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Color Drawing. How to Draw a Realistic Eye (Time Lapse) How to Draw the Head and Face / Portrait with Steve Huston PART 1 HD (3 HOURS LONG) Drawing Nature and Landscapes : How to Draw Nature Outdoors with Drawing Lessons Step by Step Techniques for Cartoons. How to Begin Your Sketch In doing this sketch, doubtless great difficulty will be experienced in getting the drawing at all correct.

Drawing Nature and Landscapes : How to Draw Nature Outdoors with Drawing Lessons Step by Step Techniques for Cartoons

Much assistance to this end can be obtained from a slight knowledge of Perspective This will form the subject of the next chapter. How to Draw From Nature with Easy to Remember Techniques Drawing from nature and landscapes with the following easy tips to follow with helpful tutorials to create beautiful illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons. Drawing Outdoor Objects: Water, Rock and Clouds A knowledge of the simpler technical principles involved in drawing clouds, water, and other natural features of the outdoors, is as essential to the newspaper artist as it is to the painter, in order to give naturalness to his pictures. A Tutorial for Sketching Landscapes - Outdoors Learn how to draw the great outdoors and landscapes with the this lesson on drawing landscapes outside. Drawing Grass : Use of Negative Drawing in Art.

Watercolor Painting. One of my favorite types of art is watercolor painting.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolors are a great way to introduce a child to painting -- they are fun and easy to clean up. It's also the media to try if you want to paint, but you have a limited amount of space or time. Easy to set up, interrupt, and pick up again, these paints provide a great deal of flexibility. Watercolors differ from other paints in that they are transparent. When light meets the paint, it actually travels through the paint to the white paper beneath, then bounces back from the paper.

There is a large variety of supplies to choose from when beginning, but we’ll go through them so you can find the ones that will best fit your needs and budget. For example, you’ll find that cheap paper tears easily; too much rubbing or too much water can cause it to fall apart. Below is a list of what you will need to begin your own watercolor painting: Although there are many types of WATERCOLOR BRUSHES available, you will only need a few to start.

Learn to paint realism in oil. Surrealist Paintings by Valdimir Kush. Free Printable Bookmarks for Children. Here are all Activity Village's printable animal bookmarks for you to choose from.

Free Printable Bookmarks for Children

They are... Here's a way to make a bookmark special. Children can get the crayons out for our colouring... Four types of dinosaur bookmarks to print on offer here - that should mean that you will find... Our new doodle bookmarks come in both colour and black and white and are definitely "on trend... For each of the countries we cover, we've got 4 different sets of bookmarks - two to colour,... For many of the holidays we celebrate with the family every year, a simple little bookmark for...

Kids love jokes, and we hope that these joke bookmarks will help them to love reading, too! Our "word" bookmarks are really special! More printable bookmarks for kids, including our most popular monster bookmarks, one of the most... Cut and Stick Activities. These are one of my favourite activities at Activity Village.

Cut and Stick Activities

Craft and colouring in one! Colour the base, choose and colour your decorations, cut and stick them on. Will keep older kids busy for hours! Available part-coloured in red, green and blue, these lovely Christmas ornaments can be used as a cutting and sticking or sorting activity. Best printed onto card. We have two versions of this Christmas tree activity - large and small. Printables List. Easy art projects for kids. Dreamcatchers. I’m really diggin the whole hippy thing.


And while Craig is quick to correct me on the fact that dream catchers are not hippy-ish, I still think of them that way. Natural, care free, simple. All things I relate to those old hippies. hah. The point of a dream catcher is to weed out bad dreams. Depending on who you talk to, there will be two different stories on how this happens. This is not a traditional Native- American dream catcher. What I used: Embroidery Hoop Yarn (or twine, hemp… whatever you have on hand) Beads Feathers Thread Felt Hot Glue Gun Want to make one too?? Grab your embroidery hoop, leave it as is, or wrap it up like I did. Take your webbing yarn and form a loop at the top, this will be where you dreamcatcher hangs from. The webbing is the same stitch through out. Pull tight and repeat. For your second (and every other row), use the same stitch, but instead of going over the hoop, go through the string: Keep going until the hole in the middle is to your liking.

How to Transfer a Photograph Onto a Block of Wood.