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The Importance of Office Breakout Areas | Vale Office Interiors. Forward thinking companies have really latched on to the idea of creating breakout areas in the office. Breakout areas aren’t just a buzzword in the industry or the company paying lip service to health and safety (although that is an excellent reason for having them!). Far from it; organisations are increasingly seeing the benefit of giving their teams a bit of space to chill out and contemplate and having these spaces has proven to create better cross-functional relationships and collaboration. Going back to the health and safety point for a moment. We all know that it’s not healthy to be stuck at your workstation in front of a computer screen for 7 to 8 hours so breakout areas allow your teams to take quick breaks, have a much needed beverage and re-charge their batteries.

By doing this, your teams are more productive and ‘on their game’ when they are back at their workstation. Getting back to the point about collaboration. The Importance of Office Furniture for First Impressions. We have all heard that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and of course this is true. However, the bonus is that over time you can recover from a bad first start (although it does take time and can be quite an exhausting process). One thing that many people tend to forget is that when it comes to business, the environment you present to potential clients and customers is just as important as the office decoration and personal aspect of other things.

Imagine you are a company who provides business support services to SMEs in the local area. You make your living be calm, organised and in control. No doubt you portray that image in all your dealings with your clients, and on the occasion there is an emergency, you are probably able to hide it well. Perhaps one day your client wants to come and visit you in your offices. For a small budget you can find matching chairs and ergonomic desks. Top 5 Tips on Decorating an Office. Since you and your employees will spend so much time at the office, it’s a good idea to put a lot of thought into how it’s going to be decorated.

Not only is your office where you pursue new business opportunities and fight for market share, but it’s also the public face of your company. When decorating your office space, it’s important to think about the most important aspects of good design and to make the best use of the space you have available and also Make the Right Impression of Your Office. You can hire office design consultants to help you with the process but it’s also possible to tackle the project yourself as long as you know the right way to go about it. Below are top five key factors to consider • Colours – It’s been shown that colours have a big affect on our psychology. For conservative business such as law firms and banks, neutral colours are always a good choice. . • Office Furniture – The furniture you use in the office will have a big impact on its overall look.

Advice on Choosing Adapt by Ergochair. Choosing the correct office chair is probably is one of the most important aspects of furnishing your office. Ensuring that everybody is comfortable and that there is no detrimental affect on your staff’s health by long periods of sitting is of key importance. With this in mind, the design and ergonomics of your office chairs have to be a primary consideration. This is why the Adapt® range of workplace seating by Ergochair comes highly recommended. At Vale Office Interiors we stock the full range of Adapt® chairs and they are designed with you in mind.

What makes Adapt® different is that they tailor their seats to the people who are going to be sitting in them. If you are interested in investing in Adapt® chairs for your office, one of our trained staff will visit and measure your personnel and the chairs will be crafted specifically for the individual. Workplace Seating Tailored To The Individual. Things to consider when creating unique office space by ValeOfficeInteriors. Whether you’re looking for some really funky office furniture for a large office space or on the look out for individual statement pieces that will make an impact then we can help.

Creating unique office spaces is about challenging the norm when it comes to office furniture, it’s about thinking outside of the box….or the workstation, and allowing your staff to mingle, interact, and collaborate; it’s about making meeting rooms more exciting to be in and being motivated by the wall art around you; and it’s about making the office an attractive and stimulating place to be. Vale Office Interiors can help you achieve these things and more. Change The Dynamic… By creating office spaces that are vibrant, colourful and exciting, you immediately change the atmosphere and dynamic in the room. When planning an office space it’s also important to think about relaxation areas as well.

Get Inspired…. Why New Office Furniture is a Good Investment. If you already have an office, or office space, then you no doubt have furniture already. If it does the job and isn’t completely dog eared then you could be forgiven for not wanting to spend out money on replacements. However, it may make sense, for a variety of reasons, to invest in new, more modern equipment and office furniture for the sake of appearances, and the health of your employees. A New Look – let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to have a change, and this applies to the office as well as in the home. If you have had the same furniture for years then it may be a good time to think about having a bit of a freshen up and maybe a spring clean. From Better For Your Health – office furniture has not always been regarded as the most comfortable of things to sit on or work with; however, we all know that we spend a large amount of our time in the office.

