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Blacksmith Nic Westermann forged wood carving tools. 4-3/4 oz Ultra-light Backpacking Kitchen (video demo) This instructable will describe the steps necessary to build a 2 Cup boiling pot, and the case to carry it in.

4-3/4 oz Ultra-light Backpacking Kitchen (video demo)

If you want to build the stove that is part of this kit, search "alcohol stove" there are a couple on instructables already, but I may put together an instruction later. If you would like to make the spice kit, or want to know what is in it, check out my other post: Update: here is my version of the stove instructions: I have seen similar things like this done before. Build a low tech CFV stove : Gather the materials and tools. You'll need some aluminum sheet.

Build a low tech CFV stove : Gather the materials and tools

This can come from most any source to meet whatever requirements you have for durability. To construct the test stoves I used aluminum flashing, since it is about the minimum thickness that can be secured with 1/8" pop rivets. Brass, stainless or aluminum machine screws can be used in place of aluminum or stainless pop rivets. I used aluminum pop rivets since I will most likely not be taking the stove apart. In the event I do need to take it apart, aluminum rivets are the easiest to remove. Next you'll need some aluminum door screen. Altoids tin Search Results. Insulation fabrics. Gear and Resources for Long Distance Hikers. Here is a fairly basic backpack for those outdoor types who wouldn't mind making their own gear and go through the trouble of putting their hands (and feet) to work with scissors and a sewing machine.

Gear and Resources for Long Distance Hikers

For the sake of simplicity, I'll dub our project as the LAB (for Lightweight Adventure Backpack). This actually came into being after I constructed the "van Peski" pack or the GVP G4 pack posted at a site some time ago. And yeah, I was able to download a copy of the instructions and diagrams. Unfortunately, the site is currently unavailable and I believe the authors are updating and rewriting the instructions. I had great success with the van Peski pack project, in fact I have already made three of them with each subsequent model sporting improvements in comfort and utility. Convert A Hammock Stuff Sack Into A Bishop Bag - The Ultimate Hang. A majority of hammocks used for camping and backpacking have a simple, gathered-end design and come with a handy stuff sack sewn on one side, right in the middle.

Convert A Hammock Stuff Sack Into A Bishop Bag - The Ultimate Hang

These little sacks are convenient because the storage sack is always attached, easy to find, and it makes packing up a little easier. Plus, you can use the stuff sack as a gear pocket when the hammock is hung up—store your favorite beverage, a book, or even a flashlight. Www.buzzfeed. Gear-Making Instructional Video Series. Packplans.pdf. MYOG HyperD 300 Backpack. Home›MYOG HyperD 300 Backpack I've always thought quilts were the holy grail of DIY, but now that I look at this pack, I realize I'm mistaken.

MYOG HyperD 300 Backpack

The amount of planning, sewing skill, and effort that went into this MYOG submitted by Ryan is astounding. But who better to tell you about it than the man himself: "First, I wanted to say thanks for supporting DIY. I thought you might like to see what came of the HyperD 300 I purchased from you recently. Congrats on all your hard work Ryan! . Materials. Just Jeff's Homemade Gear - Hammock Engineer's Red River Gorge Quilt.

The quilt is made with an outer shell of a down proof fabric.

Just Jeff's Homemade Gear - Hammock Engineer's Red River Gorge Quilt

This can be 1.1 oz DWR ripstop nylon or Momentun90 available at as used in this project. The outer shell is chosen to be a lighter color to keep radiant heat loss to a minimum, and the inner shell material is chosen to be black to help absorb your radiant heat. The length of this quilt is 78” long, which comes out to 6’6” long.

Stretch-Side Hammock. A while back WV posted about making the sides of a hammock less floppy using a bungee cord.

Stretch-Side Hammock

I haven't seen his method but was inspired to experiment with the idea.One of the complaints people have with the gathered end hammock ( is that the sides are loose and your top quilt, pillow, etc. can easily fall out of the hammock. On one of my gathered ends I added a foot box triangle on one side. It shortened that side and helped keep things in place but limited the hammock to entry and exit only from the opposite side. Sitting on the side w. the foot box risks tearing the stitching and material.Bungees to the rescue! An existing gathered end hammock can now be easily modified to become what I'm calling a "stretch-side hammock". Packplans.pdf. HOMEMADE OUTDOOR GEAR. Blog Archive » DIY Zippered Wetbag: Now with 100% more chocolate. I love a good wetbag.

Blog Archive » DIY Zippered Wetbag: Now with 100% more chocolate

That may speak volumes on the excitement level in my life right now, but suffice it to say that a cute print, a non-wicking inside, and a zipper to hold in any undesirable wafting, as it were, and I’m a happy mama. It’s a rectangle within a rectangle, how hard could that be, right? And yet, zippers are scary, and wetbags cost so darned much, so they must be incredibly complicated. Tutorial: How To Make an UCR. Down TOP quilt, directions and pics. Easier, simpler Top Quilt design. Easier, Simpler Down Top QuiltAfter making my Bridge Under Quilts, I decided to make top quilts, but I decidedly did NOT want to repeat the hassle of sewing and filling baffles as with the under quilts.Since I have dedicated Bridge Under Quilts, I decided that the top quilts would be dedicated also, i.e., top quilts only.

Easier, simpler Top Quilt design

This simplified the design considerably in that I didn't have to try and design for dual use.We've been using a Karo Step comforter on our bed for over 20 years. Originally it was a baffled chamber comforter, but many years back one or more of the baffles tore and the comforter needed to be repaired. The shop which did the repair simply opened the old comforter, sucked out the down and blew it into a new shell. DIY Silnylon Tarp. So, I love to sew.

DIY Silnylon Tarp

I know you guys all think it's thread injecting, but to me it's sewing. Down Fill Calculator. Karo Box Top Quilt. Just finished my first Karo Step quilt (seven D fabric and wearable) - Page 2. Karo Step Top Quilt - cwhammocks. Down Fill Chart. PHSplans. Gear and Resources for Long Distance Hikers. Pattern_NightWing. Accessories - DIY - Arrowhead Equipment. My Gear.