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Connie | Somatic Sex + Intimacy Coach

Sex + Intimacy Coach

Music for Movement

The Body | Social & Political. Just some more psychology. Ancestral and Transpersonal Healing. Non-ordinary States of Consciousness. Essential Oils. Worth Quoting! Virtual Communities and Courses/Classes. Gut Health. New Worldview - Micro & Macro. Race, Gender, Etc...

The Shadow. Parts Work. Grief, Loss, Fear. Accelerated Evolution/WarriorSage. Coronavirus.

Attachment Theory

Spontaneous vs. Responsive Desire. Enneagram. Neurobiology and Parenting. Nutrition, Supplements, etc. Energy Orgasm. Brain Health. Men/Women Relations. Religion & Sexuality. The Nervous System + Somatic Experiencing. Pregnancy + Birthing. Happiness.


Postpartum. Anxiety, Suffering, Mental Health... Self-Compassion + Worthiness. Desire/Fantasy/Core Erotic Theme. #MeToo. Sex Geekery. Functional + Evolutionary Medicine. LA Therapists/Practices. Jaiya/Blueprints. Meditations/Podcasts/Audios + Other Media. Things to do around LA. Humanity and Human Relations. Feelings/Sensations/Emotions. Neurology & Epigenetics. Books/Resources on Sexuality.

Practitioners/Professionals to Check Out!

Somatic Sex Education/Sexological Bodywork. Get some sleep!!! Polarity/Sexual Energy. Virtual Sexology. The Vagus Nerve! Be Extraordinary! Blogs & Podcasts. Sex Therapy. Hormones. Medical/Therapeutic Resources & Organizations. Positions, Porn & Erotica. Stress & Depression. Libido. Lymphatic System. TOUCH! Genitals & Gender.

Erotic Arts & Creativity

Fertility. Your Cycle. Energy, Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine. Various Products + Resources. Scar Tissue Remediation. Anal Pleasure. Bodies Are Fascinating! Breast Health. Inspirations. SEX/EROS. Breathing/Breathwork. Pornography.

Cuddling!! Body Love. It's Political. There's an App for that! YouTube Channels + Fav Videos.

Fascinating Fascia!

Intimacy. Communication/Consent & Boundaries. Pleasure/Desire. Embodiment & Movement Arts. Organizations & Programs. Sex & Aging. New Paradigms in Sex & Relationship. Sexual Empowerment. Self-Pleasure.

Sex Ed/Adult. Sex Ed/Students & Youth. Orgasm.


Shame, Trauma & Pain. Women's Sexual Wellness. All Things Vulva/Vagina/Yoni. Adult Novelties. The Psoas. Pelvic Health.

Men's Sexual Wellness.