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DIY 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Furniture

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Seasonal & Holiday Vignettes

A Candy Wreath. This Candy Wreath is meant to be hung indoors. It has scissors hanging from a ribbon that allows children to snip off a tasty treat, which it desired, can act as a pseudo count-down to Christmas. For years a charitable group that I belonged to made of these in life- size. The wrapped candy was wired onto a wire coat hanger that had been shaped into a round, the hanger part left intact.

They brought smiles to the face's of many children. For miniatures, this wreath would make a lovely and different holiday exchange gift. Use tiny, approx.1/16” to 3/32” diameter round beads in assorted colors for candy balls. The beads are wrapped in cellophane (the type use to wrap full-sized candies, such as sour balls….the easiest way to obtain a batch of colored cellophane for this project is to purchase a full sized bag of candy…treat yourself to the candy and save the wrappers).

Cut small pieces of the cellophane, center a bead on it wrap it around, and then twist the ends tightly next to the bead. Potting Bench Vignette. Well the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is still either overcast or rainy, with just a couple of days at 70 degrees since last October…where has the sun gone? This is not inviting weather for gardening…in real life that is, so to the Miniature Garden I go. Every gardener needs a place to work & store and a Potting Bench is a perfect solution.

I think you will enjoy making this one because it is relatively simple, needing just a few supplies and only hand tools. There is also enough lead way for you to add your own touches to make it your own, if desired. I will be adding projects to fill on and around the Potting Bench over the next few weeks so be sure to scroll down each time you return to this blog. And if you have any extra sunshine where you live please send some this way…we need it, Click on image to enlarge. Measure and mark a line ¼” up from bottom of A & B pieces. Join the two side assemblies with the D pieces using pattern as guide.

Click on image to enlarge. Shallow Shelf. Make A Shamrock Plant. The Shamrock is a traditional symbol of Ireland & thought to bring good luck. It is a three-leafed clover that can be seen, world-wide, in many forms, as a decoration to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In the United States the shamrock plant shows up for sale in grocery stores and garden centers in March, to be used as house or garden plants. You may choose to use a miniature version of the shamrock plant inside or outside of a dollhouse or mini setting. Its simplicity makes it a perfect, easy and fast, miniature project for you or for a group Instructions: Use a sponge of large brush to coat both sides of the colored paper with a wash of water color or watered down acrylic paint.

Use the heart punch to punch out 3 hearts for each clover…it takes quite a few. Fill a clay pot almost to the top with brown Fimo…do not bake. Cut floral wire in varied lengths, the longest to extend out of your pot approx. ¾”. On waxed paper make a puddle of Incredibly Tacky glue. Happy St. Joann.

DIY 1:12 Scale Bedroom Furniture & Accessories

No-Sew Doll House Curtains. The paper used for the doll house curtains on this page is ordinary computer paper. I printed the patterns on the curtains from the free printable wallpaper which you can find on my other site. You can also find nice scrapbook paper which will work just fine as well as printable wallpaper from other websites DIRECTIONS TO MAKE CURTAINS 1.

Cut the bamboo skewers a little bit wider than the window, sand the rough end and then paint or stain them whatever you wish. These are the curtain rods. 2. A rule of thumb for real curtains is to make each one the width of the window. 3. 4. 5. 6. Fairy Or Dolls House Mirror.

DIY 1:12 Scale Kitchen Furniture & Accessories

DIY Chinese Food. Each year the Chinese celebrate various holidays, but the major one is New Years. The date coincides with the new moon and will be somewhere between January 21 and February 19. This year it falls on February 10th. The Chinese name each year after an animal. Legend has it that a long time ago Buddha called all of the animals together to help protect and guard the new year. Only twelve came forward and to those were given designated years. Chinese New Year is celebrated with parades, parties, and many special events. Alas, for most of us the closest we will get to celebrating this holiday will be more like this miniature scenario I have created for your DIY pleasure….Chinese take-away and maybe a bit of perusing Chinese cook books.

