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Wild Discernment: A Conversation about Inner Power. Watch: Guided Meditative Masturbation Session with Dr. Jenn – ErikaLust. Resting in the Heart– selfcervix. Love Monkey. Fierce Embodiment. Guided Meditation Technique by Mr. C. The S&M Conversations - Michaela Boehm. As we find ourselves in an unprecedented moment in time – where the only thing certain is constant change – it is a time that tests our internal resources.

The S&M Conversations - Michaela Boehm

Reducing stress, finding opportunities to return to the body as well as deepening our capacity to not only survive but thrive, is now more important than ever. Regardless if you can rely on established practices, or want to create a new simple routine, we’d like to support you with some of our road-tested strategies and practices. We are offering a series of free conversations – The S&M Conversations. This series will include guided rituals, practice instructions, live-streams to practice along, as well as live Zoom Q&As. We’ll be covering resilience, embodiment, stress and trauma relief, meditation, sensory engagement, relationship, creativity and ritual as a means to resource yourself.

Yin Wellness: Video Practices. Rewired on Gaia: Joe Dispenza. 2 Podcasts: Irene Lyon. 033: Understanding the Incredible Power of the Nervous System w/ Irene Lyon: Part 2 In part two of this interview with Irene Lyon, we dive deeper into WHY it is so important to heal the nervous system in order to optimize health.

2 Podcasts: Irene Lyon

In this episode, Irene explains what the Vagus nerve is, and how our early childhood experiences can impact the proper development of that nerve. Irene also dishes out advice for those wondering what simple strategies they can start implementing to heal and better care for their nervous system. 032: Understanding the Incredible Power of the Nervous System w/ Irene Lyon: Part 1 I have been working with women to improve their health story now for nearly 20 years, and the longer I am at this, the more I believe that focusing on nutrient dense food and regular movement is actually the EASY part of getting healthy.

So…I am ridiculously excited about today’s guest. Grace & Grit Podcast: Check out these popular episodes. Recipe for a Secure, Healthy Relationship with Stan Tatkin - Neil Title: Recipe for a Secure, Healthy Relationship: Stan Tatkin If you’ve listened to some of the other episodes then by now you’ve heard how so much of what happens to us as kids can affect how we are, in relationship, as adults.

Recipe for a Secure, Healthy Relationship with Stan Tatkin - Neil

You can get into the specifics if you want – and there are times when I think that’s a good idea – but you can also look at the big picture of whether or not you had a secure attachment with your parents (and now are able to have a healthy, secure style in your adult relationships). Or you might find that you developed what’s known as an insecure attachment style with your parents, and now THAT is affecting how you connect with (or withdraw from) the people you love as an adult.

Do you sometimes feel an overarching need for space and find yourself always feeling like your partner wants too much from you? Do you start to feel anxious when you’re alone, like your partner isn’t there for you enough. SoundCloud Audios: Fierce Embodiment. Audio: Balancing Anxiety + Building Resilience With Bo Forbes. Michael Holt: Meditation Video Series. A Meditation on Lovingkindness.

This meditation uses words, images, and feelings to evoke a lovingkindness and friendliness toward oneself and others.

A Meditation on Lovingkindness

How to S3XUALLY Fulfill a Woman with Eva Clay - Mastering Fulfillment Podcast. Attachment-Based Yoga & Meditation. Six Healing Sounds Taoist Meditation. Embodied Conversations: The Soul of the Pelvis with Kim Robinson — Jennifer Gleeson Blue. While the Jade Egg or Yoni Egg is currently being sold as a “tool” of the goddess movement in a mass marketed way, the relationship to the egg as a symbol and to the tool of a stone egg has lived with women since at least 3000 BCE and most likely before.

Embodied Conversations: The Soul of the Pelvis with Kim Robinson — Jennifer Gleeson Blue

Like most feminine practices of health, empowerment and spiritual authority, they were passed from woman to woman in the privacy of homes and in the circles of midwives, healers and adepts. In the last 2000 years the global systematic oppression and eradication of the feminine and embodied individual spiritual authority (which go hand in hand) have all but made these kinds of practices and understandings obsolete. In this interactive lecture, Kim will share her knowledge of the feminine mysteries as they relate to the jade egg practices. Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations Designed to Help You Heal. Yoga of Intimacy podcasts: Justin Patrick Pierce + Londin Angel Winters.

