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3 Near-Future Scenarios That Are Changing The Way We Work Today. Finally, Ikea Furniture You Can Build In 5 Minutes. Ikea furniture seems like such a good deal, until you get it home and realize that you have to spend half a day or more building it.

Finally, Ikea Furniture You Can Build In 5 Minutes

Ikea’s new Regissör line is an attempt to address this pain point. The company promises that its new bookshelf, cabinets, and coffee table can be constructed in a mere five minutes. How is this possible? To make the builds quicker, Ikea has deviated from the norm in a few ways: Most boards in the Regissör line are now wedge-shaped on their ends, to lean into one another at 45-degree angles, rather than connect at more precarious 90-degree angle. From what we can tell, this creates a more self-supportive structure that can get by with Ikea’s new pre-installed wooden dowels at each joint, rather than the screw-and-lock components Ikea uses today. You have to wonder about the long-term durability of furniture that consists of even less wood and screws than its forebears.

Las 15 sillas que todo diseñador debe conocer. Saludos lectores de somosdi.

Las 15 sillas que todo diseñador debe conocer

Este es mi primer post en la nueva sección sobre mobiliario. En esta ocasión les presentamos las diez sillas que todo diseñador debe conocer. La silla Barcelona o técnicamente la silla MR90 fue diseñada por el arquitecto Ludwin Mies Van der Rohe, de quien probablemente conozcan algunas de sus frases como “menos es más”, o “Dios está en los detalles”; en conjunto con la diseñadora Lily Reich. Fue hecha para el pabellón alemán en la exposición en Barcelona en 1929 y fue tan importante que fue utilizada como trono de los reyes de España cuando visitaron el pabellón. Actualmente la marca Knoll distribuye esta silla. La silla Panton es un ícono de la modernidad. De la silla Acapulco, no se conoce el autor, pero se sabe que apareció cerca de los años 1960. Las 22 mejores sillas clásicas del diseño industrial.

Repasando las sillas conoceremos a los diseñadores más brillantes y relevantes del mundo del diseño industrial o ebanistería, ya que muchos, aunque en la actualidad se fabriquen en serie fueron concebidos como piezas únicas y artesanas.

Las 22 mejores sillas clásicas del diseño industrial

La mayoría de sillas son centenarias, aunque incluyo en la selección las que a mi entender formaran parte en su día de los clásicos del diseño industrial, algunos, los más actuales son brillantes Reinterpretaciones de los clásicos del diseño industrial. Asombra comprobar como piezas tan antiguas son tan o más actuales que los diseños contemporáneos, desde piezas más sofisticadas a alocados y frescos diseños concebidos por maestros del Art Nouveau o la Bauhaus. Silla Hill House, René Macintosh, Cassina, 1902. A Trash Can Jonathan Ive Could Love. Looking like a painted wooden column sliced diagonally in half with a samurai sword, the Swing Bin is one of the most beautiful trash bins we have ever seen.

A Trash Can Jonathan Ive Could Love

It's also a feat of creative construction. The Swing Bin is not screwed or wired together. It consists of just two parts: a smooth plastic base and a perfectly balanced wooden lid that swings open and shut silently. Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi first created the sleek, sculptural Swing Bin in 2009. Imagining an elegant wastebin with the minimum number of components, Takeuchi figured out the exact angles that would allow the Swing Bin's lid to balance perfectly, allowing it to close firmly yet quietly with just a simple push.

There was only one problem. Having spent the last few years investigating how best to manufacture the bin, Takeuchi has at last found a Japanese factory that will help bring the Swing Bin to market. Units are expected to ship to backers in November. 'tree' stacking furniture by landscape products. Dec 10, 2008 'tree' stacking furniture by landscape products although the ‘tree’ stacking cabinet is designed for children, its playful design will please kids of all ages.

'tree' stacking furniture by landscape products

The drawer unit is made from white ash and each drawer is stained a muted hue. the design features six drawers in total but can be broken down into three smaller dressers. each one has its own set of legs to allow it to stand on its own. the se legs cleverly fit together like a puzzle when stacked on top of each other. The design is by landscape products, a japanese company making their own furniture. while it isn’t pictured, the ‘tree’ concept has also been made in a shelf form. nate archer I designboom.

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