Enjoy! Joann Print book covers on Matt Presentation paper at best printer settings. Working on the yellow book: This will be a blank page book. The ochre and black books: Score and fold on spine lines. Make copies of containers on Matte Presentation paper.

DIY 1:12 Scale Living Room Furniture & Accessories

Realistic Stained Glass Using Stickers & Markers. Lion & Lamb Pull Toys. "The March wind roarsLike a lion in the sky,And makes us shiverAs it passes by. When winds are soft,And the days are warm and clear,Just like a gentle lamb, We know spring is here. " Author Unknown Click on image to enlarge. Click to copy and save to your computer Set to print at exact/actual size or 6.40"w x 2.47"j Print onto bright white paper at best settings Instructions: Make copies of mirror images of lion & lamb. LION: Using Fimo, make a mixture of mostly yellow with approx. ¼ that amount of orange and 1/8 that of caramel to match as closely as possible the color of the lion’s body. Glue one of the Lion cut-outs smoothly to the surface of the Fimo.

Paint the area of the Fimo around the mane in a color to match the mane. Cut out the dark tips of the tail from the printies. LAMB: Proceed as for Lion using white Fimo. BASES: From ¼” x 3/32” stripwood cut out bases to lengths desired….3/4” long is a good size. Make a knot in one end of the buttonhole thread. Make A Mini Kite. I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds around the sky; And all around I heard you pass Like ladies skirts across the grass- O wind, a-blowing all day long. O wind that sings so lond a sound! -from The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson Set to print a actual/exact size or 7.13"w x 3..89"h Print onto matte presintation paper You will need: 2 copies of pattern/diagram + thin slivers of bamboo, a scant 1/16” wide x approx.. 1/32” thick (pieces may be sanded or scraped to desired thickness).

Instructions: Using an uncut pattern as a guide, cut the spar (wooden cross piece) and the spine (wooden lengthwise piece) pieces of bamboo using the pattern as a guide for lengths. Using the diagram as a guide mark the spine where it touches the bottom of the kite. Cut out the 2nd kite pattern. Mark with a pencil dot on the inside & outside of the kite where the spine & spar cross & for strength, glue a punched round of paper, centered over the inside mark. Use buttonhole thread for the flying line. Quick & Easy Dollhouse Furniture. Doll furniture, no matter what size doll you have, can easily be made by you. Some really easy things to make are: chair, sofa, bed, tables, rugs, pictures, and even wardrobes. Supplies can be foam, fabric, cloth, paint, even deli trays. You'd be surprised what you can make from things you already have at home. A quick and easy chair, for instance, is made from a piece of material and some stuffing. Draw the shape of a lightbulb and cut it out of two pieces of fabric.

Also cut two triangles which are about 2" across the bottom and 3" tall. Leave a small section open for stuffing. Blow up a small balloon and tie. Use deli trays to make any number of furniture and accessory pieces. You can make a deck to surround the pool out of popsicle sticks. A wicker basket makes an impressive bed for a larger doll. The small, square plastic storage containers are perfect for a vanity chair. Foam blocks can be used to make sofas, beds and more. It's easy to make rugs for your dollhouse, too. Tutorials for Miniatures. !! Great Dollhouse Miniature Furniture Tutorials.

Dollhouse Miniatures Tutorials. Beads & Jewelry Findings As Dollhouse Accessories. What I did for my summer holiday Part 1 of 3 We had a great time visiting friends and family in England last month. One highlight of the trip was a visit to cousin Barbara in London. She is a dollhouse designer and interior decorator who does amazing work. I remember staring at her tiny 1/12 scale slice of kiwi fruit made with Fimo clay and marveled at her skill in making it so tiny and yet look realistic. She definitely has a creative eye as she uses rather familiar items to make some of her dollhouse accessories! As you can see from the photos, in Barbara's hands, beads, crystals and metal rondelles, even bails become exquisite perfume bottles sometimes complete with trays.

The picture below left shows a goblet on the left made by gluing two bead caps together. Barbara also had a wonderful collection of cloisonne beads some of which she will turn into luxury dollhouse vases.