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Dictionary Paper Snowflake - All. Welcome to Margo's Beader Critter Collection! Hundreds of Beadie Critter Patterns! Snowman. Snowmancontributed by Anno Pitingolo Level: Beginner Materials: 2 yards cord or plastic lacing 19 blue pony beads 5 black pony beads 1 red/orange pony bead 12 brown pony beads 47 white pony beads.


Beaded Snow Flake Pendant - March 2006 kid Bead Project. Now we'll go a bit faster.

Beaded Snow Flake Pendant - March 2006 kid Bead Project

On the right (black) string, add on one 3mm crystal, a seed bead, a 4mm crystal, a seed bead, a 4mm crystal, a seed bead, a 4mm crystal. Cross the string through the second seed bead added (where you see the two black lines cross) and continue to add one 3mm crystal and one last seed bead. Cross this same thread through the 4mm crystal from the first crystal circle you formed on step 1 (where the black line shows coming out of).

On the left (red) string, cross this string though the last seed bead added. You will be repeating step 3 next. Next repeat the above instruction in this step one more time until you reached the joining part (remember not to add the very last seed bead that you are suppose to add when repeating the step 3) as you will be crisscrossing both string through the very first seed bead added on step 2 (where you see the two colored line arrow crisscross). Snowman Pony Bead Pattern. Print This Page Snowman Pony Bead Pattern You need: --3 Black Pony Beads --34 White Pony Beads --25 Red Pony Beads --1-1/2 Yards of Satin Cord --1 Lanyard Hook Instructions: Fold your cord in half to find the center.

Snowman Pony Bead Pattern

Use a half hitch (see detail above) to secure it to lanyard hook. Pin by Barbara McGahey on Beaded Snowflakes. Beaded Snowflake Craft. Chalkboard Banner. Don't miss a thing!

Chalkboard Banner

Sign up to receive The Idea Room posts in your email inbox! Subscribers will also receive special free printables once a month!... It's FREE! Inspiring Mothers, Women and Families Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. DIY Foam Frames of Awesomeness. Simple and cute Button bookmarks - {TUTORIAL} Simple and cute button bookmarks Thanks for stopping by!

Simple and cute Button bookmarks - {TUTORIAL}

To get the newest posts subscribe or join us on facebook or pinterest. Today I have a fun, quick & EASY tutorial for you. Don’t you just love the words quick and easy?! I’ve been wanting to make some bookmarks for the whole “back to school” theme and I decided to make some button bookmarks with my large button stash. Simple Spiral Hanging Decoration. Thread Painting - All. Chapter 8: Biology: Photography through the microscope. Photography through a microscope Amateur microscopes and cheap cameras A simple toy microscope and a disposable camera can team up to make stunning photographs of very tiny things.

Chapter 8: Biology: Photography through the microscope

The technique is simplicity itself. You simply focus the microscope carefully by eye as you would normally do. Spinning Blackboard: Math & Mechanics Science Project. Spinning Blackboard Create graceful loops and spirals by drawing on a spinning dish.

Spinning Blackboard: Math & Mechanics Science Project

When you draw on a spinning disk, you make unexpected patterns. You may draw a straight line, for instance, but what appears on the disk is a spiral. The patterns you make result from adding the motion of your hand to the spinning motion of the disk. An old record player or turntable. Oakland Discovery Center: Easy Kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope is easy to make and kid friendly since it doesn't involved any sharp (or expensive) materials like mirror pieces.

Oakland Discovery Center: Easy Kaleidoscope

Chances are you will already have the following materials: sheet of transparency paperpaper towel tubefoiltransparent and colorful beadsa sheet of colorful construction paperglue or tapescissorsa rulera pen or marker Use the pen to mark three dots 1 3/8" apart from each other. Use the dots as a guideline to fold a triangular prism (lengthwise). Trim off the extra of the transparency sheeting, leaving a small overhang. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. Turn old newspapers into gorgeous sheets of recycled paper in custom colors and sizes!

Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

You’ll need an old blender, some craft paints, and this easy-to-follow handmade paper video tutorial from Mark Montano! The paper-making process is much easier than you’d think, and there are so many ways to add your own colorful details and personal touches to the project! Ready to give it a try? Click here to watch Mark’s fantastic video tutorial! How to Make Colorful Kirigami Flowers. Spring is here!

