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Kids furniture design

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What Happens When A Girl-Powered Engineering Toy Lands On Shark Tank.


Creative Kids' Space by Sarit Shani Hay. Mar 08, 2011.

Creative Kids' Space by Sarit Shani Hay

My space by liya mairson. Aug 06, 2010.

my space by liya mairson

Cushions Always Make the Best Fortresses (5 Pics) - My Modern Met. Mario bellini for meritalia 'via lattea' children furniture. Apr 29, 2009 mario bellini for meritalia 'via lattea' children furniture ‘via lattea’ air-filled furniture for children ‘only’ by mario bellini for meritalia image © designboom the ‘stardust’ 07/08 collection, created by mario bellini for meritalia, returns this year in a version for children. the ‘via lattea’ project is based on an ‘air ravioli’ concept, deriving from the packaging sector. mario bellini transformed lightweight stainless steel mesh of industrial filters and recycled fibres, used in construction (and also for the transportation of sugar, grains or stones) into surprisingly elegant and indestructible furniture items.

mario bellini for meritalia 'via lattea' children furniture

Tetris Inspired Chair - My Modern Met. Childrens furniture jack beveridge and joshua lake. Jun 22, 2013 children's drawings made into furniture first image: the first two chairs produced from the children’s furniture collection.

childrens furniture jack beveridge and joshua lake

Recycling for kids. High-tech dollhouse gives geeky girls space to tinker. You won't find a dollhouse like "Roominate" at your local toy store.

High-tech dollhouse gives geeky girls space to tinker

Right now, it's just a Kickstarter project — one that's already funded — but it promises to give young girls with a genuine curiosity for tech a playground to tinker and learn. According to the Roominate project page, the dollhouse is the work of a trio of Stanford graduate students who "wish they saw more women in their upper level math and science classes. " With that goal in mind, Roominate isn't about dinner placements and furniture layouts, but rather building your own furniture and wiring up the house so that it's got working lights, fans and more. What your Roominate dollhouse ends up looking like is up to you. It starts out as a "kit of wooden building pieces and circuit components," and ends up as stackable rooms that join up to form the house proper. You can check out more about Roominate in the video below, and the Kickstarter itself is a pretty informative read about the makings of the project, too.

Dining room table turns into a secret house. Furniture that plays a tune. The-fitz-roy-climbing-wall-02 « Rocking Monsters. EVA – Kids Chair by Satoshi Itasaka. Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / Furniture Design category. Posted by erika rae | 11 Apr 2014 | Comments (0) Photos by Gustav Almestal In college, I became the master of bin organizing.

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / Furniture Design category

I'd stack towers of those black and blue mailing bins—you know, the ones where you'll win a hefty fine if you're caught snagging them in public— until they haphazardly leaned forward, compromising my coveted DVD collection. I would've loved to get my hands on a system like this. Part functional and part artsy conversation starter, the ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho lets you create your own structure from 25 different pieces.

Each cut-out block has been inspired by a different object's shape and, as you can see from the photos, the whimsical countours welcome all kinds of household storage/display space, from morning coffee mugs and lamps to bottles of wine and shoes. Continued... continued... continued... New at Kids Love Design. Kids Love Design’s mission it to provide design-savvy parents with the very latest modern furniture and accessories for children.

New at Kids Love Design

Check out some of the fun new pieces available in their shop. Kids, Going to Sleep Just Got a Lot More Fun! With help from designers at Mathy by Bols, it might just be easier to get your kids to go to sleep at night, or at least get them to sleep in their own bed.

Kids, Going to Sleep Just Got a Lot More Fun!

If I had had a cool bed like one of these growing up, I’d never have gotten out of bed! If your kid has ever dreamed of sleeping in a fort, tent, or treehouse, these über fun beds are just for them. The Cabin Tent Bed is an A-frame bed that will make your kid feel like they’re sleeping outside without having to actually go outside and deal with all the bugs. The bottom section pulls out for storage or for an additional bed. The Camper Bed is shaped just like a classic teardrop trailer that your kids can sleep in year round. The Treehouse Bunk Bed is quite literally the coolest bunk bed I’ve ever seen. The Mathy by Bols beds are available through Cuckooland. Erik Stehmann. Erik Stehmann intends to make design more playful and dynamic.

Erik Stehmann

The designer likes to surprise spectators and cause a smile, “because we already have so little room for lightness and giddiness, nowadays.” Inflating Lights A lamp that inflates itself thanks to small ventilators that recollect energy from the light bulb’s energy via a small solar panel. Check out the video: Tube ChairAfter his research for Balloon animals, and the knotting of them, Erik Stehmann started exploring several possibilities to eternalize the shapes. It resulted in the Tube Chair, which combines some of the details he bumped into during the research, as well as the freedom to bend a shape by hand.

Paper PuppiesThe use of old news also illustrates the drive for more lightness and giddiness. Material RingsThese rings are the result of some small material and form experiments. 7 Clever Approaches to a Better Classroom for the Poor. For Minimalist Mommies and Babies, a Modern Dollhaus. Ah, children.

For Minimalist Mommies and Babies, a Modern Dollhaus

What sweet little darlings they are ? Til they go and ruin the clean lines of your DWR living room with their hideous plastic Barbies and Legos and stuffed animals tossed all over the place. You almost want to throw them out (the toys, that is). An Ingenious Kids’ Seat That Encourages Interaction. When Tokyo-based design firm h220430” was commissioned by a Japanese kindergarten to come up with a chair for its tiny students, director Satoshi Itasaka wanted to make a playful piece of furniture that fostered hands-on interaction.

It turns out that the best way to make a children’s seat suited to stimulate creativity was to let the little ones in on the almost-year-long creative process. “It was very interesting to see the kids who participated in the research building the chairs by trial and error,” Itasaka tells Co.Design. “We prepared several kinds of differently shaped prototypes and selected the most balanced with respect to the following: ease-to-assemble, intensity, productivity, economic efficiency, and design.” Wanted: A Desk That Grows With the Kids.