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Opettaja liimasi tennispalloja oppilaiden tuoliin – syy on nerokas. Amy keksi edullisen, mutta tehokkaan niksin auttaakseen oppilaitaan, joilla on Autismi tai Downin oireyhtymä ja jotka kokevat tämän vuoksi aistiyliherkkyyttä.

Opettaja liimasi tennispalloja oppilaiden tuoliin – syy on nerokas

Tällaisilla oppilailla voi helposti olla keskittymisvaikeuksia, sillä ympäriltä tulevat ärsykkeet haittaavat keskittymistä ja opiskelua. Amy leikkasi tennispallot kahtia ja liimasi ne kuumaliimalla opiskelijoiden tuoliin. Tämän on tarkoitus helpottaa aistiyliherkkiä lapsia, sillä istuimen erilainen tekstuuri saattaa olla juuri se, mitä lapsi kaipaa pystyäkseen keskittymään paremmin. Tavallisen muotoiset, littanat penkit voivat vaikuttaa yliherkän lapsen aisteihin negatiivisesti, jolloin paikallaan istuminen ja keskittyminen on vaikeaa. Vaikka tuolit vaikuttavat kaikkiin lapsiin eri tavalla, on Amy nähnyt jo tuolien positiiviset vaikutukset. HABA. Seating / feelgood designs. 20 Classroom Setups That Promote Thinking.

20 Classroom Setups That Promote Thinking by TeachThought Staff This is part 1 in our #iteachthought campaign.

20 Classroom Setups That Promote Thinking

This is our equivalent to “back to school,” and is intended to help you focus in the 2015-2016 school year on taking a thoughtful approach to your craft as a teacher. Among these shifts we’ll talk about is turning our focus from content and teaching to thinkers and thinking. This is a student-centered approach to pedagogy (and heautagogy), and will consist of three parts: Part 1: Classroom Setups That Promote Thinking Part 2: Learning Profiles: What Great Teachers Know About Their Students Part 3: 50 Questions To Ask Your Students On The First Day Of School Learning Is An Ecology Can how you setup your classroom impact how students think?

Desks are a staple of the ‘modern’ classroom as we know it. NowThis - Kids Are Now Using Standing Desks. What The Future of Furniture Looks Like. Aside from its elgant Italian design, this furniture opens up the space in crowded apartments.

What The Future of Furniture Looks Like

They are a revolution in furniture design. Imported by Resource Furniture, the US importer for CLEI (Italy) and Sellex (Spain) series of fine quality transformable furniture. Link Flixxy editors search the internet daily, to find the very best videos for you: SELECTION: From the 1 billion videos uploaded to YouTube daily, Flixxy editors selects only 3-5 videos to be added to the site daily. PG RATING: Flixxy videos and comments are all PG rated. Modern Furniture. Livingstones. Stand-Up Desks Gaining Favor in the Workplace. Martela kouluvideo - Inspiring School. Thread – Steelcase.

Flexible Classroom. MarkIt Up™: The First Adjustable Standing Desk with Flip Up Whiteboard. Activergo. Verb classroom collection at Coastline. Modular classroom furniture innovative BER classrooms Melbourne. Sitting straight 'bad for backs' Sitting up straight is not the best position for office workers, a study has suggested.

Sitting straight 'bad for backs'

Scottish and Canadian researchers used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show it places an unnecessary strain on your back. They told the Radiological Society of North America that the best position in which to sit at your desk is leaning back, at about 135 degrees. Experts said sitting was known to contribute to lower back pain. Data from the British Chiropractic Association says 32% of the population spends more than 10 hours a day seated. Half do not leave their desks, even to have lunch. Two thirds of people also sit down at home when they get home from work.

Spinal angles The research was carried out at Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen. Twenty two volunteers with healthy backs were scanned using a positional MRI machine, which allows patients the freedom to move - so they can sit or stand - during the test. The furniture debate. Sean McDougall argues that sitting comfortably really can make the difference to the way we learn in schools.

The furniture debate

Sometimes the most amazing thoughts strike in the strangest of places. Archimedes had his Eureka moment in the bath. Newton had his sitting under an apple tree. Now I'm having one. I'm sat in an airplane somewhere over the Gobi desert and all I can think of is how, from a child's perspective, schools and airplanes are much the same. Think about it. The early Victorians, who invented our approach to schools, didn’t have petroleum based plastic, extruded metals, injection mouldings and production lines.

There is no animal on Earth that chooses to sit with a straight back, a right-angled bend at the hips and a right-angled bend at the knee. Desks show similar levels of forethought. Try reading anything that is sitting on a horizontal surface. Today, our children sit on seats designed for short-term use and optimised around the needs of the buyer. The Sonic Chair - Surround Sound. ShareThisThe sonic chair provides a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very center of a sound system.

The Sonic Chair - Surround Sound

Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audio books – the integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears. The two latest models even include an ipod docking station or a 20" mac touchscreen. The speakers are encased in a carefully crafted body that creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones, while a specially developed body-focused sound membrane serves as backrest and further augment the lower frequencies – creating the feeling of a live performance. The open design ensures a resonance-receptive, well-balanced sound environment. The active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island. Background noises will not disrupt the enjoyment of music or an audio book in the sonic chair. Chairs. Future of learning. Flexible Learning Spaces. Node classroom chair and Tribeca.