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Building a Unimog Truck Camper Rig. KiraVan – Is this the ULTIMATE BOV? | The Bubba Effect. Readers of The Bubba Effect know that we love Mogs. The Unimog is a Mercedes on Steroids. Combine German Tech with a need for the outdoors and you have a winner… Or, so we thought, until we saw this: It’s called the KiraVan. An inventor named Bran Ferren developed the Kiravan (named after his daughter) as a mobile learning lab for scientists and film crews.

The RV allows scientific crews to go places they couldn’t go before, at a level of luxury that is quite frankly, astounding. And if you’re thinking that the KiraVan looks like a Mog, you’d be absolutely right. You see, the KiraVan is a hybrid. What you are gonna get is one part Unimog and one part fifth-wheel camper. From the grille back, the KiraVan is a heavily tweaked Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck chassis with a four-door cabin powered by a 260-horsepower/700lb-ft of torque six-cylinder turbodiesel. From the hitch back, this RV is LUXURY at it’s best. Like most luxury RV’s, the KiraVan has all the gadgets. Like this: Like Loading... MD48 / Unimog U 2450 L38. Unimog Camper Construction 200710. Removable Frame Provides Payload Flexibility and Pain Back to Bill Caid's Home Page Rental forklift places camper on frame about half way through construction.

The Experience More than 3 years ago, I purchased an Alaskan Camper for my mog. The basic plan was simple: measure the camper and the truck and build the frame in place on the truck bed to insure that it will fit. Right in the middle of the construction, the fires broke out in San Diego and LA areas. The photos below show what happened. The Miramar Air Show occurred early in the initial construction process and since I was outside with my camera, I got these shots of the USAF Thunderbirds as they performed. A side shot as one of the members fly's by solo. Part of a loop in formation. Another banked turn, this one with the top side facing us. One of the first things that happens during a project of this scope is a trip to the store.

This little cutoff saw will get some hard use. Here, the spar is in place in the extended position. Container. Container homes. Introducing... The Schwimmwagen Military Replica! | Kooblekar Skunkwerkes - Build Your Own Kubel! We will be taking delivery of T-166 Schwimmwagen body tubs in early 2010. A “body tub” is the Schwimmwagen boat hull. The Schwimmer body tub is being built by an established boat builder who also has owned seven Schwimmwagens.

He is using his experience with both boat building and restoring Schwimmwagens to build the Schwimmwagen hull. The first tub or hull we get will be for a customer who will be having us build it as a four wheel drive. The customer will be supplying the very scarce and costly four wheel drive components. Because of the difficulty obtaining four wheel drive components, the first one will probably be the only one built with four wheel drive. The hull, tub, or body will be hand laid fiberglass just like a boat. At this point, you ask. Now that you have it floating it might be nice to propel it through the water. We're guessing folks without a lot of money will opt for the two wheel drive that looks like the four wheel drive and will have a faux propeller drive unit. Platypus amphibious 4x4 to land at under US$40,000. Like the Australian marsupial from which it takes its name, it isn't pretty, but it sure is functional.

With a top speed of 100 kmh on the road, it's not as fast as its celebrated fellow amphibians such as the Gibbs Aquada or Rinspeed Splash. But it is capable of seven knots on the water, can withstand heavy seas, and it's hardcore four-wheel-drive capabilities will get you just about anywhere you can imagine going. Most remarkable though is the price - when production starts in mid-2005, the Platypus will sell for less than US$40,000. View all "I have always felt that the personal amphibious car was a genre of vehicle yet to have its day", says Boyd Wyatt, the Australian designer / builder of the Platypus amphibious 4x4.

The Platypus, named after the duck-billed web-footed Australian mammal found on the banks of waterways in Eastern Australia, is even more adaptable than its namesake. "Once 4wd owners see and experience what an amphibian can do, they are hooked. Share. How to Create Your Life Story Exactly How You Want it to Be. We all have a life story we’re trying to live. But the thing is that we never know how long we have to tell it, meaning it’s that much more challenging to create your life story as you want it to be. For example, I’m sure you’ve heard that the world is going to end this year. Well…probably. Okay…maybe not. There is quite a bit of debate about it, but I think most agree that it probably isn’t going to literally end. But what if the world really did end on December 21? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you wouldn’t want to be fighting with your spouse.

