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DIY Kid's Playhouses, Forts, Kitchens, Furniture

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Make Fabric Playhouses For The Kids

Make Cardboard Things For The Kids. DIY Playhouses: Cardboard, Fabric, Branches, Etc. We are celebrating Fort Friday at Disneyland today!

DIY Playhouses: Cardboard, Fabric, Branches, Etc.

Have you been following on social media? Here's our fort inspiration today - we'll definitely have more next week! The boys bet me that I wouldn't take a selfie with a character ;) At All for the Boys we celebrate Fridays with some awesome fort inspiration from around the web. You can share your forts by emailing me, Facebook, or Instagram and tag @allfortheboys and #fortfriday (by contacting me you are giving me permition to share your photo on the blog.

Play Kitchens

Several Cardboard Forts & Kitchens. Cardboard is awesome.

Several Cardboard Forts & Kitchens

It's the perfect material for your imagination. DIY PVC Children's Grocery Store {Tutorial} Today’s winning PVC project – a DIY PVC children’s grocery store – is being shared by Season 16 competitor Hayley.

DIY PVC Children's Grocery Store {Tutorial}

This is Hayley’s third win this season. She took week one with her amazing removable fabric wallpaper. She also picked up a win in our week five challenge with her fun hot air balloon necklace. Learn more about her amazing PVC project – The Market – and pop over to her site today for more of the details. Hey guys! Now, obviously, everyone’s measurements are going to be different, so I am not going to provide those.

PVC Supplies: 4 equal lengths to create a square for the top2 lengths for the legs2 3 inch pieces of PVC2 90 degree connectors2 45 degree connectors2 “T” connectors4 “U” hooks (Excuse my chaotic photo… this was done very late at night and I was pretty much delirious!) Create the awning by joining your 4 equal lengths together. Now, you are going to create the legs. Clear as mud? Attach the other leg and it should now look like this! How To Make A Toy Grill For $20 Or Less. Previous image Next image After being blown away by so many stunning DIY play kitchens, we've decided to take the cooking outdoors for summertime.

How To Make A Toy Grill For $20 Or Less

This toy grill can be knocked out in a day for a grand total of under $20 (even less if you already have a plastic mixing bowl on hand). It's easy! You only need to know how to cut a dowel with a handsaw and drill a hole. . • large plastic mixing bowl, at least 12" diameter• one 1" x 48" dowel• three 1/4" x 48" dowels• one 3/4" x 3/4" x 36" wood strip• three #6 1" wood screws• three washers 1" diameter with 1/8" hole• wood glue• sandpaper• paint• aluminum pie tin, jar lid, or other circle for "ash catcher" Tools:

Under Stairs Playhouse Inspiration Pic. I last left off with this picture … Holy Moley, this picture was taken a while ago!!!!

Under Stairs Playhouse Inspiration Pic

LOL makes me laugh at how much work happened since then. A recap on why it has taken me a while to blog on the playhouse. If you remember, I had a run in with some plywood in Home depot and had to have stitches. You can see the account of that story here. I am thinking I will just show you the series of pictures and talk more about specifics later if you want them … Ready? Up-cycling old hardware (tape and prime first) Spray painted black along with washers that needed to be black. Made a built-in bookshelf to hold toys, books, and puzzles. Constructing the inside wall. Nailing it into the cement Making a window Finished off the inside. This photo doesn’t do this little window justice. Magical Tree House Playroom. 15 Free Playhouse Plans. These free playhouse plans will help you create a great place for your kids or grandkids to play for hours on end.

15 Free Playhouse Plans

Not only will they have a blast with the finished playhouse, you'll have a great time building this fun project where you get to add details for everyone to enjoy. There are many different styles of playhouse plans below, all the way from the traditional playhouse to playhouses that are really more like forts. I also have some free tree house plans if you want to put your playhouse up in the sky or free swing set plans for more fun. You could also use a shed plan with an added window for a more practical playhouse. All the free playhouse plans include blueprints, diagrams, and written building steps. After you've browsed through the free playhouse plans, be sure to look at my other free woodworking plans for toy boxes, bunk beds, picnic tables, dog houses, porch swings, decks, and bookcases.

Playhouse/Shed Plans & Instructions. Here are downloadable plans for a children's shed.

Playhouse/Shed Plans & Instructions

The shed is made from wood panels and floorboards. The frame is made of wood battens. The shed is 6 ft (almost 1.8 m) high and covers 36 sq. ft. (about 3.35 sq. m.). You can add shutters and a door. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and print them. DIY Backyard Getaway: For Adults Or Kids. 5-Gallon Bucket Swing. To start with, get some rope and a bucket.

5-Gallon Bucket Swing