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Buy Enclosure D.840 Construction Kit I STEPCRAFT, 779,00 € The Enclosure has been constructed to protect your environment from noise and debris when operating your STEPCRAFT D-Series.

Buy Enclosure D.840 Construction Kit I STEPCRAFT, 779,00 €

The machine placed in the interior is accessible from three sides via the door elements in the Enclosure. Due to the opening in the upper mid, accessories can be easily inserted. Additionally, the Switch-Box as well as second control unit can be stored precisely fitting in the Enclosure. Noise Control Enclosure for CNC Router Machines. Shipping – ANYCUBIC 3D Printing. Due to the COVID-19, delivery time and area is affected by different degrees and might be delayed from 5 to 10 days.

Shipping – ANYCUBIC 3D Printing

Few products will be delayed for 4+ weeks or can't be shipped to some countries. Affected by increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and local shutdowns/restrictions in the US and Europe, delivery and shipping are heavily delayed locally in those areas, updates from our service providers such as DHL, FedEx, and so on. indicate their huge pressure on delivery because of this holiday season and the situation will last perhaps till middle of January 2021. Please note, from now on, we can not deliver the products to some countries, Please be patient and will keep you updated.

Untitled. I've been meaning to buy a bandsaw for years for small carpentry projects, to save me effort and improve accuracy/repeatability for small cuts like tenons and dovetails etc.


Having recently expanded my interests into working with metal, and having decided to finally get a bandsaw, I was struggling to find one machine that would enable the range of materials - I was drawn to this one because its speed range will enable softwood, plywood, brass, aluminium and steel (I'll only be using it for small detail cuts on steel - general cuts will be made with less fine machinery). The size of it had pros & cons - on the one hand, the size of wood pieces that I can run through it is restricted compared to larger wood-only machines, but on the other hand, that means it'll take up less space in my workshop when I'm not using it.

- MBS 240/E. Solid, ribbed die-cast aluminium housing (no tubular or sheet metal construction).

- MBS 240/E

Double ball bearing mounted aluminium pulleys. DT2. Vaquform is a manually operated vacuum forming machine that can produce industrial-grade plastic moldings while being compact enough to fit on a desktop.


This machine is the first of its kind to provide a user interface that is similar to what you might find in your smart appliances. There are pre-programmed process controls and user sensors that make it easy to use. The powerful ceramic heaters allow you to prepare the plastic sheet in a few minutes, while the built-in hybrid vacuum gives high accuracy and mold detail each production cycle. Vaquform can form 0.30mm to 3.00mm plastic sheets (330mm x 250mm) with a maximum draw height of 200mm. This device works for any electrical supply between 100V to 240V AC. The Digital Knitting Machine Moving forward - Kniterate. Welcome to the first update of 2019, we hope you’ve all been having a great new year.

The Digital Knitting Machine Moving forward - Kniterate

Here are some of our most important news for the last two months: Hardware. Makyu FormBox: Create and Make with Vacuum Forming - GoPrint3D. ProtoMAX - The First High Performance Personal Abrasive Waterjet. WorkBee CNC Kit – A Complete CNC Machine Setup. Once the WorkBee CNC machine is built, it has the following software work flow: CAD → CAM → G-Code Sender.

WorkBee CNC Kit – A Complete CNC Machine Setup

The G-Code Sender software allows firmware settings to be configured, move the machine around, and send the g-code job file to the machine. The manual covers using the very simple Universal G-Code Sender, which is a free java based program, that is compatible with Mac or Windows computers. FabKit. The First Professional CO2 Laser Kit The FabKit is no ordinary laser cutter, designed and manufactured in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Mayku. The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter by WAZER. Risks and challenges Mechanical WAZER is an incredibly complex machine, combining hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical systems.

The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter by WAZER

It’s a lot of components that need to work together seamlessly. That’s why we are a team of four engineers, with experience building machines and consumer products. Supply Chain To manufacture such a complex product we inherently will have to work with many suppliers, which will be a challenge to manage and ensure that components are made properly. In order to be close to our suppliers, we have spent the last eight months in Shenzhen, China, arguably the largest manufacturing ecosystem for hardware in the world.

Quality Assembling each waterjet will be a challenge to ensure that everything works properly. Software WAZER's user-centric software still needs development - currently we run WAZER using modified off-the-shelf CAM software and motion controller. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter. Shaper. The Hardware Store for Designers. Sabur XF DIVA - Sublimation InksSublimation Inks. Advanced Media Handling.

Sabur XF DIVA - Sublimation InksSublimation Inks

HP's Sprout uses a smart mat instead of keyboard and mouse. For years, the design of desktop PCs has been relatively static when compared to the innovation tablets and smartphones have enjoyed. But now, Hewlett Packard is hoping to shake up the sector with a machine that uses a touch mat and in-built 3D camera as its main controls, leaving a keyboard and mouse as optional extras. The Sprout's projects graphics onto its mat to provide its owners with a limitless range of controls. These can be anything from normal computer icons and alphanumeric keyboards, to piano keys and DJ mixing decks - the only limit is the software developers' imagination. Roland’s monoFab Prototyping Solution.

We had a look at Roland’s new twin machine prototyping solution they call “monoFab”. It’s a series of two different rapid prototyping machines. The ARM-10 provides desktop 3D printing capability, while the SRM-20 provides desktop milling functionality. The two machines together can provide a serious prototyping capability for any small workshop. The ARM-10 is a DLP-powered resin 3D printer, meaning it is capable of printing at pretty high resolution. Using photo curable resin, the DLP light engine repeatedly cures 0.01mm layers in its 130 x 70 x 70mm build volume. Fuel3D Fuel3D: The low-cost, high-quality 3D scanner, for 3D printing, 3D animation, 3D game development and more… ProJet 4500 - ProJet Printers. Paper Cutting Machine - Electronic Paper Cutter - Cricut Explore.

Roland iModela. ShopBotTools CNC Routers.