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Why I stopped watching porn: Ran Gavrieli at TEDxJaffa 2013. Harvard Scientist Reveals the Shocking Impact of Watching Porn. One of the major impacts of the Internet is the widespread availability of porn.

Harvard Scientist Reveals the Shocking Impact of Watching Porn

It’s incredibly easy to stream it for free, yet according to a Harvard scientist it may be doing damage to your health. Kevin Majeres is a psychiatrist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy and is a faculty member of Harvard Medical School. Writing in a blog post, Majeres breaks down how the brain works and what happens during repeated exposure to pornography. He explains it in such logical terms that you’ll probably think again before succumbing to the temptation of watching porn. Majeres begins with the mating patterns discovered in rats: “Scientists have discovered that if you place a male rat in a cage with a receptive female, they will mate; but once done, the male rat will not mate more times, even if the female is still receptive. Pornography’s power comes from the way it tricks the man’s lower brain. When Should Parents Talk To Kids About Porn? - Dr. Marty Klein. When Should Parents Talk To Kids About Porn?

When Should Parents Talk To Kids About Porn? - Dr. Marty Klein

That’s the question an interviewer asked me today. The answer is: now. Especially if you haven’t talked to your kids about porn lately. Just like a single conversation isn’t enough to cover everything a kid needs to know about nutrition or bike safety as he or she grows, it isn’t enough to cover the subject of porn. His Porn, Her Pain by Marty Klein. Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed. I hate porn.

Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed

I don’t hate it because it’s immoral, or because it often explores “unusual” tastes, or because it has uncovered a bestial side of humans we pretended didn’t exist. I hate porn because fucking men who have watched a lot of porn is the worst. The absolute worst. For the sake of your future partners, go easy on the porn. Many young men will watch porn more often than they have sex with other humans. And, the real humans who eventually have sex with suffer for it.

Brain Structure & Functional Connectivity Associated w/Porn Consumption. Importance Since pornography appeared on the Internet, the accessibility, affordability, and anonymity of consuming visual sexual stimuli have increased and attracted millions of users.

Brain Structure & Functional Connectivity Associated w/Porn Consumption

Based on the assumption that pornography consumption bears resemblance with reward-seeking behavior, novelty-seeking behavior, and addictive behavior, we hypothesized alterations of the frontostriatal network in frequent users. Objective To determine whether frequent pornography consumption is associated with the frontostriatal network. Design, Setting, and Participants In a study conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, 64 healthy male adults covering a wide range of pornography consumption reported hours of pornography consumption per week.

Pornography consumption was associated with neural structure, task-related activation, and functional resting-state connectivity. Cue-Reactivity Functional MRI Analysis Functional-Connectivity Analysis. Brain scans of porn addicts: what's wrong with this picture? The Cambridge University neuropsychiatrist Dr Valerie Voon has recently shown that men who describe themselves as addicted to porn (and who lost relationships because of it) develop changes in the same brain area – the reward centre – that changes in drug addicts.

Brain scans of porn addicts: what's wrong with this picture?

The study, not yet published, is featured next week in the Channel 4 TV show Porn on the Brain. Neurosceptics may argue that pictures of the brain lighting up in addicts tell us nothing new – we already know they are addicted. But they do help: knowing the reward centre is changed explains some porn paradoxes. In the mid-1990s I, and other psychiatrists, began to notice the following. An adult male, in a happy relationship, being seen for some non-romantic issue, might describe getting curious about porn on the burgeoning internet.

Porn's Effect on Erections. Fighting Words is a column in which writers rub you the wrong way with their unpopular but well-argued opinions on fitness, health, nutrition, what have you.

Porn's Effect on Erections

Got something to get off your chest? Send your pitch to It used to just be the old guys. Either they couldn't get hard, or they couldn't stay hard, or they could only get hard, and stay hard, and, with any luck, have an orgasm, if I touched them in a super specific way—with my fingers gripped like this, or my wrist angled just so, or with the precise proportional alchemy of speed and strength, and torque and twist, stroking faster and harder, and faster and harder, until, finally, splurt. Phew. I should probably explain that I am Tantric healer, which means that I touch penises for a living. As for the geriatric dick issues: It made sense. The Porn Conversation: Tools to educate kids on porn. A Porn Resource Website w/Sexual Assault Survivors in Mind. The stigmas and myths surrounding online porn—both for viewers and producers—have changed quite a bit over the last few years.

A Porn Resource Website w/Sexual Assault Survivors in Mind

One area where destigmatizing efforts are most noticeable is in regards to women’s relationship to online porn. The space that has opened up for women to discuss their relationship to visual stimuli has led to the development of much-needed resources like this: The Clit List, a porn website with sexual assault survivors in mind. The Clit List is an online branch of My Body Back, a London-based platform founded in August of 2014 by Pavan Amara that supports healing and facilitates empowerment for survivors of sexual assault. My Body Back offers everything from specialist services like cervical screening clinics that are “designed especially for women who have experienced sexual violence,” to workshops and book clubs. All of the resources and services provided are deliberately crafted to serve the needs of sexual assault survivors.

But big picture? Tantra Is The Opposite Of Porn – Learning How To Actually Be Intimate – Collective Evolution. We're creating a positive news network.

Tantra Is The Opposite Of Porn – Learning How To Actually Be Intimate – Collective Evolution

We need your help. What if studying tantra could heal our addiction to Porn? What if tapping into our natural abilities to experience ecstasy changes everything? I was really nervous when I first realized that I wanted to teach Tantra. Reality & Risk - It's time we talked. ‘Reality & Risk is based on a sophisticated, scholarly and politically sensitive understanding of pornography, sexuality and related issues… It is a project at the leading edge of international community-based efforts to address the harms associated with children’s and young people’s exposure to and consumption of pornography.’

Reality & Risk - It's time we talked

Michael Flood Senior lecturer in Sociology University of Wollongong Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality is a community-based project that supports young people, parents, schools, government and the community sector to understand and address the influence of pornography. Why Isn’t Pornography Part Of Sex Education For Teens? A few months ago, writer and mother Ayelet Waldman tweeted her praise for Peggy Orenstein’s recently released book, Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape.

Why Isn’t Pornography Part Of Sex Education For Teens?

Then she asked her followers: “What are some non-misogynist porn sites to recommend to teens?” I tweeted at Waldman with a few suggestions: Erika Lust, Tristan Taormino, and Stoya, women who have been labeled as feminist, queer, or “ethical” pornographers. Virtual Reality Porn Could Change Your Perception of Sex.