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House & furniture

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Kitchen Printable Worksheets for ESL Kids. Kitchen printables This section contains free ESL materials for teachers and parents to copy for their students and kids.

Kitchen Printable Worksheets for ESL Kids

We offer a collection of worksheets that can help children learn and practise English vocabulary connected with the theme Kitchen: bingo! Cards • flashcards • crossword puzzles • wordsearch puzzles • picture tests • vocabulary quiz All of the worksheets on this site are in pdf format. Bingo! Use our Bingo Cards to play different word games. . ↑ top flashcards Use them to play different word games such as memory, matching or guessing games. Crossword puzzles. ESL Vocabulary Games. My House / Furniture / Daily routines. Interactive guide: inside the British home. Rooms and Furniture Vocab. Housekeeping Vocabulary. Kitchen tools and equipment. It is very popular to teach vocabulary in lexical sets.

Kitchen tools and equipment

It is easier to explain the meaning and you can present quite a few items at one time. Moreover, the presentation can look good and induce the students to study the words. ADVERT: Surprisingly, research shows that it is not so effective as teaching unrelated items. But you still can learn and teach quite a lot of words if you want to. Kitchen Equipment – infographics The following infographic contains 26 vocabulary items. . © Macrovector | You can practise or learn the correct pronunciation of the words in the following video. Kitchen Equipment – quizzes The methods above are fine to introduce the words and their meaning. If you do not like doing quizzes on the screen, you can print out the following pdf files and use them instead. Kitchen words_key Kitchen words_ws If you would like to have all the exercises in one file, download the following file.

My Vocabulary: Home. House and Home - English Vocabulary, Exercises, Worksheets. English vocabulary for rooms and furniture. Here is some useful vocabulary to talk about rooms in your house, and the furniture in those rooms.

English vocabulary for rooms and furniture

(For more information on types of house and construction materials, visit our page on House and garden vocabulary.) Most people in the UK live in a house or a flat. Houses can be detached (= separate from other houses); semi-detached (= connected to one house on one side) or terraced (= connected to two other houses, one on each side.) Flats are usually in a block (a block of flats is a building with four or more floors / storeys) or they are converted from old houses. For example, you can find a flat above a shop.

Some people also live in a bungalow: a one-storey house. A house is often on two or more floors. In some houses there is also an attic or loft – a room under the roof. Other rooms are a dining room (either part of the kitchen or a separate room) for eating meals, a utility room (where you can find the washing machine, etc), a study (where there is a desk and computer). House - Home - Garden. Furniture. House and Furniture Words (English/French) PICTURE DICTIONARY. English Vocabulary Quiz with Images - Furniture and Things in the House. Rooms in a House. Myenglishproject - Vocabulary. The House & Furniture. Furniture Vocabulary Memory Game for ESL Practice. Learn Furniture Vocabulary with this ESL Memory Game (chair, desk, sofa, bed, lamp, wardrobe etc.) .

Furniture Vocabulary Memory Game for ESL Practice

This game is also excellent for Vocabulary Teaching and Practice. ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words. This memory games has audio, images and text which makes it possible to practice spelling, reading, listening and word recognition. It is great for beginner and elementary ESL Lesson Plans. Please play this game at least twice to practice all words - The first time you play, only 6 words will be used, second time, other words will show up. Games are great for motivating students to learn. More Games. Furniture Topic for ESL Kids. Furniture topic Learn and practise English vocabulary connected with the theme Furniture: armchair, bed, bookcase, chair, cupboard, desk, sofa, stool, table, wardrobe.

Furniture Topic for ESL Kids

The Furniture Unit contains materials to introduce, practise and revise new vocabulary. You can work through the topic-unit in any order feeting your needs, but we recommend this way: 1. learn Study the picture dictionary first. 4. print out Have more fun with our printable materials. The House - English Vocabulary.