And who says you will? If you spend a lot of time currently fighting with your spouse or engaging in power struggles, pushing their buttons or bumping heads, statistics says there’s a very high probability you will die that way. Activities you do frequently become habits. Suppose you often fight with your spouse and you love to push his/her buttons. New and Used Explorer Conversion Vans - Luxury High Top - 7 to 9 Passengers. WaterCar. The Many Architectural Applications of Shipping Containers vol.7 | Shanghai Metal Corporation. Shipping containers are a perfect solution for setting up a pop-up restaurant or a mobile kiosk. As we already covered in our blog about container stores, they can be installed almost everywhere and are very likely to gather a lot of crowd. Some very well know companies have already set up a mobile restaurants and kiosks.

In 2010 Subway had a shipping container restaurant on top of the five story Freedom Tower in New York. Subway established the restaurant for the construction workers who would otherwise have needed 45 minutes to get down from the construction. Shipping containers are also a form of sustainable building and offer an eco-friendly and a low-cost solution for starting restaurants. As a new business idea, shipping container restaurants are an ideal low-cost choice. Setting a container kiosk is a smaller scale but still a considerable business. If you are looking for containers to start or expand your business, we in Shanghai Metal Corporation can offer them.

Like this: Project: Shipping Container Garage| Builds and Project Cars | forum | Grassroots Motorsports. Newly married, my wife and I have been house hunting for the past few months. Not satisfied with what I've been seeing in the housing market, most houses seem to have either a great garage and small house, or large house and small garage. Being the type of person to have multiple projects going on at once a small garage won't suffice.

I spoke with a friend who has a 1,500 sq. ft. shop with 20 ft ceilings to clear his lifts and with concrete, pre-fabbed metal building he assembled and wired himself, he still managed to spend over $25,000 Determined to maximize my dollar per sq ft, I've decided to start planning out my garage so that when my wife and I finally acquire some property I will already have the planning out of the way and all that will need to be done is to start putting together the garage. I've seen some cool things done with shipping containers, yes the 40 ft shipping containers you see on freight ships. Too damn big and impractical (for the kind of land we're looking at). . . Use your smart phone to control your table lamp! (Arduino + Android Bluetooth Home Automation) I use Altium Designer to design this circuit, each part is straightforward, an AMS1117 5.0V voltage regulator gets 5V from a 9V battery, I like to use this kind of rechargeable 9V battery in my projects.

Also, I add a red LED in the circuit, when you turn on the switch it will give you a sign. You can see the typical application of AMS1117 in Picture 2, and you can use LM7805 substitute for AMS1117, since AMS1117 only gives this one footprint SOT-223, which it not that convenient if you build your circuit on breadboard(not the stuff you use to make bread :P Check out this link below: As for relay part, I use an opto-isolator to isolate the micro-controller circuit and the relay circuit, header P1 is used to connect to the relay, when D2 is set to be Low, the LED in this opto-isolator will turn on, current flows through the transistor in this opto-isolator to open another transistor Q1, which will allow the relay start to work. Yoga: The Art of Transformation | Support | Freer and Sackler Galleries.

Vishnu Vishvarupa. India, Rajasthan, Jaipur, ca. 1800–20; Opaque watercolor and gold on paper, 38.5 x 28 cm; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Given by Mrs. Gerald Clark; IS.33-2006 Preview the book » All over the world, millions of people—including 20 million Americans—practice yoga for health benefits and to find spiritual calm. Practitioners and non-practitioners alike are aware of yoga's origins in India. But very few know of yoga's rich visual history, which reveals its profound philosophical underpinnings, its goals of transforming both body and consciousness, the diverse social roles yogic practitioners have played, and its transformations over time and across communities. The book features sculptural masterpieces of historical and divine yogis, exquisite Mughal paintings of militant yogis and romantic heroes, illustrated manuscripts of Hindu philosophy and Islamic divination, monumental images of the chakras (energy centers of the body), and 19th-century photography.

All In One Full Loft Bed With Storage And Computer Desk Bedroom Design#14 Computer Desks For Small Spaces - How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace. Random bits: If you wear multi-focus glasses (bifocals, progressives), I'd suggest you want the monitor lower than all the standard ergonomic diagrams show. Essentially, you want your neck straight, eyes angled down to look at the monitor through the "close up" part of your glasses. Want a good office chair for not too much money? Try a used office furniture dealer. Basic with mice: gross motions (like across the screen) with the heel of your hand off the desk surface, but when it gets to fine motions (photoshop, whatever), put the heel of your hand down and just use your fingertips. I personally find trackpads more comfortable, but off to the side, where a mouse would be. Keyboards: at least try a negative tilt (back lower than front). NB: I went through all sorts of keyboards and mice (and desks and monitors and chairs) some years ago as I was starting to get numb fingertips, which is one sign of RSI.

