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In vertrouwen: 'Door een medische misser ben ik nu een wrak' Cookiewall: Cookies op de Volkskrant. A Hunter health service’s link to high risk pig intestine pelvic mesh. Hunter New England Health says it did not approve high risk pig intestine mesh research.

A Hunter health service’s link to high risk pig intestine pelvic mesh

AN American medical device company used research it claimed was conducted at Hunter New England Health Service to promote high risk pig intestine pelvic mesh in America, at least four years before women complained of serious mesh complications. Hunter New England Health Service is investigating how Cook Medical issued media releases in September, 2006 citing a “94 per cent success rate” from alleged research at the health service involving Cook’s Surgisis prolapse mesh for women, by gynaecologist Dr Richard Reid, who went on to be an associate professor at Newcastle University. The health service had no knowledge or record of the research, an alleged 12-month trial involving 98 women, ethics approvals, patient consents or Cook Medical’s media releases until contacted by the Newcastle Herald.

Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Blue Sh*t’ Coverup. According to company emails that recently became public, executives with Ethicon, a division of pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, concocted a coverup for its Gynecare TVT blue transvaginal mesh.

Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Blue Sh*t’ Coverup

“The behavior that comes to light is very suspect, and these companies deserve to be reprimanded for their behavior that obstructs complete discovery of the facts at hand,” commented Daniel Nigh, a vaginal mesh lawyer with the Levin, Papantonio law firm. Mesh mishap: ‘I feel like they stole my life’ <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div> GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Grand Rapids woman is speaking out on what she calls the dangers of medical mesh.

Mesh mishap: ‘I feel like they stole my life’

Irma Foltz says doctors saved her life after finding mesh residue left over from a prior procedure that was cutting into her leg. According to Foltz, the life-saving operation was done free of charge. Now, this survivor says she's not only pushing for change, but thanking the doctors at Mercy Health who got it right. What Big Pharma Is Saying Behind Your Back As It Tries to Sell You Defective Medical Devices. Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 7 a.m.

What Big Pharma Is Saying Behind Your Back As It Tries to Sell You Defective Medical Devices

Johnson & Johnson is known as the family company. Surgery Under Scrutiny: What Went Wrong With Vaginal Mesh. On a rainy night in early September, six women gathered for dinner at a Macaroni Grill restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Surgery Under Scrutiny: What Went Wrong With Vaginal Mesh

They had come from around the country: Utah, Georgia, Florida, New York, Texas. But their mood wasn’t festive. All six were in town to speak publicly about their personal medical traumas in front of an advisory panel for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Going Dutch at the SR Film Festival New York: documentaries from Holland offer up jolting realties.

Two Dutch documentaries that I recently viewed at the SR (Socially Relevant) Film Festival in Chelsea were riveting for very different reasons.

Going Dutch at the SR Film Festival New York: documentaries from Holland offer up jolting realties

The 2015 Dance Iranian Style, written and produced by Nafiss Nia and directed by Farshad Aria, was actually shown as part of the narrative film screenings and has made waves since it premiered at the Cambridge Film Festival in September for crossing boundaries between fiction and non-fiction. The film opens with a short interview scene of refugees from different countries who have been denied permission to stay in the Netherlands.

#MOMENT OF WEAKNESS. Today, mother and daughter Leah Wood and Jo Wood break the taboo around pelvic floor weakness with INNOVOTM Have you ever experienced that awful moment of dread?


Do you wear panty liners some days ‘just in case’? Answer the following questions honestly: Have you ever leaked doing the mums’ race on Sport’s Day? Kiwi woman forced to pay for operation in US to remove painful surgical mesh. Last updated 16:59, March 2 2016 Pukekohe mother of four Caroline Evans can walk her dogs again after paying for an operation in the United States to remove her surgical mesh, which had caused her intense pain for nine years.

Kiwi woman forced to pay for operation in US to remove painful surgical mesh

Excruciating agony from a surgical mesh implant has forced a Kiwi mother to pay more than $50,000 for an operation in the United States. It has finally eased Pukekohe 50-year-old Caroline Evans' horrific pain that ruined nearly nine years of her life. Clairton woman blames medical businesses for injuries. PITTSBURGH— A Clairton woman is suing a number of medical businesses, alleging a polypropylene mesh caused her injuries.

Clairton woman blames medical businesses for injuries

Cathleen Carson filed a lawsuit June 24 in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against Atrium Medical Corporation, Getinge Group, Getinge USA Inc, Maquet Cardiovascular LLC, Maquest Cardiovascular U.S. Sales LLC, Maquet Medical Systems USA, Premier Healthcare Alliance LP and Does 1-20, alleging negligence, failure to warn, manufacturing defect, fraud, misrepresentation and breach of warranty. Hundreds of patients recalled over pelvic floor operations. Papantonio: Johnson & Johnson Lies Destroyed Women's Lives. Public Citizen Press Room. Dec. 11, 2015 Unseemly and Inappropriate: FDA Joined With the Medical Device Industry in Drafting Cures Legislation Statement of Dr.