How to Make Colorful Kirigami Flowers

La la la! Although our current grey skies don't exactly scream "warm, sunny, bursting-with-new-life weather," today's kirigami flower craft certainly does! How to Fold and Cut Kirigami Flowers This post contains affiliate links. Boho Flower Headband. 335 Flares Facebook 21 Twitter 8 Pin It Share 301 Google+ 1 Email -- Email to a friend Buffer 4 335 Flares × Well, you know I love the gold. And the flowers. And using everyday materials I already have around the house for projects. How to Make an Eye-Catching Poster! (+ Universal Design Tips) To make a proper poster, we need to start off with the basics.COLOR. Color scheme is very important to help us tell if Juliet is... A sulky vampire? (Red & Black, perhaps) An upbeat scene-teen? (Rainbow. Spin Art Tutorial. Here’s a great, fun and good for all ages tutorial – SPIN ART!

– Create your own! Perfect summer activity to keep boredom at bay. Let’s get started! Materials: Paper Quilling Art on Etsy - Handmade Paper Crafts. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers. Mine and work your own clay. Video Lesson Plans. Selfies-exactly-where-i-want-to-be-selfies.pdf. Water & Glue... Who Knew? I found these beautiful paper plate circles via Fine Little Day. Doesn't this look like a fun project? The photos are from Fem Manuals and she also has an incredible blog.

I think EZ E and I are going to give this a try before we head outside for the day. How to Make Mosaic Tiles from a DVD. If you’ve ever wanted to make a mosaic project, but you didn’t have any little mosaic pieces on hand, you’re going to love this! I’ve figured out how to make mosaic tiles from a DVD in three simple steps! I’m super-stoked about it because I have a ton of mosaic craft projects in mind, and now that I know how to make the tiles myself, I can get working on them!

I’ll be sharing those projects with you of course, but today, I’m just going to show you how to make your own mosaic tiles. Smoosh painting an Old Canvas for New Art. Easy Puffy Paint recipe. Totally Easy Zentangle. Playful Learning in the Early Years: Recycled Styrofoam Stamps. How to Create a Phenakistoscope. Arts. Science Activity: DIY Cartoon Animation Kit! Pages to Projects: Wild About Shapes. Our good friend Rebecca Dunn shares how to incorporate art education principles into storytime in her popular Pages to Projects series.

If you’ve been inspired by Rebecca’s projects or have used her storytime plans at your library, we’d love to hear about it! Share your experience in the comments or on social media. ~Erinn by Rebecca Dunn A favorite pastime of mine as a child was laying in the grass on a blue-sky day and watching the clouds morph into different animals. Kids love interactive books and Wild About Shapes is no exception. Science Meets Crafts Program Kit: Thaumatropes. Woven Map Basket. Digital Portraits Made Easy. MC-2015-W1D1-Stitched-Sketchbook. MC-2015-W1D1-Folded-Sketchbook.pdf. Making Elastic Band Sketchbooks. Sketchbooks on the Cheap. Art Medium and Art Supplies: What They Are and How to Use Them — Art is Fun. Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

How to create a Typographic Portrait in Illustrator - All. The first task you have to do is choose an image to base your typographic portrait on. Be careful to choose an image which has good contrast between subject and background. The image should not be under exposed or over exposed. This will make your job tougher. The image should be black and white or coloured converted to one. For the tutorial , I will chose a coloured image and then converted it to a black and white image. CD Art. Weekend Project: Double Pendulum (PDF) Weekend Project: Double Pendulum. A Hands-on Project That Teaches Kids About Recycling.

Turn Lunch-Time Trash Into Treasure. How to make a binary name-badge. Make Your Own Silicone Molds. Kids Art Projects Online. Make Your Own Thermocolor (Color-Change) Paint! : HAVE FUN!!! Experiments with Thermochromic Paint. String Art Dome. Sand "Clay" - Preserve Your Sand Creations Forever! Bookhoucraftprojects: Project #93: Yarn Fonts. Marble Painting.

Spring Weaving Project. Art Elements. How to Make a Robot from Halloween Candy Boxes. How to Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet. Little Papier Mache Pumpkins. Papier Mache Caterpillar. Monster Portraits. Sunglasses Art Project. Puppet Box.