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Indoor Projects

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Half Moon Table. Massage/Portable Massage Table Construction Plans_Feb11_03.pdf. AW Extra - Stickley Style Chest of Drawers. Build the Sides 1.

AW Extra - Stickley Style Chest of Drawers

Machine the stiles (A, K) rails (B, L), and drawer dividers (N, P, Q and R) to final size. Floating Shelves. shelf.pdf. Hidden Compartment Bookshelf. Wood Selection The wood used in this project is sized so that all parts are readily available from any home centre or building supply store.

Hidden Compartment Bookshelf

In the case of the unit pictured here, the frame and fascia pieces are made from vertical grain Douglas fir. The top, middle and bottom shelf boxes are fir and mahogany plywood, and the center panels, shelves and back are made of pine. My supplier had some nice wide pine boards, which allowed the side panels to be made from one solid board.

Richard Jones: Chest of Drawers. Gaspé Dresser. It's as solid today as the day it was built, sometime around 1840; albeit now with multiple coats of paint.

Gaspé Dresser

This dresser is a grand piece of Canadian country furniture. The concept of the kitchen dresser makes a clear link back to our European roots and was essentially the original unfitted kitchen. This particular dresser is pure Québec; an Anglo-American style hutch using the latest mid-nineteenth century technology: large panes of glass to form glazed cupboard doors, and a splendid cornice bristling with French panache and elegance. Weekend Picture Frames. Tablesaw Picture Frame. Richard’s molding also simplifies assembly.

Tablesaw Picture Frame

Mitering and gluing odd-shaped picture frame molding can be a struggle. With this technique, the frame is mitered and glued when the stock still has its square profile. That makes building a picture frame much easier. Grain and color are important. Home. Trophy Coffee Table. Big planks of wood with natural bark edges make my heart race.

Trophy Coffee Table

Most woodworkers share a desire to build something from a single, thick plank of wood. After 20 years of building custom cabinets and furniture, I finally got my chance. The first step was finding that perfect slab of wood—not an easy task. Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table. Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table Share this Photos by Cynthia White; Illustration by James Provost First I had to figure out what kind of table I wanted.

Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table

I knew we needed a coffee table at home, so that part was decided right away. Preview - Building a Stool. Build Yourself a Beautiful Overhead Pot Rack. How to Build a Cocktail Hutch. The RunnerDuck Spice Rack plan, is step by step instructions on how to build a Spice Rack for a kitchen cupboard. Black, 1 Deep, 39" L, 9 Bottle Horizontal Wine Rack. How to Make a Wine Rack. RON HAZELTON: Whether you're a wine connoisseur, just like an occasional glass with dinner, or want to learn some new woodworking techniques, you're gonna love this next project.

How to Make a Wine Rack

We're gonna make a wine rack. Now what I like about this particular design is that it's expandable, modular, simple and yet as you'll see, quite elegant. We're gonna make it out of one of my favorite woods, cherry. So let's head to the table saw and start cutting. I'm cutting several pieces of wood to two basic sizes -- these 6 inch by 12 inch pieces will serve as end panels while narrower, 3 inch by 24 inch cross rails will hold the bottles themselves. With all the wood cut to size, I'm about to cut several notches or dados. Harvest Table. Top and Leaf The top consists of two semi-circular halves and one leaf. • Select 5/4 stock for the top (A) and leaf (B).

Harvest Table

Cut the boards a couple of inches longer than the finished length, and mill them to the same thickness. Dining Table. Cutting the Tenons Determine the overall length of the aprons.

Dining Table

Add double the depth of the mortises to the between shoulders measurement of the aprons, then subtract ⅛". You subtract the ⅛" to make sure the tenons don’t bottom out in the mortise during as­sembly (1/16" per mortise). Machine the aprons to overall size. Mission Style Table and Chairs. This information has been reprinted from a 1912 Popular Mechanics publication titled "Mission Furniture And How To Make It".

Mission Style Table and Chairs

Extendable Table This extension table should be made of some hard wood, preferably white oak. It will be a difficult matter to secure legs of the sizes indicated in solid pieces of clear stock. It will be possible, however, to secure them veneered upon white-pine cores. If the veneering is properly done these will serve the purpose very well, the lighter weight, due to the white-pine core, being an advantage. Plug the Recesses in the Legs. From Concept to Comfort: Build a Casual Chair.

From Concept to Comfort: Build a Casual Chair Share this Photos by Mark Salusbury; Illustration by James Provost I have voids in my living room. Preview - Build a Bow-Arm Morris Chair. This chair, with its large, square legs and wide arms of quartersawn white oak, says "Craftsman" with every feature. Mission Style Rocking Chair.