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Cornbread Muffins Recipe. Why It Works Adding all-purpose flour to the batter provides structure by incorporating gluten, which helps to create a light and tender cake-like texture.Canned creamed corn contributes moisture and enhances the buttery, corn flavor.Using sour cream adds moisture and a mild tanginess that balances out the overall flavor of the bread.Mixing the wet and dry ingredients separately first ensures the ingredients are combined thoroughly without overmixing the batter.

Cornbread Muffins Recipe

There are a few things I look for when it comes to cornbread. Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - As Easy As Apple Pie. Whole wheat sandwich bread – soft, chewy and it stays fresh for days thanks to the tangzhong or water roux.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - As Easy As Apple Pie

Nothing beats the taste and smell of homemade freshly baked bread! This whole wheat sandwich bread has a soft, chewy crumb and a hearty flavor thanks to the whole wheat flour. It’s perfect for sandwiches, toasted and slather with butter and jam or to use for french toast. I experimented with various ratios of whole wheat/white flour and I’ve got the best result with a 50:50 blend of the two flours. Blue Cheese And Shallot Bread Recipe. Socca Recipe. Socca, a gluten-free flatbread, also known as farinata and panisse is made throughout Western Europe as well as other places including Argentina and Algeria.

Socca Recipe

Socca is easy to make, only has three ingredients—chickpea flour, salt, and oil (water if you want to get technical) and requires no equipment – just a bowl and a whisk. It can be made over the stovetop in a pan or in the oven using a baking sheet. Klobasnek (_Sausage Kolaches_) recipe. IF YOU MEET A CZECH TEXAN, he or she will politely inform you it's incorrect to use the term sausage kolache when referring to a sausage-stuffed kolache.

Klobasnek (_Sausage Kolaches_) recipe

When you scrunch up your face with confusion, the person will then kindly explain that the correct term for this savory pastry is klobasnek. But wait, let's back up here for a minute. If you're not familiar with a kolache, then you may be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Allow me to explain. A kolache is a sweetened yeast roll that's been stuffed with a fruit, cream cheese, or a poppy seed filling. While the origin of the term klobasnek for the sausage-stuffed version is a little vague, The Village Bakery in downtown West has claimed provenance for the term. The two pastries are different things, but some people still insist on calling them sausage kolaches. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls {Secret Ingredient} Jalapeño-Cheddar beer bread. Pumpkin Bread With Salted Brown Butter Glaze Recipe. [Photograph: Vicky Wasik] In the fall, we’re all about the classic combination of allspice, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg, affectionately known as "pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Bread With Salted Brown Butter Glaze Recipe

" We’ve served it up in pumpkin streusel muffins and in this pumpkin skillet coffee cake, and our take on pumpkin bread continues this tradition: a tender loaf that isn’t cloying or heavy on the spices. To make this loaf even more exceptional, we finish it with a salted brown butter glaze. You don't have to use it—the pumpkin bread is excellent all on its own—but we strongly recommend you do. Bread Baking Babes get Fluffy. This Tangzhong Whole Wheat Bread is absolutely the best sandwich bread ever!

Bread Baking Babes get Fluffy

And guess what? I am the host kitchen for the Bread Baking Babes, and had the privilege of choosing this month's bread. Whole Wheat Milk Bread. Here are the two things I made for the first time this month: (1) a copycat delivery pizza (I am nothing if not classy, also, in case you were wondering, making chain delivery pizza instead of ordering it was as gratuitous as you would expect but also as delicious) and (2) 100% whole wheat bread.

Whole Wheat Milk Bread

I’m going to go ahead and say one balances out the other, and I come out even on the health scoreboard (and way ahead in terms of doughy carbs). But in all actuality, my first forays into baking with whole wheat have been so delicious, and tender, and light, and fluffy, and all of the things I associate with not-whole wheat flour, that I might not go back. Jalapeño bacon pull-apart cheese bread. When it comes to comfort, there’s nothing more soothing than the combination of carbs and dairy.

Jalapeño bacon pull-apart cheese bread

Macaroni and cheese, cheese enchiladas, chips and queso—all are dishes I’ll turn to when I need a meal to wrap me up like a warm hug. Though perhaps my favorite combination is the most simple—toasted bread . . . Thank you for reading! This is a premium post available to subscribers only. While most of the site is open to all, if you'd like access to this and other terrific premium content, please consider purchasing a subscription, which starts as low as $25 a year. Homemade Whole Wheat Pita Bread - As Easy As Apple Pie. This homemade whole wheat pita bread is super easy to make, soft, chewy and the flavor is just so good!

