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- Tecsun PL-880 Tecsun PL-880 When it reached the markets, the PL-880 made a splash. A pocket receiver with several selectable DSP-bandwidths, DSP-demodulation, synchronous detector and some other interesting and hidden features. The PL-880 had predecessor models, which were very much talked about, e.g., PL-600, PL-660 and now the new PL-880. Die wichtigsten Eckdaten: For the power supply of the PL-800, Tecsun came upon an unconventional solution. A signal strength indicator that shows the values in dBµ and dB is very unusual for radios in this price range. Here a small conversion table from dBµ* to S-values (dBµ is dBµV = voltage)* The dB- value stands for the S/N, which equals the SNR = signal/noise ratio. The constructional quality of the PL-800 is high. How does it play? I tested the PL-880 for some weeks and examined it thoroughly. The good reception quality of the PL-880 could also be noticed on shortwave. SSB-reception was good, but the Sony sounded clearly better. Hidden functions Conclusion

Five Band Indoor Magnetic Loop Aerial by G4IZH | QRZ Now – Amateur Radio News This aerial covers the 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metre bands and is made from a single 3 metre length of 22 mm copper tube cut into 4 pieces of equal length and joined in the corners with 90 degree elbows. Some plumbing skills are required here as you will need to use a blow torch with plumbers solder paste and solder so do not attempt this part if you do not have the required confidence and equipment. The pictures below show the full story at each stage of construction. The wide spaced tuning capacitor being used is a very old 200pF + 200pF type but the fixed vanes are connected in series, the moving vanes will not be connected at all therefore the capacitance can can be varied from about 7pF min to 100pF max. The tuning capacitor is driven by a geared down motor which produces 2 rpm at 12 volts. I believe MFJ are the only commercial manufacturers of these but they are VERY expensive! XW1IC Laos by E21EIC The History of Coaxial Cable Ham College Episode 6

Retour d'expérience Émetteur-récepteur AIS Amec CAMINO 108 Salut les gens ! Après avoir parcouru, sites web après site web pour trouvé le meilleur émetteur-récepteur AIS au meilleur prix et surtout fonctionnel ! J'ai enfin trouvé ! Donc je me suis orienté sur le Amec CAMINO 108, J'ai regardé sur ce site (USA): il est noté 5/5, pour 5 votes, donc c'est plutot pas mal ! Donc j'ai regarder pour l'avoir en France, et sur le site : il est disponible pour 440€, donc c'est super ! Donc un total de 540€ vous avec un émetteur-récepteur AIS L'avantage, c'est qu'il à un port USB, donc vous pouvez directement le brancher sur votre ordinateur et vous voyez toutes les cibles sur OpenCPN. Photo n°1 : AIS + antenne GPS Photo n°2 : Antenne VHF qui sert de porte drapeau Photo n°3 : OpenCPN (Ubuntu - Linux) Si vous voulez des renseignements, pas de soucis ! Cdl.

WWII Aircraft Radio Roars To Life: What It Takes To Restore A Piece Of History I’ve been told all my life about old-timey Army/Navy surplus stores where you could buy buckets of FT-243 crystals, radio gear, gas masks, and even a Jeep boxed-up in a big wooden crate. Sadly this is no longer the case. Today surplus stores only have contemporary Chinese-made boots, camping gear, and flashlights. There I found a unicorn of historical significance; an un-modified-since-WW2 surplus CBY-46104 receiver with dynamotor. My unconventional restoration of this radio followed strict rules so as to minimize the evidence of repair both inside and out yet make this radio perform again as though it came fresh off the assembly line. A Flavor of Radio for Every Need The list of radio systems installed into WW2 aircraft goes on and on, even more so for special aircraft like night fighters which depended entirely on radio navigation and radar systems to fly their missions and jamming aircraft who’s purpose was to hide fleets of bombing aircraft or invasions of coastal territories.

Nomad - Transpondeur AIS simple à installer - Digital Yacht Nomad est le nouveau transpondeur AIS de Digital Yacht. Désigné pour les plaisanciers et les professionnels du nautisme, Nomad est un transpondeur AIS classe B portable et compact avec une interface Wi-Fi et USB, une antenne GPS intégrée et fourni avec une antenne VHF compacte de 25 cm équipée de ventouses. Ce produit est adressé pour les plaisanciers qui veulent une solution portable mais sophistiquée pour naviguer et recevoir les données GPS et cibles AIS sur leurs tablettes, PC et smartphones. Ce produit sera aussi fortement apprécié pour les skippers, professionnels du nautisme, pilotes et propriétaires de bateaux qui ne veulent pas s’embêter avec l’installation d’un transpondeur AIS et veulent un système simple à installer, portable et permettant d’utiliser leurs tablettes, PC et smartphones. Grâce au Nomad, vous pourrez recevoir en temps réel les cibles AIS et les données GPS sur vos applications et logiciels de navigation. SUPPORT (Manuel en FRANÇAIS) Oui, vous pouvez. Oui

Electric Radio Magazine - Electric Radio Magazine Dynaplate Do's and Don'ts - The Dynaplate is nothing new, they've been around for years. In the days of LORAN C the Dynaplate was a staple as part of any complete installation to ensure a good solid ground for the system and keep RFI noise at a minimum. Today many people still have a Dynaplate installed for grounding purposes, but the truth is not that many people really understand the design premise surrounding this seemingly simple little plate. The Dynaplate is made of what is known as sintered bronze, think of the plate as a metallic 'sponge". The second size Guest offers is 12"X3"X1/2" and is recommended for LORAN C use and to serve as a radio frequency ground. The simple idea here is that since the plate is absorbing water it is actually exposing a much larger surface area to the ground than the plate's actual physical dimensions imply. In theory this is logical, sound thinking, but marine life realities kick in here and that's where the maintenance side of the Dynaplate comes into play.

threeme3/QCX-SSB: This is a simple and experimental modification that transforms your QCX into a (class-E driven) SSB transceiver.