Podcast Episodes: Mending the Fabric of the Female Health Story. 196: How to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Podcast Episodes: Mending the Fabric of the Female Health Story

We are all continually striving to improve our health. And the longer I work with women, the more I realize the last thing most of us need is more information about diet and exercise. You know what you need to do. You even want to do it. Most days. Meditations – Michelle Chalfant. Spiritual Awakening, Healing on All Levels from the Human Condition. Gaia - Conscious Media, Streaming Yoga Videos & More.

Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations Designed to Help You Heal. Breathwork Meditation. Anjali Mudra - Deirdre Fay by Deirdre Fay. Body Scan Meditation (Tame Anxiety) Brief Meditation: Entering the Wilderness (6 min.) Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. Anjali Mudra - Deirdre Fay. Deirdre Fay Resources.

Inner Dialogue Process

Residence 11 - Love, Relationships, New Age of Human Connection, Freedom & Fullfillment. Pelvic Floor Meditation by emilyathena. Pelvic Floor Alchemy. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Isa is a leading authority in the field of integrative pelvic health and has successfully treated thousands of women suffering from incontinence, prolapse, and sexual dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor Alchemy

Podcast: Pleasure, 21st Century Marriage, and How to Nourish the Body by Michaela Boehm. The Neuroscience of Courage and Fear. Reset Meditation - KYLIAN. Sexuality & The Pelvic Floor: Keys for Uninhibited Embodiment. Sex.

Sexuality & The Pelvic Floor: Keys for Uninhibited Embodiment

Dating advice from Relationship Expert & Coach, John Wineland. Have you ever wondered where all the conscious men are?

Dating advice from Relationship Expert & Coach, John Wineland.

Or how to tell if a guy is dating just for fun or something serious? Or when’s the right time to have sex for the first time with someone your dating? Listen Free to Eat. Play. Sex. on iHeartRadio Podcasts. Women’s Sexual Health: A Conversation with Alice Steuerwald. Streaming alternative health film + documentaries. Womb Healing Meditation. Free The Belly with Barbara Loomis. Pain in the belly can be more than food intolerances or illness.

Free The Belly with Barbara Loomis

Trauma, scars, and even a life of relative inactivity can lead to discomfort, constipation, and a variety of symptoms throughout the body. The more we learn about the gut, and the role it plays in our nervous system, the more we see the value in taking care of it, gently and lovingly. On this episode of the #EatMoveLive52 Podcast, our friend Barbara Loomis joins us to talk about the belly, surgery scars, emotions, and how you can start to heal.

Listen to the EatMoveLive52 Podcast. Guided Meditation for Pelvic Floor Relaxation. Why do people cheat? Relationship expert Esther Perel talks to Tony about infidelity, intimacy and the danger of expectations Posted by: Team Tony Listen on iTunes Listen on iTunes. Michaela Boehm - Finding A Man, Oxytocin, And The Sisterhood. Satyen Raja on The Path of The Warrior Sage (podcast) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | Stitcher Put simply, this episode is about high quality showing up. Satyen Raja is a relationship expert, leader of leaders, and adoring husband and father. The Predictable Stages of Growth in Couples (audio) Sex and Happiness – Hormones: Anti-Aging, Sexuality, Weight Control. Download Episode This has to be one of the best shows ever! You must listen and listen more than once! Hormones effect everyone and everything in our lives!

Dr. Christine Hicks, naturopath joins Laurie for a straight talk about hormones and especially hormone replacement therapy. A must show for women and men! Green Tara Mantra - Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha (108 Repetitions) Celebrating Partnership: Alison Armstrong (Audiobook) Relationships. How to Ask For What You Want So You Get It! - Marcia Baczynski. Sex After Trauma - Rachael Maddox. Sexual Self Meditation. Finding A Man, Oxytocin, And The Sisterhood by Michaela Boehm. Orienting Your Head & Neck by Dallas Feldenkrais. Increasing Sexual Energy & Arousal - Guided Meditation.

Grounding Meditation.