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Make DIY Furniture For American Girl, AG, 18", 18

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AG Doll Closet From Bookshelf.

Wood Furniture Tutorials & Plans For American Girl, AG, 18", 18

Cheap, Easy Roll-Top Desk. One day.... while I was shopping at Goodwill....

Cheap, Easy Roll-Top Desk

I looked over and saw a desk top organizer I realized that this would make a PERFECT "desk" for the dolls.... with a bit of "tweaking" first! The best was only $7.99!!! It was missing a chunk out of the side, one of the drawers was DESTROYED, and it was DUSTY, but it had lots of potential! I LOVE the desk that American Girl sells, but I can't afford that kind of money for a toy. If you are interested, though, you can find that desk here: Here's how it did it: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. But either it was operator error OR my camera "ate" those pics!! I used 1" square dowels (4 total) for the legs on the right side under the drawers (5" tall), and I used .5" square dowels (2 total) for the legs to the left where the chair sits (these measure 10.75" tall). 7.

The desk measures: 13.5" wide x 10" deep x 20" high Here's the desk with a My Twinn doll featured next to it: American Girl doll (sitting, left) and My Twinn doll (standing, right): DIY American Girl Doll or 18" Doll School Furniture. Turn Over For Cheap Doll Bed With Storage Underneath. 18" Doll: 1860's Step-top Cast Iron Stove. Today we are going to make an 1860's step-top cast iron stove for our dolls.

18" Doll: 1860's Step-top Cast Iron Stove

You can see some pictures of real stoves here: (Ours is modeled after the 1860's stove seen at this site under the "more step-top stoves" section. I have made it just slightly larger than a scale reproduction so that items could be placed in the oven and on the stove top, and so that the firebox would fit an LED tea light.) The original stove measures about 28" wide x 53" deep x 35" tall. When converted from actual size (1:1) to doll scale (1:3) using: the size translates to 9.3"wide x 17.6"deep x 11.6"tall. OURS MEASURES: 12"wide x 16"deep x 15"tall (top of oven) SHOPPING LIST: (You may have some of these pieces on-hand as SCRAP) 1 - 9x12 wood (for lowest part of stove - firebox) **I used a "plaque" with routed edges from Michael's 1 - 11x14 wood (for middle of stove - stove top) **I used a "plaque" with routed edges from Michael's 2 - 1x2@ 6.25" (bottom frame) 2 - 1x2@ 10" (bottom frame) 1 - 1x3@ 9.5" (back of fire box)

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