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Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery Articles

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Sofa Upholstery Cost Woodstown NJ. Upholstered Arm Chairs Haddonfield NJ. Custom Window Treatments. In the style guides above are groups of templates.

Custom Window Treatments

Think of them as patterns which can be modified in width, length, and depth to fit almost any window dimension. The patterns allow us to be efficient - keeping your window treatments affordable. They come from the production workrooms of Robert Allen, Kasmir Fabrics and Carole Fabrics. Adding fabric, trimmings and optional treatments makes your window treatment unlike any you might find at the home decorating centers.

The array of styles, options and fabric keeps them unique and exciting - unlike ready-made sets. Putting items together from the groups - say, drapery panels plus a sheer soft shade - gives you many combinations. Roman Shades - Inside or Outside Mount. Mounting inside the window frames requires at least a 1" depth inside the frame.

Roman Shades - Inside or Outside Mount

For certain types of operating hardware, the minimum is 1 3/4" depth for a flush fit. Inside mounted shades stack to the top of the window, reducing the amount of clear window even when fully raised. Plastic or soft foam casings may not hold the anchor screws securely. Protruding window hardware can interfere with an inside mounted shade. Certain soft shades are only outside mounted - unless the windows have a very deep inset from the wall.

Outside mounts can hide shallow molding and make the window appear larger by extending above and beyond the casings. Reupholster Office Furniture. Upholstering An Old Office Chair - Getting Started You wouldn't think of this as an office chair - office chairs are metal or minimal or tubular - but it is, or was...and will be again.

Reupholster Office Furniture

It is one of a pair of walnut arm chairs that sat in front of an executive desk in the early 1940's.Covered in red patent leather, they were standard fare in their day. Before the upholstery work, the frames needed to be reglued and the wood refinished. The photo is of the bare frame just after the last bits of the upholstery foundation were removed. The replacement red leather has arrived and we're eager to get these legacy chairs back in service.Stay tuned... By James Conklin. Working With A Furniture Upholsterer. A good upholsterer can be one of the most invaluable pros on your home improvement list.

Working With A Furniture Upholsterer

Not only can he or she give a threadbare or dowdy piece of furniture a stylish new face, but an upholsterer also can craft one-of-a-kind decorative elements that make your space look polished and pulled together. A nicely textured upholstery fabric with an attractive pattern and tasteful color is merely the outer layer. A tight deck, robust spring work, smooth padding, resilient foam, and lofty stuffing all contribute to comfortable and durable upholstery. If you’re in the market for re-upholstering some of your furniture, keep these tips in mind. What An Upholsterer Does An upholsterer covers furnishings, bedsprings, cornice boards, pillows and other interior elements with fabric. Fabric: How Much Does it Cost to Upholster a Wing Chair? Jersey Shore: Furniture Refinishing and Upholstery. Keep an eye out!

Jersey Shore: Furniture Refinishing and Upholstery

The furniture refinishing and upholstery workshop at J H Conklin & Co has expanded its service area for routine pick-up and delivery to include the South Jersey shore areas. Cape May County, Atlantic County, and Ocean County are now included. This would include neighborhoods in: Cape May, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Pleasantville, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Brigantine, Margate, Egg Harbor, Absecon, Somers Point, and Wildwood. Upholstery: Buttons, Channels, Tufts. In speaking with folks about their furniture re-upholstery projects, we often ask about any special features they want or which already exist on their furniture.

Upholstery: Buttons, Channels, Tufts

This little article is about a few of the most common features: buttons, channels, and tufts. A piece of upholstery fabric tacked over the padding is often called 'plain'. Where Can I Get My Furniture Reupholstered in New Jersey? Well, folks in the South Jersey Area have been finding the "where" and the "who" for upholstery at the furniture workshop of JH Conklin & Co. since 1992.

Where Can I Get My Furniture Reupholstered in New Jersey?

South Jersey defined as Burlington County, Camden County and Glocester County, NJ. And Atlantic County, Salem County and Cumberland County, NJ. Upholstery Fabric Care. When delivering re-upholstered furniture, we are often asked about how to care for the new fabric.

Upholstery Fabric Care

While we generally recommend a professional cleaning service, in some instances that is not possible nor desirable. So we've linked to a care and cleaning article published by Duralee Fabrics - one of our fabric providers - for your reference. Fabric Care Instructions In just about every case, it is professional treat stains in order to minimize undesirable consequences. But for those clients who insist on tackling the job themselves, here are some general guidelines to follow: Vacuum or brush away loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric. Read the rest of the Fabric Care Instructions from Duralee Thanks for visiting! Radiant Orchid on Furniture. The 2014 color of the year - Radiant Orchid.

Radiant Orchid on Furniture

Wonderful color! Sedate yet fresh, bright yet subtle. Looking to get Radiant Orchid on your furniture? We have you covered! Duralee fabrics, one of our fabric resources, is all over it! Kravet Fabrics, another line we represent, has also jumped on Radiant Orchid in a big way. Is Re-Upholstering My Furniture Worth It? Is Re-Upholstering My Furniture Worth It?

Is Re-Upholstering My Furniture Worth It?

Some form of "Is recovering my sofa, chair, couch worth it? " is the most commonly asked question by folks considering reupholstery of their furniture. Web searches for "upholstery price" or "upholstery cost" bring more visits to our website than any other - indicating that people are grappling with that question. We published a thumbnail cost guide to help. The short answer to "Is it worth it? " So now you groan and roll your eyes and get ready to click away to some other article that will give you the short definitive answer.

Tufted Club Chairs. Mullica Hill NJ. Petal Back Arm Chairs. Very unique pair of petal back arm chairs in a shore home. The frames were stripped, tightened and then refinished. Two colors of chenille fabric for the upholstery over a new foundation. Contrast piping throughout and a decorative button medallion to push the petal theme even further. Below is a photo of the frames just after the new finish was applied. Neat how the back was made.

How Much Does it Cost to Upholster A Sofa.