Adjustable X-legged Laptop Stand. Articulated Camera Stand. Recliner Computer chair. $18 PVC Laptop Stand with Keyboard/Mouse Slot. Sometimes I use my desk for the computer and sometimes for other activities that require desk space, so I wanted a laptop stand with a convenient place to stow the keyboard and mouse when they're not in use. I thought about lots of different materials, and I decided to do PVC because it's cheap and great for ventilation (as opposed to something with a big flat surface. Because the design is self-explanatory on sight, and because the dimensions would vary with the size of the laptop, I'm not including step-by-step instructions. Also, joining PVC pieces makes precise cuts less helpful because they all cram in a little differently. A few little notes: • I used 3/4-inch PVC • Nobody seems to manufacture 3-way corner PVC pieces that are all 3/4-inch openings. LOG Monitor Swing Arm. Simple working/gaming desk. Pallet Computer Desk. Inexpensive laptop desk.

Simple Stand-up Desks. Homemade notebook stand with drawer and a laptop cooling. This DIY Under-Desk Organizer Is Easy to Build, Even in Small Spaces. Ultimate Loft Bed. 3rd Annual Coolest Smallest Apartment Contest #19 Loft Beds Loft Beds - Loft Bed Designs | Home Staging Okc. Home »Unlabelled » Loft Bed Designs Loft Bed Specialists MC Woodworks: Twin, Full, Queen, King Loft BedsThe loft bed is a Ana White | Build a How to Build a Loft Bed | Free and Easy DIY Build a Loft Bed | Free Ana White | Build a How to Build a Loft Bed | Free and Easy DIY ...How to Build a Loft Bed Bedroom.

Contemporary Loft Beds Design Inspirations: The Dazzling ...Loft Beds Design Wooden Triple Lindy Bunk Bed Plans And Designs For Children #30 ...Wooden triple lindy bunk bed - skin show, charmy, okkadu movie, ram 70 Excellent Beautiful Loft Bed For Adult Design Brilliant Ideas ...Loft And Bunk Bed Designs 9 Cool Loft Bed Design for Kids, Teenage and Adult - this ...9 Cool Loft Bed Design for Ana White | Build a Loft Bed Small Bookcase and Desk | Free and ...up the loft bed plans by DIY Project: How to Make a Loft Bed for Your Dorm Room | HomeJellyHow to Make a Loft Bed for Bunk bedBunk bed plans Kids Room.

Free Bunkbed Plans ! The Luxury Loft Desk. Crossover Alloy Campers. Crossover Alloy has specialised in building aluminium campers and canopies for over eight years. Crossover Alloy campers have evolved and improved greatly over this timeframe due to technological improvements and more optimised building standards to provide a truely remarkable camper.

Our product range is manufactured and finished in our 2 pak baking oven on our premises. This gives us flexibility when designing your new camper. Crossover Alloy build from a basic canopy and can customise to your requirements. The body is constructed completely of aluminium which provides a tough, strong as well as extremely low weight platform. All our canvas is manufactured by Outback Campers in Melbourne, who have been making campers and caravans for over 20 years. We are producing a large range of integrated canopys and now our new rear fold track back camper which give you space to get out of the weather. Capsule hotel. Capsules in Osaka View in a capsule, with a television in the upper left corner A capsule hotel (カプセルホテル, kapuseru hoteru?)

Is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of extremely small "rooms" (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels. Description[edit] The guest room is a modular plastic or fiberglass block roughly 2 by 1 by 1.25 m (6 ft 7 in by 3 ft 3 in by 4 ft 1 in). Capsule hotels vary in size, from fifty or so capsules to 700, and they are used primarily by men.[3] Some capsule hotels offer separate sections for male and female guests.

This style of hotel has not gained wide popularity outside of Japan, although Western variants known as "pod hotels"[6] have been developed, with larger accommodations and often private baths. History[edit] In 2012, China opened its first capsule hotel in Xi'an.[9] Singapore's "Woke Home" is a capsule hostel.[10] See also[edit]

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Container Architecture. HOVERCRAFTERZ: The ultimate homemade hovercraft hobby hub. 243416-need-help-amphibious-rc-car. Platypus amphibious 4x4 to land at under US$40,000 - Image 13 of 13. Aquajeep - Amphibious 4x4 Kit Car. Welcome. How I built a Laptop / Notebook Computer Tray for my Toyota Tacoma Pickup. Ford Work Solutions Overview. Top 10 Shipping Container Tiny Houses. How to make a RC Hovercraft. Old Phone Intercom Device. Build your own intercom or walkie talkie out of two old cordless phones. Using old phones as an intercom in your VW bus (or anywhere else)