Public Citizen Press Room

Michael Carome, Director, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Note: Today, Inside Health Policy reported that senior officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration collaborated with representatives from the medical device industry on the wording of the 21st Century Cures bill, passed by the U.S.

House of Representatives in July. What’s more, the FDA and industry are strategizing together about how to get a companion bill through the Senate. It should be unimaginable that the most senior Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials would collude with the lead medical device trade association to write legislation to weaken the agency’s regulatory oversight and approval standards for medical devices.

Mesh survivors warn women – just say no to doctors. Outwardly, Marion Garland and Lizzy Ford appear to be happy-go-lucky, quick to laugh and very healthy ladies. However, because of an operation which they underwent to fix an embarrassing problem, they have been left with life-changing symptoms, coping with pain 24/7. It affects their work, their leisure pursuits and their relationships with their families. And they have one mission. Transvaginal Mesh Sling for Incontinence. This note is for any woman who had a procedure that installs a medical device to correct menopausal incontinence using the Transvaginal Mesh Sling for Incontinence.

I Am Pissed! Why the media must play a bigger role in policing unsafe medical devices. Contributor Trudy Lieberman has been tracking the progress of industry-friendly regulatory legislation — the 21st Century Cures Act — through Congress. Here she examines how current medical device regulations are already allowing many faulty devices on the market — and how the media will need to be more vigilant if and when current regulations are further weakened under 21st Century Cures. Last September, the Food and Drug Administration convened a panel of experts to publicly examine the safety of Essure, a birth control device sold to more than half a million women over the past 13 years. A Secret for Patients Undergoing Hernia Repair. Hernia repair, one of the most common surgical procedures, carries a risk many patients don't consider: chronic pain after surgery. More than 30% of patients may suffer from long-term chronic pain and restricted movement after surgery to fix a hernia, a bulge of the intestine or body fat through a weak area in the abdomen, studies show.

Damage to nerves and muscles from the hernia may cause lingering discomfort. New synthetic mesh devices, though better than traditional sutures at reinforcing the abdominal wall, can irritate nerves and carry a slightly higher risk of infection. Mesh implants still on sale despite serious side effects. Medical lenders cash in on women injured by faulty implants. Doctors clash over how to treat female pelvic prolapse. Woman who sued Johnson & Johnson for faulty implant dead. Mesh injured victims rally to resolve cases filed in federal court. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Women injured by pelvic mesh devices rallied in front of the federal courthouse in Charleston Tuesday in an effort to resolve thousands of cases filed against the procedure. As of last week, seven mesh manufacturers are facing nearly 80,000 product liability cases against transvaginal and hernia mesh slings, consolidated before Judge Joseph Goodwin in the U.S.

District Court of the Southern District of West Virginia. The net-like implant is used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and urinary incontinence problems in women, but the product design contributes to serious complications causing chronic pain and infections. “It has killed women. It has had women commit suicide. Judge Goodwin ordered all manufacturers of mesh to come together Tuesday, to hear both sides and eventually reach a settlement agreement.

According to the U.S. Takeone issue2 by Take One Publications page 22-23. Bard Used Mesh Plastic Found Unfit for Humans by Supplier. Shona Robison calls for mesh implants suspension. 1 March 2015Last updated at 07:20 ET Health Secretary Shona Robison is urging health boards to suspend mesh implant operations until an independent review into their use is published. Mesh surgery scandal: Implants at centre of $100m US compensation case used by Scottish NHS boards. Surgical mesh complications tear lives apart. Tx220114_medical_devices.rtf. BBC Radio 4 - Face the Facts, Tried and Tested? Incontinence operations: Women reassured over safety. Independent experts are reassuring women a common type of surgery for urinary incontinence is safe and effective. The Scottish government had suggested hospitals consider a temporary suspension of the "mesh" procedure.

And several patients had said the implants had destroyed their quality of life and caused excruciating pain. But Cochrane Collaboration scientists said their analysis of 81 studies found such problems were rare. Mandarijnennetje als bekkenbodemmatje (1) Gynecological surgery: Second rate training for second rate patients? Gynecological surgery training in the United States suffers from a dangerous deficit – one, which represents a threat to the health of 50% of the population: women. Over the years, professionals in diverse fields in the United States we have appreciated the value of a broad-based and liberal education prior to specializing. It is, in fact, critical for the health of our society to educate specialists broadly - because, such educated professionals are far more likely to approach problems using a multidimensional lens.

Scandal of fruit netting ‘approved as surgical implant’ A fake report saw mesh netting on the brink of medical approval.