.

None Thank you for your interest! This is the second of four instalments in our podcast series titled, The UX Power Tools Behind Compelling Software -- featuring one of Macadamian's all-star user experience researchers, Anneliis Tosine, and user experience designers, Sara Fortier. In this episode we discuss the importance of experience maps. Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly by Electroninks Incorporated Collections Sections Categories How can I improve my short term memory? Q: How can I improve my mem­ory? Is there a daily exer­cise I can do to improve it? A: The most impor­tant com­po­nent of mem­ory is atten­tion. By choos­ing to attend to some­thing and focus on it, you cre­ate a per­sonal inter­ac­tion with it, which gives it per­sonal mean­ing, mak­ing it eas­ier to remember.

50 Great Examples of Data Visualization Wrapping your brain around data online can be challenging, especially when dealing with huge volumes of information. And trying to find related content can also be difficult, depending on what data you’re looking for. But data visualizations can make all of that much easier, allowing you to see the concepts that you’re learning about in a more interesting, and often more useful manner.

How to Change the World About the Course How to Change the World has its origins in the Social Good Summit held at the 92nd Street Y in New York. The summit brought together some of the world's most creative entrepreneurs, writers, academics and political leaders to discuss ways innovative thinking and technology can address pressing global challenges. Beginning from talks, panels and conversations from the summit, we will add lectures, on-line discussion groups, hangouts and readings to explore the issues in politics, technology and the environment in broader academic and historical contexts. We will then discover together what actions we can take to make a difference.

Endeavor Management Experience Mapping - Endeavor Management Understanding customer experiences can be complex, and unfortunately customer satisfaction surveys alone usually do not provide sufficient insight. Experience mapping is a means to develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences and expectations – and to ultimately create advocates out of your customers, because they are enthusiastic about the exceptional experience that you provide. Experience mapping offers you a game plan.

PROJECT DRAWDOWN - If it is happening, it is possible. Special Announcement About Important Things! Drawdown is a book, a database, a basis for curricula, a digital platform, and a movement. It defines and describes 117 impeccably researched, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies, both practical and social, that will reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Drawdown delineates a path to carbon neutrality and reduction in the atmosphere using technologies that are already in place, and describes the beneficial financial and social impact they deliver over the next thirty years. It is also a mirror held up to the world about what we are doing about greenhouse gases, with the underlying motto that- if it is happening, it is possible.

Time on the Brain: How You Are Always Living In the Past, and Other Quirks of Perception I always knew we humans have a rather tenuous grip on the concept of time, but I never realized quite how tenuous it was until a couple of weeks ago, when I attended a conference on the nature of time organized by the Foundational Questions Institute. This meeting, even more than FQXi’s previous efforts, was a mashup of different disciplines: fundamental physics, philosophy, neuroscience, complexity theory. Crossing academic disciplines may be overrated, as physicist-blogger Sabine Hossenfelder has pointed out, but it sure is fun. A Beautiful Poster Packed With a Year of Global Weather Data The Weather Radials poster is about as much meteorological data as you can cram onto a single sheet of paper. Raureif GmbH Each day of 2013 is represented by a single line. The bottom is the low temp; the top is the high. The color is dictated by the average. Blue circles represent precipitation.

Errata - Charlatans Errata - Charlatans Charlatans... the fakes in the industry. Below, we point out a few cases of fakes walking among us. Some of the groups or companies listed below don't fall so much into the 'charlatan' category, but are pointed out for other reasons. As humans, we all make mistakes. The issue isn't that these people made mistakes, it's that they won't own up to them, lie to attempt to cover their actions, or use it to further their personal agenda at the expense of the industry.

NoFlo Development Environment by The Grid NoFlo Website, NoFlo Github Repos With your support, we will complete the hosted NoFlo UI, making software creation more accessible and collaborative. If you are a programmer, you don't have to wait for the UI.

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