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Augmented Reality

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James Alliban. 10 Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality Campaigns. With the recent release of Google’s ‘Project Glass‘, the eyes of many consumers and marketers have drifted over to the idea of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a real-world environment that is digitally augmented by another device. Google’s ‘Project Glass’ offers a unique way to integrate your life with the digital world. ‘Project Glass’ is an augmented reality eyeglass that projects a heads-up display which allows you to take phone calls, navigate via GPS, take photos , check-in to locations and more. The real question is how will marketers use this upcoming technology to better reach their target audience? We can online imagine how this could ultimately change the way we market to consumers. Unfortunately the technology is still in development so until then, perhaps we can gain some inspiration from some amazing Augmented Reality campaigns already out on the web. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What is Augmented Reality - Holition. Holition augmented reality applications are a method by which the real world is superimposed with virtual images.

What is Augmented Reality - Holition

This can take many forms from augmented reality mobile apps to real time 3D interactive marketing experiences in-store. The term, Augmented Reality can include 2D static images overlaid on real-world images as well as live 3D augmented reality experiences which enable real time interaction with brands as developed at Holition. The type of augmented reality Holition use is a proprietary system created to best visualise real world products in incredible detail, where products can be worn and viewed on the body as though looking in a mirror, developed especially to enhance interactive marketing opportunities for luxury retail. Top 10 Augmented Reality Projects by the Music Industry. Augmented Reality is like music to my ears (couldn’t resist the pun…) The music industry is known more for stifling technology innovation than adopting it (cough*Napster *cough) which makes it especially gratifying to see recent attempts to harness augmented reality for music lovers (and/or nerds).

Top 10 Augmented Reality Projects by the Music Industry

Here are my Top 10 augmented reality projects created by the music industry: 10) StudioB, Adobe and John Mayer “AR video clip” “Studio B teamed with Adobe and John Mayer to create the worlds first Augmented Reality music video. Studio B shot and keyed the green screen footage using the new Apple ProRes 444 codec. It’s impressive to see a major music figure dedicating his time for an AR app – but is this significantly more interesting than just watching this 3D video on your PC?

9) Video for German Band Saint Aside Here’s a “me too” music video in Germany for the band Saint Aside: “Germany’s first Augmented Reality music video of the band Saint Aside. 8) Doritos and Rihanna deliver AR experience. Handheld Augmented Reality. Ya tenemos la app de IKEA en la AppStore. E-/MOTIONAL/ Interactive Media. Next big trend: virtual fitting rooms. So there you are, sitting in front of your laptop at home and you see a watch you like.

Next big trend: virtual fitting rooms

“I wonder how that would look on my wrist?” You wonder. Then you print out a little piece of paper embedded with a barcode, wrap it around your arm and hold it up to a camera on your computer and, bingo, there is your arm, adorned with a virtual watch. You can turn it this way and that, decide how chunky is too chunky, and whether stainless steel is better against your skin than rose gold. Welcome to augmented reality (AR), also known as interactive video technology, which is set to transform the consumer experience. The marketing group ABI Research predicts the market for augmented reality in the US alone will grow to $350m by 2014, from $6m in 2008. This month Ebay launched an AR app that allows anyone with an iPhone 4 to try on pairs of sunglasses digitally by superimposing the design over the user’s face (captured in the phone’s camera). Peyton agrees that AR is “still in its infancy.