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Connie | Somatic Sex + Intimacy Coach

Sex + Intimacy Coach

The Vagus Nerve!

Be Extraordinary! Blogs & Podcasts. Sex Therapy. Hormones. Medical Resources. Positions & Porn. Stress. Libido. Pre- & Post-Natal. Lymphatic System. TOUCH! Genitals & Gender. Erotic Arts & Creativity. Fertility. Your Cycle. Energy, Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine.

Various Products

Scar Tissue Remediation. Anal Pleasure. Bodies Are Fascinating! Breast Health. Inspirations. SEX/EROS. Breathing. Pornography. Cuddling!! Body Love. It's Political. There's an App for that! YouTube Channels to Check Out!! Fascinating Fascia! Intimacy. Communication & Consent. Pleasure. Embodiment & Movement Arts. Organizations & Programs. Favorite Teachers. Sex & Aging. New Paradigms in Relationship. Sexual Empowerment. Self-Pleasure. Sex Ed/Adult. Sex Ed/Students & Youth.


Kink/BDSM. Shame, Trauma & Pain. Women's Sexual Wellness. All Things Vulva/Vagina/Yoni. Adult Novelties. The Psoas. Pelvic Health.

Men's Sexual Wellness.