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KickAss Classical Rádio Ópera Royalty Free Music - - Main Page Renaissance Italy - encyclopedia article about Renaissance Italy. The Italian Renaissance was the earliest manifestation of the general European Renaissance, a period of great cultural change and achievement that began in Italy during the 14th century and lasted until the 16th century, marking the transition between Medieval and Early Modern Europe. The term Renaissance is in essence a modern one that came into currency in the 19th century, in the work of historians such as Jules Michelet and Jacob Burckhardt. Although the origins of a movement that was confined largely to the literate culture of intellectual endeavor and patronage can be traced to the earlier part of the 14th century, many aspects of Italian culture and society remained largely Medieval; the Renaissance did not come into full swing until the end of the century. Era The European Renaissance began in Tuscany (Central Italy), and centered in the cities of Florence and Siena. Cultural achievements The Italian Renaissance is best known for its cultural achievements. Origins Italy in 1328.

Progetto Martha Argerich Per la dodicesima volta, dal 9 giugno al 3 luglio, Lugano accoglie il PROGETTO MARTHA ARGERICH, promosso da Lugano Festival, RSI Rete Due e Banca BSI, che, grazie anche alla radio e alla pubblicazione del relativo album, si è fatto conoscere come uno dei più importanti appuntamenti dell'estate musicale europea. Artisti che da tempo collaborano con la grande pianista e musicisti giovani e meno giovani si alterneranno in sette concerti di musica da camera all'Auditorio della RSI, due concerti con l'Orchestra della Svizzera italiana al Palazzo dei congressi, in sei recital nella Chiesa evangelica e un concerto nella Sala delle Palme del Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola. Fra gli artisti noti e i giovani che per la prima volta prenderanno parte alla manifestazione menzioniamo il violinista Andrey Baranov e i pianisti Thomás Alegre, Alessandro Mazzamuto, Maria Meerovitch.

Watch & Listen - Opera Videos, Podcasts & Interactive Content - Lyric Opera of Chicago Sir David McVicar speaks about RUSALKA The internationally celebrated director of Lyric Opera's company premiere of RUSALKA discusses the opera and his new production with Roger Pines, the company's dramaturg and broadcast commentator. Download (right click and "Save Target As" / "Save Link As") 2014/15 Season Audio Preview Sir Andrew Davis, Lyric's music director, introduces the 2014/15 season, including commentary and musical highlights from all eight operas. The majority of recordings used by permission of EMI Classics. LA CLEMENZA DI TITO Discovery Series Backstage at Lyric #138 Mozart's penultimate opera tosses conflicted characters into a thicket of a plot with music that hints at 19th-century romanticism. Download (right click and "Save Target As" / "Save Link As") RUSALKA Discovery Series Backstage at Lyric #137 Water nymph Rusalka falls in love with a mortal and there are dire consequences in this sensual Czech fairytale. Download (right click and "Save Target As" / "Save Link As") | new music generation Sapphire & Sage - Renaissance &Medieval Necklace Collection (* indicates items that are part of a portrait reproduction collection) Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I Queen Elizabeth I of England, artist unacknowledged Portrait Location: Portraitgalerie, Schloss Ambras, Innsbruck, Austria Detail of portrait "Queen Elizabeth I" Cluster Necklace * A highly accurate replication of the piece worn by Queen Elizabeth I. This gorgeous necklace features real freshwater pearls for the small pendants that adorn the circumference of the piece. Each pearl pendant is topped with a brass bead cap and anchored at the bottom with a delicate 3mm glass rocaille bead. Sizes are listed below for both the choker-style length (shown above) and a longer length that is suitable for wearing outside garments, as is shown in the portrait. Queen Jane Seymour, c. 1536 (shown with detail) Hans Holbein Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna "Queen Jane Seymour" Carcanet and Cotiere Necklace Parure * This design's pearl-and-jeweled pattern is the staple of most Tudor Era jewelry parures.

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The Renaissance in Movies - a list by Pepper Baggins

quite an eclectic mix, covering music not only from Europe, but also some other cultures with which contact was established during the era. by kittybriton Feb 19