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DIY Furniture & Furniture Makeovers

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DIY Furniture From Recycled Materials

Furniture Makeovers. 12 Clever Uses For Old Furniture : HGTV. DIY Ottomans & Stools. Tablette Nature: Twig Shelf. Cette petite étagère, avec ses équerres en branches non écorcées, s’intégrera aussi bien dans la cuisine, la salle de bains, un coin de chambre ou de salon.

Tablette Nature: Twig Shelf

La tablette est fabriquée avec une planche de bois brut mais on peut également choisir de jouer les contrastes avec une planche peinte ou dorée. Marche à suivre pour réaliser cet élément écodesign. DIY Rustic Peg Rack. Using different sized branches, you can make a simple yet decorative coat rack that brings out the natural beauty of wood.

DIY Rustic Peg Rack

Peel the bark from the branches using a sharp pocket knife like an opinel. From a 6 cm-diameter branch, saw several 1 cm-thick pieces. Then, from a 2.5 cm-diameter branch, saw several 3 cm-thick pieces. Next, using a wood drill bit of the same diameter as your screws, drill a hole into the center of each piece. Assemble the pegs by screwing one piece of each thickness together. Using a large bit or screwdriver, countersink the top hole of each peg, enabling the screw heads to lodge securely below the surface. DIY Rustic Wood Table. 30+ Ways to DIY Sliced Wood. Are you ready to try your hand with sliced wood?

30+ Ways to DIY Sliced Wood

Build A Slab Table Without Visible Fixings w/Basic Tools. My DIY Bedside Table! Over the past few weeks I've developed an obsession with side tables. You see, I needed one, and when I need a piece of furniture, I get crazoid trying to figure out how to make it. And here's what I cannot figure out about the side tables in the stores. Why are they so short?

I saw lots of cute ones at Target, and when you take one off the shelf and set it on the floor, you realize that it only comes halfway up your shins. And I loooove the martini tables at West Elm, but oh my goodness.

DIY Lighting & Lampshades

Easy Under Bed Storage. Cheap Modular Storage Bed In Minutes. Guess what won?

Cheap Modular Storage Bed In Minutes

If you guessed old kitchen cabinets, score one for you, my friend! They're structurally sound, inexpensive and include storage. Rope Bed. It is not so much that Terafan figured out how to make a rope bed, but one was offered as a prize for the "Bed Sports Tourney" in the Shire of Crannog Mor, Atlantia.

Rope Bed

After winning the tourney and using the bed for a couple of years, Terafan decided that the original legs were too short, so he made new ones. The advantage of longer legs is that now lots of stuff, transport boxes, etc. can be stored conveniently under the bed, out of the way. Here are is a drawing of the bed with dimensions. For the original PowerPoint 97 version of the drawing, click here. How To Build A Murphy Bed. Use a table saw to rip 3/4x96" poplar boards to 1-1/4" finished width.

How To Build A Murphy Bed

You’ll need four lengths for the vertical face frame pieces and two additional lengths that will be cut into cross pieces. Reset the saw blade to 1/2" depth and cut a 1/2" deep by 3/4" wide rabbet on one back edge along the length of each piece. The plywood sides and shelves will later be glued and nailed into these rabbets. Use a compound miter saw to cut the vertical pieces to 95" finished length. Cut two 1-1/4" lengths into 10 horizontal cross pieces, each 15-1/2". Corner Bench Seat. Build A Simple Storage Sofa. PDF version.

Build A Simple Storage Sofa

DIY Furniture: Free PDF. To make all of these Instructables, download this collection of How To’s as an ebook.

DIY Furniture: Free PDF

Download » Welcome to the Instructables eBook, DIY Furniture! We all need furniture, and it's great when you can get something that expresses your personal style without breaking the bank. 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves. PVC Tiki Bar. So being stuck in cold Michigan winters and needing a project, I got inspired by the "faux bamboo" instructable and decided a great use for this awesome instructable to construct a Margarita Blender holder (aka PVC Tiki Bar).

PVC Tiki Bar

Now I love to go camping in the warm summer months, so I thought this was the perfect medium to create a "semi-mobile" bar to take with me camping and tailgating! The project is actually really easy, hardest part is actually making PVC look like bamboo and cutting it into sections to construct the bar. For starters, you'll need to get familiar with these two instructables first, as they are at the core of this project: How to make faux bamboo: PVC 101: The cost of this project really depends on how extravagant you want to go with your accessories but plan about $200-$350 for the bar, mine set me back about $325.00 + bar stools.

As the instructions below are mainly in imperial units, I tried to provide metric conversions for the cuts: DIY Wall Mounted Fold Down Table. The lack of space in your home drives you crazy?!

DIY Wall Mounted Fold Down Table

Free Building Plans.