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Daily Fancies — DIY:  Fancy Flower Letters This simple and chic... 50 Budget Decorating Tips You Should Know! Hey ya'll. So, this renovation that I've been snailing my way through is finally on the home stretch. I've been painting and installing trim and doors for nearly 6 weeks now, and I think I might actually be finished by this time next week. I'll be sharing all of the details about what I've been up to very soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to take a minute to recap some of the best budget decorating ideas that I've come up with in the past 2 years before we started the renovation. Let me preface this entire post by speaking some truth: I'm not the best decorator. So, I've narrowed the list down to my top 50, and I've even thrown in a few projects and ideas that have never made it onto the blog before, just for fun. I mean, it will always be a 1970's has a giant rock wall built through the center of it.

Let's get started! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I just re-assembled the office this week and it looks a lot different. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Keep Herb in your thoughts. 14. 15. 16. 17. Upholstery Tips and Tricks. I just reupholstered my thrift store chair again. (It's going in the room I've been working on, and it needed a fresh new 'do.) I've done several upholstery tutorials on the blog, and there are several FAQ's I get with every tutorial. They're the same questions I had when I first started playing around with upholstery, so today I thought I would share a few tricks I've learned along the way and answer one of your most frequently asked questions. First, let's check out the latest chair makeover. Remember this guy? This will officially be the third time I've reupholstered this chair (see here and here) and hopefully the last.

I chose a green and white Waverly fabric from Joann's, and I cannot wait to show you how amazing it looks in the room it's going in. I think it's quite the improvement! And when my math skills failed me and I ran out of material for the back panel, I decided to chop up an embroidered pillow cover and use it for the back. So, let's talk upholstery tips. Follow my blog with. DIY Stencil Sharpie Pillow. While decorating our guest bedroom and searching for fun accent pillows, I began to realize that every pillow I loved was way out of my price range. At $50-$100 each, the high end pillows I drooled over just weren't reasonable for my thrift store budget. So, I decided to make my own. Since I needed a black and white pillow, I decided the easiest route would be to sew a simple envelope pillow from white canvas material and use a sharpie to draw on my pattern. This is what I created. a simple yet bold graphic pillow that pairs perfectly with solid pillows,and is the perfect addition to our simple white bedding.

My inspiration was the Kravet Windsor Smith Riad fabric seen everywhere. So, here's how I DIY'd my own version. First, you'll want to decide what sort of pattern you want to do. I used a plain piece of computer paper, but if you want a sturdier stencil, use cardstock or posterboard. Then, after about an hour of coloring with a Sharpie, you've got a nice pillow that looks store bought! Or. Painting Designs on Walls: Creative Stencil Ideas. I love the look of painting designs on walls: creative stencil ideas. Not only does it look great, the price is much more affordable than wallpaper and when the look is no longer your thing, it’s very easy to throw up a fresh coat of paint and change a room’s direction!

Cutting Edge Stencil has tons of stencils… Remember my houndstooth pillow!?! I love this pattern…a duotone textile pattern often in black and white, NOT always (keep reading)! I chose a houndstooth stencil for my office (small space in my family room), I thought it’d be a great subtle room divide. I love how a very blank slate become super fun and stylish! I attached the level to the bottom of my stencil, it slides right on. And here’s my new office area! Geometric Foyer (this is actually fabric, but I’d use a stencil instead) Elizabeth Followill’s Portfolio Craft Stencils for Furniture Cutting Edge Fabulous Dining Room…so perfect it looks like wallpaper! Lolly Jane 2009 Idea House – Master Bedroom Southern Living Dear Lillie. How to Make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers - Love Grows Wild. AddThis What's Next Recommended for you Hide Show.

Using Rope to Repurpose Cans. Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was very productive. All day Saturday, I worked on adding category labels to my blog so you can find what you're looking for a lot easier (you can find that on left side), adding buttons to my 'I Party Here' page, spray painting a few items from blah to beauty and a couple other crafts. This mini project however, is one I actually did last week. I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw it on Pinterest some time back. Who would have thought cans that once housed your soups could be transformed to something pretty and useful? I sure wouldn't have! For this project you will need: Can/s of whatever size your darling heart desires Rope (I purchased 50 ft at Home Depot for under $6) Hot glue gun Glue sticks (obviously, right?)

