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CNC Projects

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Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer. Or, Things I Wish Someone had Told me Before I Started Disclaimer: The following does not purport to describe the right way to do anything.

Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer

It is just a description of what I do, and 40 years of marriage have taught me that I am often wrong. by John Hilgenberg ------------------------ SCROLL SAW Don't assume that the thinnest scroll saw blades do the best work. Very fine blades, such as "puzzle blades" are best only when you need a really thin kerf or extremely tight radius, but they are slow, break easily, and are not as easy to "steer" on straight lines or gradual curves.

BAND SAW Except for inside or intricate cuts requiring a scroll saw, or long straight cuts suited to a table or radial arm saw, a band saw is easier (and safer) than any other kind of power tool. PATTERNS For laying out patterns, I don't use messy spray. Before cutting, use the pickup block to lift any cement from the lay-out so that wood dust will not adhere when cutting. . ROUTY CNC Router (V-Slot Belt & Pinion) A very cool CNC router Kit build that uses the V-Slot belt & pinion drive and stock parts.

Full CNC frame and ALL parts needed to assemble the frame and drive system: bolts, nuts, profiles, Plates, Connectors, Lead Screws, ACME nuts, belt, pulley etc. Electronics / Motors are NOT included. All the V-Slot 80x20mm, V-Slot 60x20mm and V-Slot 40x20mm Profile is provided for you. NOTE! There is a 7 working day period to assemble these kits, if you cannot wait at least 7 working days for delivery then do not buy! With this kit you can mill all kinds of parts from Acrylics, Perspex, MDF, Plywood and even aluminum. This is a great self assembly CNC router. A neat feature that this machine has is the ability to raise/lower the X/Z axis assembly to allow for thicker materials.

One really cool aspect of this little machine build is that all its parts are standard Part Store parts available from! Opensource CNC controller written for Arduino’s (G-code interpreter GRBL) Traditional CNC machines used old-fashioned printer / parallel ports to connect to a computer.

Opensource CNC controller written for Arduino’s (G-code interpreter GRBL)

The computer then sends the signals to the motor’s over individual cables. So why would you want to use a Arduino powered CNC controller? Well the team from Dank that developed the software called Grbl have a few good reason for doing so. Here are their reasons.. Who should use GrblMakers who do milling and need a nice, simple controller for their systemPeople who loathe to clutter their space with legacy PC-towers just for the parallel-portTinkerers who need a controller written in tidy, modular C as a basis for their project.

I can actually think of a lot more than just those. You could also add a Wireless connection to the Arduino allowing you to remotely control your CNC machine from a mobile device. UPDATE!!! If you are interested in making your own CNC machines we recommend you have a look at the following books: Like this: Like Loading... Arduino CNC Shield – 100% GRBL Compatable. Do it yourself CNC projects are popping up everywhere and we decided that we wanted to contribute to the growth.

Arduino CNC Shield – 100% GRBL Compatable

Here are a few of our design goals: Modular Design – We wanted to do more than just keep cost down. We wanted things to be reusable and up-gradable. (Arduino , Individual Stepper Motor Drivers and more…)Compact Design – Squeezing a 4 axis design into a board the same size and Arduino Uno.Opensource Software – 100% GRBL compatible (G-Code Interpreter)Evolving Development – We are keen to improve on the design and welcome all feedback. Arduino CNC Shield V3.10 – GRBL v0.9 compatible (PWM Spindle + Soft limits) Arduino CNC Shield V3.00 Arduino CNC Shield V2.00 Availability If you are interested in updates please add your email address to the following mailing list and we will send you more details as the shield develops.

CNC Bausatz Kit USB Schrittmotor Steuerung Motoren Software reprap Nema 17 ramps. Schauen Sie hier an, wie das System einfach funktioniert!

CNC Bausatz Kit USB Schrittmotor Steuerung Motoren Software reprap Nema 17 ramps

Erweiterung auf 4. Achse wegen Vorschub oder Drehbank möglich. Wenn Sie die Lieferung erhalten, verbinden Sie die Steuerung via USB und stecken Sie das Netzteil an Strom und das wars schon. Keine Lötarbeit, keine Montage. Sie müssen lediglich ein Windows Rechner haben und mehr nicht. Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten: Passendes Netzteil : 25EU => Dann kümmern Sie nicht mehr um Stromversorgung 4. 3x Wellenkupplung für Motoren : 15EU => Sie können Antriebswelle direkt an Motor kuppeln 3x Endschalter (debounced) : 15EU => Sie können die Position des Motors feststellen und die Stellung als Home (Null) definieren.

NEU: Analog Joystick Modul mit Joystick: 30EU => Mit einem Joystick wie aus einem Gamekontroller können die Motoren gesteuert werden NEU: USB Modul: 60EU => Schließen Sie einfach eine USB Tastatur oder Joystick um die Motoren zu steuern Ein Gehäuse für das System: 35EU (Lieferzeiten verlängern) Lieferungsumfang (siehe Bilder): OpenBuilds. Inventables: The Hardware Store for Designers.