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Diy sliding barn door. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

diy sliding barn door

Hope you’re ready for a picture overload! There were a lot of steps to installing this bad boy and I plan to show you every one of them Let’s start with what to buy. This is the hardware we bought: (click the links to find where I ordered them): Since they were in zinc finish (because it was cheapest), we spray painted all of the hardware black. Disclaimer: we have an old piece of carpet in our garage that we use as a drop cloth. The box rail also had to be trimmed to fit the door. (reciprocating saw) to cut it. In order for the door to sit far enough off the wall, we needed to add two 2×4′s for the box rail to attach to. To install the end cap, you just have to wedge it in the end of the box rail.

Now you can attach the hanger part to the door. DIY furniture - hello, I'm a lost space by ash nel. Dec 25, 2012 DIY furniture hello, I'm a lost space by ash nel ‘hello, I’m a lost space’ by ash nel rethinking space and how it’s occupied the ‘bench’ layout shows the flow of the components when they are fully extended and how it integrates with its environment this is the ‘lean to’ configuration which illustrates the ad-hoc functions the furniture adopts and how it can change in form styling to adapt to its surroundings the DIY furniture is easy to pack-up and carry all components are easily sourced and relatively cheap as they are intended to leave them in their new found spaces the hope is that individuals will begin to see their own potential use for the furniture perhaps as a magazine rack?

DIY furniture - hello, I'm a lost space by ash nel

Or a clothes horse? ‘hello, I’m a lost space’ – a speculative project on occupying lost areas of the cityvideo courtesy of katman krothers. Green Interiors. "L" is for Lily. Lily's new shelves.

"L" is for Lily

I gave myself a real challenge to build these tower shelves (in a custom size and layout) just to see if I could do it and I think it's safe to say judging from the picture that I can. So that picture above was slightly altered, here's the real deal: And a before shot when there were no tower shelves: The story is my sister-in-law B and her husband P have a new baby, Lily, in a one bedroom apartment in NYC and although there is plenty of space, it was the use of the space that got me going. And of course all the inspiring pictures of other things people had made on Ana White's blog which made me think I could make something great too. On a recent visit (and my first visit to their place) I saw the layout and my mind got working. Image from Pottery Barn kids So I combined a few ideas from Ana - the 5 cube tower bookcase and the doors from the nursery armoire - and adjusted it all to fit the measurements.

These are the cuts I had Orange guy make: Vintage Industrial Inspired Furniture shabby chic. Last week we finished a new French Column base design.

Vintage Industrial Inspired Furniture shabby chic

They are quite heavy using 1″ thick plate steel for the main supports, and are adorned with bent angle iron and hundreds of rivets. We can build these for round tops, consoles, desks, dining and conference tables, and more. Weight is around 300-400 lbs per base depending on size. Call for pricing. Adjustable Height Crank Desk with 2 Drawers – height adjusts from 25″ – 35″ with the 2 ton rated screw mechanisms.

This entire piece was made by hand in our shop, and is an original design. Cutting Table Plans. (only one more week to enter my Booty Buns giveaway here) You've been begging . . . . . I've been nagging . . . . . And guess what? My man delivered! (Only about 2 years late - but we will take what we can get, right?) You might recall my cutting table from my craft room which my husband so carefully constructed to ease my back pain while sewing. It's a life savor too! It's hefty and sturdy, convenient, and portable. If you find yourself with a tiny space, it easily allows for more wiggle room when needed.

There is plenty of surface space to suit all your needs when crafting, sewing, baking or whatever! If you know how to work the saw, get to it. Folding Work Table The above table can be made out of ¾ inch plywood and pine boards. 2 4x8 sheets of ¾ inch plywood 4 2x4x8 boards 1 2x6x4 board 3 1x4x8 board 8 3 inch hinges 3/8” dowel Glue, nails and screws The cut pattern for the plywood sheets is the following: My Repurposed Life: Let me introduce you to the “twins” Really Messy Desk Design Works for Real Working Spaces. We all have high hopes when we buy a new sleek desk designed to make us more organized.

Really Messy Desk Design Works for Real Working Spaces

The reality, however, is that most of us will just make a mess of it one way another. What if instead of trying to fight it we simply embraced that side of ourselves that refuses to keep a neat and tidy workspace? This clever (if awkward) desk is designed with the inevitable mess in mind, with nooks and crannies for all kinds of odds and ends to be stored in creative ways. The storage spaces in this offbeat desk design are left open to the world and lend themselves to more casual forms of filing and haphazard placement of whatever work implements you might be using.

Perhaps the best part of this postmodern design is the off-balance look of it, as if it simply grew and expanded to accomodate your needs in every direction possible.