Homemade Whole Wheat Pita Bread - As Easy As Apple Pie

The dough is made with basic ingredients (flour, water, salt, oil, honey and yeast) then rolled thin and baked at a high temperature. As it bakes, it will puff up and create a pocket perfect for filling. Serve it with hummus, fill it up with whatever you prefer or toast it and top your fattoush salad. To get puffy homemade whole wheat pita bread make sure that :


Buttermilk Drop Biscuits With Garlic and Cheddar Recipe. Raspberry Jam Sweet Rolls Recipe. A Simple Focaccia. Sourdough. Muffins/coffeecake/scones. Honey Spelt Bread Recipe - Lionel Vatinet. Einkorn Bread with sponge. Feta-Stuffed Grilled Flatbread Recipe. Buttermilk Drop Biscuits. Drop biscuits have been appearing right and left in our house over the last few months, thanks to this recipe.

Buttermilk Drop Biscuits

I know it sounds so hoity-toity to call something the best, but let me tell you, these are simply the best drop biscuits I’ve ever had and if my insistence on making them at least weekly is any indication I’m telling the truth, then you should run to the kitchen and make them, too. I love biscuits in any form, but drop biscuits are unparalleled in their simplicity. Here’s the brilliance of this recipe – chilled buttermilk is stirred together with melted butter which creates small clumps of butter. When those pearls of butter hidden inside the biscuit dough hit the piping hot oven, they melt, creating steam which results in a flaky, tender biscuit. These biscuits couldn’t be simpler – no rolling out, no carefully folding the dough into envelope shapes, just whisk, scoop, and bake.

Ingredients Directions Heat oven to 475 degrees F. Jalapeño cheddar biscuits. Everyone in my family has a special dish that we share whenever we visit each other. For instance, at Thanksgiving you’ll find my uncle Richard standing by the blender whirring up batches of his classic salsa. At Christmas, my Uncle Austin can be found handing out bags of his addictive granola. If you’re celebrating a birthday, then chances are my grandma is baking you a chocolate pie. And me? My specialty is biscuits. Cheesy Pesto Skillet Pull-Apart Bread. I don’t even know what to say about these… little puffs of love? I want to say they are perfect football food, but they are perfect EVERYTHING food. Um, I’m kind of even considering them for Thanksgiving which is huge because Thanksgiving in my world is all omg-don’t-make-one-untraditional-thing-including-real-life-cranberry-sauce.

It’s true. It’s like pull-apart bread meets the softest dinner roll meets flavorful buns. (I laughed at the last part because I’m a ten-year-old boy inside.) I used this classic pesto from DeLallo – because let’s be real – I’ve more than documented my share of dead garden herbs over the last three years. You need a good amount of pesto though, because you’re going to smother the heck out of the buttery dough. The other option is that you can make an arugula pesto… perhaps my all-time favorite pesto, but I don’t find it to be as potent when it comes to flavoring the bread. Recipe: Ina Garten's Sour Cream Corn Bread Is a Crowd-Pleaser:

Did you know that the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten used to be a White House nuclear policy analyst before she became known as one of America's most celebrated cooks? True story. Here's another fact (OK, opinion—potato, potahto): Garten's recipes have never failed me—and that's why her books are some of my favorite. By and large, Garten's everyday ideas, recipes, and menus are chock-full of easy-to-execute, well-made, simple foods that almost everyone likes.

Now, with the publication of her latest cookbook, Make It Ahead, home cooks can get a gorgeous Garten meal on the table without having to pull anything together last-minute. Yes, that's right, Make It Ahead features hundreds of pages of recipes that are easy to prep ahead of time. This week we'll be featuring three of Garten's Make It Ahead recipes—all of which are super easy and great for the holiday season (or all year round!).

Sour Cream Corn Bread Makes 2 loaves. Tomato, cheddar, and bacon biscuits. The other morning I was waiting for the cable guy to arrive. I’m sure you know the drill—the cable company gives you a window of time and if you’re not home within that slot then you miss your appointment. And this you don’t want to do as it might take another week for them to send someone to fix your problem. Not to mention, despite everyone’s good intentions the repair guy usually doesn’t arrive until the end of the allotted time. So you’re stuck at home for a while. Cheddar and Jalapeño Biscuits Recipe. Taste the jalapeño. Pepperjack Pull Bread Recipe, Cheesy Jalapeño Pull Bread Recipe. Method 1 Preheat the oven to 350°F. Slice the bread almost all the way through (not all the way) in a cross hatch pattern, spacing an inch between the slices.

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe. Print Photography Credit: Elise Bauer The texture of a Yorkshire pudding is nothing like a pudding in the modern sense of the word. Glazed Lemon Bread Recipe. Tip: eggs rise better when they are at room temp. Swedish Cardamom Rolls (Kardemummabullar) — Fix Feast Flair. Wow, that's a lot of info on cardamom.

Sorry for geeking out. Pumpkin Biscuits {with Pecan-Honey Butter}