I know the process is pretty much self explanatory but I personally enjoy seeing step by step pictures (I'm a visual kinda person) so I will assume that someone reading this may be the same way. 1. 2. Almost finished! $10 Tiered Jewelry Trays {Using mostly Supplies From Dollar Tree!} Man, have I been checking off some small projects from my Pinterest to-do list lately!

And let me tell ya... it feels good! Check out my latest feel-good project: This particular project felt good to make because 1.) It was EASY and 2.) It was CHEAP! Like dirt cheap! It only cost me around $5 because I already had some of the materials. But even if you were to go out and buy everything you need, you would only be leaving the store with $10 less in your pocket (that's if you're nothing like me and actually only buy what you went in the store to buy!) DIY Tiered Jewelry Tray What you need to create this little beauty: - 3 trays from Dollar Tree (2 round and 1 rectangular) - 2 glass candle holders from Dollar Tree - Superglue (got mine guessed it, Dollar Tree) - Primer (optional) - Spray paint in the color you fancy *You can customize the material list to create your very own one of a kind piece. Next, glue your second tray to the candle holder, making sure it's centered. Spray Painted Tin Cans As Planters {Summer Spruce-Up Series}

Since our Summer Spruce-Up Planters party is just a couple days away (Wow! Does time fly or what?) I thought I'd share how I repurposed some plain cans into colorful planters! You may have already seen these babies here, in my back patio makeover post, but I added some minor changes that I really am loving! So without further rambling, here are the stars of this post: I added some rocks to the tray they are all sitting in and some twine to one of the cans just so they don't' all look the same. You can see a closer look of the rocks here. Creating Planters from tin cans is super easy and inexpensive! All I used was old cans (think soups, vegetables, beans...) and some spray paint! Oh, and I also poked some holes on the bottom for water drainage. Don't forget to come back on Wednesday for our Summer Spruce-Up Series Planters themed party!!!

I am so looking forward to see what everyone came up with! Don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway that is going on right now! Why not stay connected? $10 Gallery Ledges Built From Anna White Plans. These awesome ledges are something I've been wanting to build for such a long time! At least 6 months! Why things we are itching to do end up taking a long time to make a reality, I don't know, but man am I glad this one is checked off my to- do list! I first saw these ledges on, you can check them out here (along with step by step directions). They're called $10 ledges because that's how much it costs to build one 8 foot ledge! I tweaked her plans just a bit since our Home Depot didn't have any 1x2's.

To make both ledges I purchased three 1x4's and two 1x3's. These come at 8 feet long and I cut mine to be 6 feet long or I would of had a wall to wall ledge. I also cut one of my 1x4's in half to create a 1x2 for each ledge. After putting everything together and sanding it down I painted them white in a semi-gloss finish. Here's what it looked like before painting: Want to guess where these babies ended up?

Yup! I'm happy to say that wall now looks like this: Why miss a post? DIY Rock Art {Vacation Keepsake} It was totally in my favor that I saw this post from Alyssa at Clever Nest before leaving on vacation with my family. It inspired me to make this rock art that would remind us of the awesome time we would be having together. Her awesome rock vacation keepsake set me on a mission as we enjoyed our day in Santa Monica Beach... You can see more vacation photos here. I collected a total of 15 fabulous rocks and 1 very old- but cool looking sea shell (bottom left corner) and couldn't wait to get home to make my keepsake! I didn't take pictures for a tutorial but it's soooo easy to make your own rock art keepsake!

All I did was spray paint the rocks in clear (just like Alyssa did) to give them that wet look effect, used my glue gun and glued them to a piece of cardboard that I spray painted in an off white and then put them in my new shadow box I purchased in IKEA for $8!!! That's it, folks! Oh, and see that ledge it's standing on? Let's stay connected! DIY Rock Art {Vacation Keepsake} DIY Fridge Mats/Coasters. Have you guys seen the fridge mats/coasters that lay on top of each shelf in your refrigerator and are supposed to make cleaning up messes easier? Not to mention, make the inside of your fridge look fabulous! Well, I just recently came across this concept in a wonderful place called the world wide web! I read about them on a blog and was redirected to an online store that sells them. I thought they were pretty cool and was ready to place my order, which was going to run me around $30 for the set, when I know, these look an awful lot like plastic place mats!

