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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Rid of Anything. This Couple Built A Tiny A-Frame Home For Only $700. Photography by Alla Ponomareva Just when we thought we'd seen every adorable tiny house there was to be seen, along comes what might just be the most adorable A-frame cabin to ever exist. Photographer Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett constructed this pint-size getaway as a guest house on the grounds of their home in Missoula, Montana. Tiny house builder Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, who designed the original plans, built his version for $1,200—but Alla was able to whittle the cost of her A-frame down to $700 by using repurposed materials, including window frames, logs, nails, and boards, they already had sitting around their property. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below With a few DIY projects already under their belts, Alla and Garrett were ready to tackle this "big" tiny house project, completing their cute cabin in just three weeks.

The A-frame's moveable wall is also transparent, allowing plenty of natural light in even when shut. See more photos at Alla Ponomareva's blog. Untitled. Learn how to prepare your home's surface for exterior painting. Lowe's provides helpful tips on house painting preparation such as cleaning surfaces, repairing flaws and priming. Use eye protection when pressure washing. Choose the proper paint applicators and exercise caution when using a ladder. Paint on homes built before 1978 may contain lead. Check with your local health department or the Environmental Protection Agency if you have questions or concerns. Step 1 A clean surface is essential for a good paint job. Step 2 Scrape away loose paint. Step 3 Repair any surface flaws with a surface repair compound rated for exterior use. Step 4 Remove old caulk. Step 5 Repair and re-putty windows. Step 6 Use dropcloths to protect flowerbeds and lawns.

Step 7 Prime bare wood and any area where repairs have been made. The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Rental More Energy Efficient Renters Solutions. Think that because you don't own, you have no control over your home's energy use? Not true! Here's our ultimate guide; full of links to quick, easy and yes, even inexpensive, ways to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills (your landlord will thank you!). Most of these changes are likely to pay for themselves in energy savings over the duration of your rental.

Also, don't forget that once you move, you can either leave the improvements intact and sell them to the future tenants, or take them with you to your next home. 1. Install a Programmable Thermostat: Use a programmable thermostat to take control of your heat and cooling levels, which will reduce your energy use and lower your bills. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. RELATED ECO-FRIENDLY RENTAL POSTS ON APARTMENT THERAPY: • The 10 Best Ways To Green Your Apartment Rental • 5 Money-Saving Green Improvements For Your Rental • Renters: 49 Ways You Can Go Green • Negotiating Your Way Into an Eco-Friendly Apartment. 9 Small Cleaning Resolutions That Will Make a Big Difference. 3 Common Causes of Pavement Failure and Their Solutions.

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DIY furniture, decore; repurpose. Use of space/ transform an area. Home Things Pinterest Ruined - Popular Pinterest Decor Tricks. How a Professional Organizer Helped Me | POPSUGAR Home. I always envisioned nesting as that final stage of pregnancy when the expectant mother camps out in the nursery, cleaning with OCD fervor and meticulously folding onesies across the surface of her swollen belly. This is not what happened to me. I opened my eyes one Saturday morning somewhere in the middle of my second trimester, and before I even lifted my head off the pillow, I startled my husband awake by declaring, "I hate this room. " It had begun. Making over the bedroom was the first in a series of nesting home improvements I had to make before I could get to the blissful newborn-clothing-folding step of making room for baby.

With its easy-to-close door, the bedroom had become a hideout for all our crap — clothing poured out of the closet and shirts and jeans without drawer space sat in homeless piles on the floor — but there was no way to shut the door on the fact that the room would not work once baby arrived. Used Her Fresh Eyes to See New Storage Opportunities in the Closet. 99 low-cost organizing tips. Getting and staying organized isn't easy. If you're struggling to conquer clutter once and for all, our simple 99 organizing tips should help get you started. We know, we know: getting organized can be easier vowed than done. But even if you’re short on time (and budget), there are dozens of ways you can get your house in order. Here are 99 of our favourite low-cost organizing tips; many of them are environmentally friendly, too! 1 Use old baby-food jars to hold spices. Stash them in a drawer upside down so this recycling trick looks sleek, not cheap. 2 Store all your instruction manuals in one binder in the kitchen or pantry. 3 Collect your takeout menus in a binder. 4 Use a cardboard six-pack container to carry condiments from kitchen to deck in BBQ-casual style. 5 Keep a tray or basket on the kitchen counter where kids can drop off permission slips and adults can put mail requiring immediate action. 8 Can’t find fresh garlic or onions?

15 Store kids’ bath toys in a fine-laundry bag. Brit. Forget what your horoscope says about the next full moon. What does it say about the decor style of your living room? From calm and collected to vibrant and bold, every astrological sign has key characteristics that make up your style. Based on the elements and personality traits found throughout the zodiac, each sign gravitates toward certain color palettes, textures and spaces. Scroll on to find out what your sign says about you. Aries: The Trendsetter (March 21 — April 19) With a flair for the dramatic, Aries love making a statement. Whether it’s a super on-trend piece of wall art or a bold color choice, leave it to Aries to have a distinct style. Read this: Make a pretty-in-pink statement with one of our favorite trends: flamingos.

Taurus: Timeless Luxury (April 20 — May 20) Tradition with a twist is the name of the game when it comes to Taurus. Read this: Green is a classic color that will always bring a luxe vibe to any space. Gemini: A Welcoming Balance (May 21 — June 20)


The Shower | Easy Cleaning Tips to Save You Time. This Charming Little House Used to Be an 88-Square-Foot Laundry Room. Can you imagine living in your laundry room? If your answer is no, just wait until you see this 88-square-foot laundry room that was turned into a charming guest house. Cesar Rubio Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Designed by the talented architect and designer Christi Azevedo, the teeny-tiny home might make anyone who likes to stretch out their legs a little wary.

Azevedo came up with the idea when she encountered an old French laundry for sale in San Francisco. The downstairs area comes with a leather couch, a modern IKEA kitchen with plenty of storage space, and a coffee table. After looking at pictures of the interior, it really doesn't seem much smaller than a standard San Francisco apartment (which, if you didn't know, is tiny). Sadly, that dream may not become a reality, as Azevedo herself has been staying in what she calls the "Brick House" for the time being.

Photos courtesy of César Rubio Photography. [h/t] Shake out the welcome mat | 20 Clever, Easy Tricks to Shave Years Off Your Home. Cha-Ching: 5 Domestic Skills That Will Save You Money. No matter how small your paycheck, you can always save money by doing things yourself that you would otherwise pay someone else to do. Below are five skills you should have in your domestic toolbox, ideally when you're just starting out on your own, but it's never too late to learn (and to save). 1. Cooking Cooking is probably the most effective money-saving domestic skill you can possibly have. My cooking skills have improved a lot since my 20s when I was first living on my own, but even then I was able to (and did) cook for myself. Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time observing and helping my mom in the kitchen and I really believe this is the best way to learn.

But I also came of age when the Food Network was taking off and I learned many basic techniques and was inspired to try new ingredients and recipes from watching food tv. Nowadays, the internet offers so much cooking inspiration and instruction—there's no excuse not to learn. 2. 3. 4. 5. Seven beautiful ways to display books.


28 Decorating Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home.