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R820T Archives Over on the SDRSharp Yahoo group, HB9AJG has posted an interesting report in a PDF file containing some measurements (Note you will need to be a member of the group to download the file titled “Some Measurements on E4000 and R820 Tuners.pdf”. Here is a Direct Mirror of the file.) quantifying the performance of both the E4000 and R820T RTL-SDR DVB-T dongles. See the discussion in the Yahoo group here. These results confirm the feeling that many RTL-SDR users have had: that the E4000 is more sensitive in the lower frequencies, and that the R820T is more sensitive in the higher frequencies, which is why it is recommended for ADS-B.

G3USF's Worldwide List of HF Beacons Latest Update 31 May 2016 Freq Call Town Loc ERPw Ant Direct Mode Status IARU Region 1 discourages beacon operation on 1.8 MHz 1815 EW1OZ Minsk 0.025 ? 1836.2 SK2AU Skelleftea KP04LQ 0.4 LW A1 ? 1837 IW3FZQ Monselice PD JN55VF 8 Dipole TEST 1840 OK0EK Kromeriz JN89QG 4 Vertical Omni A1 T NonOp 1853 OK0EV Near Prague JN79EV 0.1 25m Vert Omni A1 PT 1875 DL3KR JO63LV 5 Dipole A1 1998.5 N4QH Toccoa GA EM84IN 4 Dipole A1 PT IARU Region 1 discourages beacon operation on 3.5MHz 3525 PY2DSB GH28XL 5 Vertical A1 24 3548.67 ER1AAZ Chisinau KN46JX 4 Dipole ? 3576.8 IZ3DVW Monselice JN55VF 0.5 Inv V A1 IRREG 3578.7 OK2PYA IN89TI 1mw ? 3579 DK0WCY Scheggerott JO44VQ 30 Dipole A1 PT/zz 3579.8 SM2IUF Kalix KP15NU QRPP 15-07UT 3579.73 OK1IF JO70MS 1mw Dipole night telemetry ? Please notify errors/changes to Martin Harrison G3USF, HF Beacon Coordinator, Region 1 of the International Amateur Radio Union, g3usf(@) Copyright Martin Harrison 1995-2015.

kochmorse - Koch Morse Tutor for Linux KochMorse is a easy to use morse tutor (trainer) for Linux using the Koch-mehtod. It provides a clean and modern graphical interface. The current release (version 0.99.x) is full featured and stable. I've tested it under Fedora and Ubuntu and it works well. If you have trouble to get it running or you like to see any features added, please contact me by mail: hmatuschek [at] gmail [dot] com .

Ham Radio Maps - CQ zone, ITU zone, Grid Locator, ARRL RAC Section, Overlay, Great Circle, Lighthouse, Callsign Prefix Whilst surfing around on the Internet, I soon noticed a lack of maps for hams, so decided to correct this by producing a set of my own that were easy to read, big enough to be useful, quick to download, and consistent in style and format. All these items are free for private use, but cannot be sold, traded, or used commercially. All graphics have hidden bit-pattern watermarking, for future identification in case of fraud. You can include one or more of them on your own website, with my permission. Permission will be granted providing that :

operation with a Realtek RTL2832U USB dongle DVB-T receiver | GNSS-SDR - An Open Source Global Navigation Satellite System Software Defined Receiver Introduction This article describes what is probably one of the cheapest ways for experimenting with real-life signals and GNSS-SDR. This is product from a combined effort of many people, so let us only mention (to our knowledge) the very original source, the V4L/DVB kernel developer Antti Palosaari, who discovered an undocumented operation mode for some USB DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U chipset, enabling them to be used as a cheap Software Defined Radio (SDR) front-end. The key feature is that the chip allows transferring raw I/Q samples to the host, that in principle is the responsible for DAB/DVB+/FM demodulation. This is great news for a GNSS software receiver, since it covers the targeted frequency bands. The RTL2832U outputs 8-bit I/Q-samples with a baseband sample-rate up to 3.2 MSPS, according to the specifications.

Amateur Radio Exam Generator - Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Amended April/2007 Amateur Radio Service Home Page a learning aid for prospective amateurs an administrative tool for accredited examiners GNSS SDR Toolkit for MATLAB® | ChameleonChips What is it? Are you involved in advanced wideband GNSS signals research using Software Defined Receivers? Then you know how frustrating it can be to crunch hundreds of Gigabytes of data using MATLAB. Software Defined Radio (SDR) on the EzTV645 w/ RTL2382U and FC0013 | Due to much of my own issues with setting this USB dongle up, I thought it should take the time and write my own version of the installation. Take note that this installation is for Windows 7, and not linux (if that wasn’t already apparent). I will also list all of my references below, which may end up solving some problems people were having. First find a place to order the dongle at a reasonable price.