If you are a DIYer you understand my urge to want to make everything, right? Then I googled DIY FRIDGE COASTERS and found that I wasn't the only one that came up with this "making fridge coasters out of plastic place mats" idea. So, the next time I found myself at Target I picked up these 6 plastic mats in a super cool design: Before I show you what I did, take a look at a before picture of the inside of my fridge:

No Sew Pillow Cover Made From Napkins. Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to whip up your very own removable pillow covers without the aid of a sewing machine! These are great to hide any old/ugly pillows or just update your color scheme in a zip! I actually have a sewing machine (a good friend gave me hers about a month ago, thanks Naomi!) But I haven't had the time to sit down and figure it out yet. I've read several tutorials on the "no sew pillow covers", so when I cam across these go-geous clearance priced napkins at Target, I decided to just skip the machine and let hem tape do its thang.

It's hard to see, but this set of 4 napkins was on sale for $2.98!!! Each napkin is 20" X 20" which is perfect for 14" to 16" pillows. Are you ready to see how to go: First, you will need an iron, ironing board, hem tape, 2 napkins (makes 1 pillow), a pair of scissors and a moistened towel (this is going to help the hem tape bind the pieces of fabric together). (I moved to the floor for this step) Here's what mine looked like: Easy DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board. I love checklists. I don't know what's more fun, writing them out or checking them off, but checklists are definitely on my top favorite things to do list....I know, I'm weird. Now, if they could only do the things I write on them for me then I would be set! When I was a little girl I would write down "go to school" on my to do list (like I had a choice, right?) , along with "play" and" take a shower".

Hey, I was only 8 and those things were important to me; education, fun time and cleanliness. I guess I should say they still are important so you don't get the impression I'm an uneducated, dirty, party pooping kinda girl. Because of my obsession with checklists, I had been wanting to buy a small white dry erase board to put on the fridge. As for my interpretation of the project, it goes something like this: You will need: Other things you can use this board for: This project is linked to the following link parties: Upcycled Oatmeal Container To A Headband Organizer.

Follow Restoration Beauty and always be updated on all the fun! Hey, everyone! Today I'm going to show you another thrifty {pretty much free}, quick and easy little project. And yes, totally got this idea on Pinterest. If you have little girls in your home, this post is for you! Get ready to get those headbands out of that miscellaneous drawer and out and organized! Can you believe this was made out of an oatmeal container? I didn't believe it either when I saw it. I didn't have an empty oatmeal container on hand at the time, but thankfully the little lady of the house eats oatmeal like candy so I knew I'd have one ASAP.

She didn't disappoint. I had my container in no time and got straight to work (if you can even call it that). Here is what you need to make your own headband organizer/holder: - empty oatmeal container (clean it out with a towel) - wrapping paper (you can also use fabric) -scissors -tape (you can also use a glue gun or Mod Podge) 1. 2. 3. You're done! Waaaay too easy, I know. Rain Gutter Bookshelves. Why miss a post? Follow Restoration Beauty via one of the following and always be updated! I'm so excited about today's post because it's another project I could check off my Pinterest To Do's! These bookshelves made out of rain gutters (yes, you read that correctly) are nothing new. In fact, I've seen them roaming around blogland for quite some time now. And for good reason: they're AWESOME! I pinned them as soon as I found them and just finally got around to getting her done.

I mean, seriously, check them out for yourself and tell me you don't instantly get the desire to try this simple little project: Yeah, that's what I thought...Pretty cool, huh? These fabulous rain gutter bookshelves are cheap, easy, quick and pretty! One 10 ft vinyl rain gutter will cost you just under $6, and a set of caps (what you attach to the end of each shelf) are also just under $6!!

But since I cut my rain gutter in two I had to buy 2 sets of caps so my project came in at around $18, which is till very frugal!