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Build a Ayla Cabinet. I am going to make a pretty broad recommendation for all the Alaska ladies out there.

Build a Ayla Cabinet

Don't get married in June. Just don't do it. Or else you will end up like me . . . Spending every one of your anniversaries in rain gear and fish slime, thankful for dust blowing because it keeps the bugs hiding. And blows the smell away. But you will get the freshest Copper River Salmon for dinner. Can't beat that. Build It! One Two by Four Chair: DIY with a single 2x4. Posted by LinYee Yuan | 5 Jul 2011 | Comments (2) "It's common knowledge that 2x4's aren't actually 2x4.

Build It! One Two by Four Chair: DIY with a single 2x4

In fact, the dimension of a standard 2x4 is closer to 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 96". However, this is just enough material to produce a pretty nice chair. With these instructions you can build a chair for about the price of a cup of coffee. " Industrial Designer and Brown University lecturer Ian Gonsher worked with student Jake Geller to produce a free-use DIY chair project for the summer.

DIY Simple Wooden Chair by Enzo Mari Design Ideas Pictures. The Design Confidential. DIY Table Crutches: Transform Flat Surfaces into Tables. Anyone who has visited the office of an architect or studio of a design student should know that tables can be constructed of virtually anything, including hollow-core doors and other cheap household items.

DIY Table Crutches: Transform Flat Surfaces into Tables

However, this design makes that transformation process smoother, easier and faster than ever before. These so-called table crutches are and do precisely what you might image: they look like the kind of crutch a person uses when injured and they prop up tables in a likewise straightforward fashion, using gravity and a few simple straps to hold the resulting temporary table together. Of course, the other benefit of this clever table design solution is that the transformation is easily reversible – the ersatz tables can be taken back apart as easily as they were constructed and the constituent pieces are far easier to move than a single-piece solid wood or metal table.

1-to-1 Conversion: Single-Piece, Reused-Wood Pallet Chair. They are so commonplace within industrial districts you almost don’t notice them – stacks of usable and broken pallets made of plastic, metal and wood, just waiting for someone to program them into something fresh and useful again.

1-to-1 Conversion: Single-Piece, Reused-Wood Pallet Chair

Younger cousins to the increasingly-famous cargo container (widely used both in shipping and, more recently, architecture), the wooden pallet is used to transport things like furniture from place to place via ships, trains, trucks and fork lifts. Using pieces from precisely one pallet per seat, this design was modeled after careful structural considerations, scale model testing and much thought about how to take the fewest steps possible from old to new uses. Modular Wood Furniture: Craft Your Own Custom Designs. Do-it-yourself craft projects sometimes end in disaster.

Modular Wood Furniture: Craft Your Own Custom Designs

With this curious wood construction set, however, you can always start afresh – every modular wood piece is held together, amazingly enough, with string. The system is entirely tension-based – wooden parts are pulled together to make a stable whole. Unfinished Furniture: Modular System of Wood Legs & Pegs. It is so simple, a child could do it: take a combination of leg, seat and/or surface pieces hanging from the wall (like some kind of abstract modern decor) and put them together however they work for what you want to do.

Unfinished Furniture: Modular System of Wood Legs & Pegs

Forever unfinished, this flexible system has no nails, screws or glue and can be taken apart again after as many uses as required. Studio Gorm is exhibiting this work in Berlin at the moment, but hopefully will ultimately produce an inexpensive offshoot for sale as well – the cuts are easy, forms straightforward, and kit-of-parts approach makes for easy flat-pack shipping. Various specious of solid wood – oak, beech, ash, walnut, hickory and fir – make the board pieces stable enough to be supported on a few cylindrical legs. Tapered ends stop the spindles from piercing the surfaces, making for a smooth, flush and elegantly simple joint. DIY All-in-One Transforming Modular Wood Furniture Idea. This kind of thing seems to be the inevitable next step in modular design: cheap wood furniture that, like something from IKEA, is inexpensive, portable and easy to assemble but instead of coming with fixed plans it lends itself to custom crafted creations, from storage and shelving units to tables, desks chairs and stools made out of small multifunctional pieces and parts.

DIY All-in-One Transforming Modular Wood Furniture Idea

From a set of 13 pieces, designer Rodrigo Valdivielso estimates that about thirty standard objects can be easily made – all without the need for metal screws, joints, hinges or other permanent hardware. Building plans « 2822 shop. Products > puzzle chair. The Brick House.

Tables This simple modular shelf offers plenty of options for reconfiguration.

By Tom Nunlist Pages 58-59 One symptom of my pervasive early 20s restlessness is that I regularly overhaul my apartment, completely rearranging the furniture and décor once a month or so. It’s not so much that I can’t settle on a suitable arrangement, but... Notched and nailed joints add visual interest to this simple project. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 50-52 This form is typically called a Shaker silverware tray – but it comes in handy for ferrying all sorts of things hither and yon. I got lucky at the big box store in finding some perfectly straight, flat...

Take the easy way out: Find sizes without measuring.By Robert Lang Pages 62-63This small coffee table is a great introduction to building furniture.

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Free Woodworking Plans. Found the perfect project?

Free Woodworking Plans

Need supplies? Be sure to go to! Download Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone & Glockenspiel Building guides and detailed blueprints. Don't forget to check out the woodworking tips page!!!