Create an Impression with Your Office Furniture. Creating that all-important first impression with your clients is something that choosing the right office furniture can do. From the reception area to the conference rooms, the style and layout of your office together with the range of office furniture you select will create a perception of your organisation. It’s important that this reflects your business and says the right thing about you, if you want to secure a business relationship with your potential clients. The office environment has changed and it’s important that you are alive to these changes so that your office is fit for the 21st century and doesn’t look outdated.

New technology, social media, collaborative working spaces, hot desking, break out rooms and standing desks are all becoming a part of the modern office space and this is something that you should consider when designing your office and selecting the correct type of furniture. Enhance Your Brand. Enhancing your Professionalism through Office Supplies. When you consider office supplies in Coventry, you might consider the practical advantages of having a dedicated supplier, such as cost or ease of ordering. What you might not realise however is that in using your office supplies to their full advantage, you could be enhancing the professionalism of your business.

In turn this could lead to higher profits, customer retention and more satisfaction in your services. There are many reasons why this could be advantageous to you: Brand Building You might consider that brand building is a concept best left to large corporations, but the fact is that customers are seeking businesses which aren’t afraid to look a little corporate, especially when they want professionalism.

Professionalism Gone are the days when a pencil stub and a tatty notebook would suffice: customers are looking for companies who are committed, dedicated and waste no time in showing them this. Marketing What To Do The key is to focus on items which have functionality. How to pick the perfect paper. You may be forgiven for thinking that with the constant advances in technology, and the reliance we all have these days on emails and instant messaging services, that we have reached a point where paper is obsolete within the work place.

While many do embrace the idea of a paperless office, we are still far from a scenario where paper products are not likely to be needed – regardless of the industry you work in. The simple fact remains that no matter how clear the resolution or how large the screen on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desk top, there will always be some things that people like to have a “hard copy” of this. Whether it’s just easier to read and make notes on, or old habits due hard, many will always reach for the print button. For many the question may not actually centre around whether or not you should be printing, but what paper you should use when you do. Brightness – this is essentially relates to how white and reflective the paper itself is. The Relationship between Office Design and Productivity. For many years, people who specialise in office design have postulated that there is a direct relationship between the way an office is set out and designed, and the productivity of the people who work within that office.

From i.imgur.comTo test the theory, a recent survey was carried on out 31 branches of 13 banks in Pakistan. The aim was to assess the theory that “better physical environment or office will boost the employees and ultimately improve their productivity”. Participants were asked to complete a detailed study to assess the differences in their office layout, lighting and other elements, and the work they completed.

It was noted that Pakistan had been chosen specifically for the study because the subject matter was so unheard of in that region that little would have been done by office design consultants to increase productivity through design. As a result, the study would have an effective base line. Author Bio:- Arnold Kotak has a keen interest in offices and work spaces. Make an Unforgettable Impression with your Office Furniture | Vale Office Interiors. Why Your Office Should Make the Right Impression?

Whatever the nature of your work, your size and structure, or the number of employees you have, your working space should be something to be proud of. You might welcome customers or clients on daily basis or you might only rarely see them; however, there are many reasons why you should strive to make your working environment something you’ll be proud to welcome both your staff and visitors to. Dress to Impress Although the chances are that anyone visiting your office – whether they’re a potential employee, a client, a would-be customer or a passing sales advisor – isn’t expecting Google’s head offices, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t strive for the highest standards.

People tend to trust and buy from people they’re impressed by and if you’re selling the right product or offering the right service but showing a fifth rate office environment, it could be the case that your overall message is lost. Pride in Work There have been numerous memes showing the latest in office design. Intelligent Office Design - Things to Consider | Vale Office Interiors. If you’re planning a refurb or moving to new offices then you need to invest a bit of time thinking about intelligent office design.

So often with office moves, you need great Office Design Tips because things are done at the last minute, great ideas don’t get implemented and everything is a bit of an afterthought. Intelligent design is the opposite of all these things! It’s about taking the time to think through what you need, putting a plan together, creating a budget and project managing the whole process. When you’re planning a new office you need to think about: Who will be working there? And so the list goes on. At Vale Office Interiors we eat, sleep and breathe intelligent office design.