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Turning your old file cabinet into a garage storage favorite - Trash to Treasure Blog. Two It Yourself: Dresser Drawer to Storage Box {Easy DIY Project} Oh boy I am so excited to share this one with turned out way better than I could have anticipated and had I known what the end result would look like I wouldn't have dragged my feet on this project for so long.

Two It Yourself: Dresser Drawer to Storage Box {Easy DIY Project}

It was literally months in the making...but really it took me all of about 2 (kid-free) hours to complete.Several months ago I turned a thrifted three drawer wood dresser into a console table..perhaps you remember this beauty? She's pretty much my pride and joy. Which is why despite my plan to quickly flip her and sell her, I just couldn't part with Ms. Red. Two It Yourself: Thrifted Dresser to TV Stand/Buffet/Entryway Table. Not gonna lie...I have been dying to share my latest furniture flip with you.

Two It Yourself: Thrifted Dresser to TV Stand/Buffet/Entryway Table

I typically like to keep my projects in the works as a big surprise, but this one I couldn't keep to myself. If you following 2IY on Instagram, you know just how long I've been working on turning this thrifted dresser into a tv stand...or is it a buffet or is it an entryway table? The great thing about this piece is it's sooooo versatile it can be used in almost any room in the house. Curbside TV to Living Room Feature « Home Hinges. Here’s a teaser of the final product.

Curbside TV to Living Room Feature « Home Hinges

But this isn’t what it originally looked like. In fact it looked very, very different. My fist impression was that someone had left their garbage in the front yard with the hope someone would take it. The box sat there for several days because who in their right mind would want THAT. It was an OLD TV. If you don’t have similar memories then I don’t like you because you probably don’t have any wrinkles yet either. This kind of TV that only had 13 or 14 channels and only half had a signal. I was not initially inspired, thus I too drove past it on my merry way for several days. I’m the polite kind of scrounger so I ran up to the door, still in my exercise clothes, my hair barely brushed and in a pony tail, and rang the doorbell. The couple at the home were getting ready to move and getting rid of a lot of stuff. Like it was full of rocks, REALLY HEAVY.

After about a bazillion screws and cutting lots of wires it came. Some of the guts. Brilliance by Design: Resin-inlaid Wood. A non-jewellery post, for a change.

Brilliance by Design: Resin-inlaid Wood

We were running a bit short on shelving in the kitchen and wanted somewhere we could store all the preserves we're going to make from the garden this year, so we went to the timber yard to see what they had. They had this, 155cm long piece of chestnut. It was pretty heavily cracked and pitted, with knotholes and so on. But, I had a plan. Resin inlay. First job, seal off the holes from the bottom, using aluminium plumber's tape. Make sure the wood is level, otherwise you'll end up with wonky resin bits. Now it's time to mix the resin. Recently Added Plans. If you appreciate the free content of this site, please thank our sponsors.

Recently Added Plans

DIY Barn Door Headboard - Shanty 2 Chic. Hey there!

DIY Barn Door Headboard - Shanty 2 Chic

Build a Corner Unit for the Twin Storage Bed. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a special Father's Day.

Build a Corner Unit for the Twin Storage Bed

We were blessed with beautiful weather and good food and lots of family time! TERESA'S BEDS Last week when Teresa posted pictures of her Twin Storage Beds and Corner Unit on our Facebook Fan Page, we were all stunned. Teresa's beds were absolutely amazing, more of a knock out than a knock off of these beds from Pottery Barn Teen. Yes, you read that right. $1800, and the beds and sold out! Kid Toy Storage With Ikea Shelves. DIY Farmhouse Storage Bed With Storage Drawers. In a modern and constantly technology driven world, we are tempted to overlook how exactly things get into the stores from where we take them and improve the interior design of our homes.

DIY Farmhouse Storage Bed With Storage Drawers

If you have embraced the DIY culture, you might have thought already about the possibilities of crafting decorations and furniture for yourself. Today, we present you a tutorial on a farmhouse storage bed. Here are the plans, the list of necessary items and some hints on how to make it. DIY Farmhouse Dining Table {my first woodworking project} Hi there and happy Sunday!

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table {my first woodworking project}

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Lots of projects going on around here, but today I’m sharing my farmhouse dining table I built a little over a year ago (waaay before this blog!). This was my very first woodworking project. I did happen to snap a few photos of the process – sorry about the poor quality, these were taken with my phone! I got this building plan – and the confidence to attempt it – from the amazing Ana White.

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