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Cutaways. Free Plans - Parkjets. Existing BCD models. Build your own Predator drone. Chris Anderson put together his own Predator style R/C airplane drone that can actually go on autonomous picture taking missions.

Build your own Predator drone

After strapping a 7 mega-pixel Pentax camera to it, he installed a nice small GPS guidance system. Once the landing gear is disengaged, the GPS system takes over and directs the planes through up to 20 predetermined waypoints. Chris points out all the details, but you'll need some R/C experience before attempting this project on your own. NOTE: don't depend on R/C airplane insurance to cover it, autonomous airplanes were specifically excluded from last membership form I checked out. [Via] Source. Predator plans (make one out of bluecore foam)

Very nice plans to make a smallish Predator out of bluecore foam.

Predator plans (make one out of bluecore foam)

Too small for a decent UAV (and as we've said here many times, Predators are not the best flyers, being both short-coupled and prone to twitchy pitch, and vulnerable to tip-stalling on landing). But if you want to scale this up, these plans are excellent and would be a good place to start. Sample: A Marionville Models - RC Radio Remote Control Model Cars, Boats, Planes, Helicopters, Tanks.

Springer Tug. Micro Hydros - Miniature R/C Racing Boats. Radio control battery powered hydroplanes, monos, sport hydros and outriggers all powered by 400 - 480 size brushed and brushless electric motors. Free Model Ship Plans, Blueprints, Drawings, Tutorials and much more… Drawings - The Maritime Museum. Astec Models. Fast electric RC racing boat specialists - Free Fast Electric Boat Plans. Category:Ship Plans - The Dreadnought Project.

From The Dreadnought Project Copyright All images in this section are protected by copyright, as the marks on them indicate.

Category:Ship Plans - The Dreadnought Project

I freely grant the right to reproduce the images as-is, in electronic form. Print publication requires written permission. Contrary to the watermarks, I seldom offer higher resolution scans except in cases of vital need and true merit, as the demands on my time were just too great. Ship Plans These drawings are of German ships intended for use before or during World War I. Post World War I These drawings are of ships built after World War I. French Service Historique Ship Plans France's Service Historique posted over 3,000 scanned ship plan images some time ago at this link, but their official website was hacked and has been offline for months.

Guessing that their commendably liberal policy (merci beaucoup, France!) Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. Source. 48in mono hull scratch build. Free Model Boat Plans & Model Ship Plans - Pusher Jets. Thomas Nelson's Fan Fold SU-27 Flanker Thomas Nelson’s Fan Fold Flanker Scale: 1:22 Area: just over 200 square inches WS: 24" AUW: 18.5 ounces Motor: Mega 16-15-5 Prop: Graupner CAM 5.5 x 4.3, or Aeronaut Carbon 6.5 x 4 ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix 45 (with BEC) Cells: 4S1P ThunderPower 2100 Controls: 2 servos (HS-55) driving Tailerons (elevon subroutine on the Tx) Download the Flanker plans by clicking here Thomas Nelson’s SU-27 Flanker is an absolutely stunning model no matter how you look at it.

Pusher Jets

Plans and the construction guide are presented here for free and can be downloaded by clicking on this link. There is also an excellent thread on Ezone Magazine that details the construction and set up of this great little fighter. For those who have the free FMS (Flying Model Simulator), you can download a simulator of the Flanker, which has been tweaked to mimic the flight envelope. SU-27 Flanker Videos Maiden Flight - Climbing Rolls - Flight with Lipos SU-27 Flanker Links.