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 Links to Medical  Mesh  Research - Links to Medical Mesh Research. Comment made by meshsister.

Gezondheid - / prolaps. VVOG - Vlaamse Vereniging Obstetrie en Gynaecologie. Tros Radar-bekkenbodemmatjes. - testaankoop - BEUC - Europa. NVOG -Nederlandse gynaecologen vereniging. Bekkenbodem-patiënten verenigingen. Bekkenbodem- prolaps / therapie / Brochure. FDA: vaginal mesh reclassified /stronger regulation /class III. Europees - Wereldwijd onderzoek naar matjes.

Matjes- mesh complications.

Rechtszaken-legal news...

Over implantaten - about medical devices (implants) Media - program - news- radio. Medische Artikels- Medical Articles- drs. opinions.. Franstalige artikels- articles Francais. Plastic not fit for human body? Incontinentie. Scottish Meshsurvivors. Mesh surgery scandal. First Do No Harm: Complications and Complaints will Change Pelvic Floor Surgery Using Mesh Implants in 2015. Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations. SALES reps from the makers of controversial mesh products were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations on patients.

Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations

Health boards across Scotland have admitted staff members from firms were present during intimate procedures as advisers to NHS medics. The reps were merely required to complete a £250 theatre access course on protocol and infection control. Yesterday victims of botched mesh ops questioned whether women were fully informed – though health boards said consent had to be given from patients.

Engeland - United Kingdom....

Summary_of_the_evidence_on_the_benefits_and_risks_of_vaginal_mesh_implants.  Links to Medical  Mesh  Research - Links to Medical Mesh Research. Medical Council stops Reid from doing major surgery. THE NSW Medical Council placed Dr Richard Reid under practice conditions in 2011, including that he obtain ‘‘valid informed consent for the surgery he performs’’, after complaints and at least three civil settlements against him.

Medical Council stops Reid from doing major surgery

Dr Richard Reid was barred by the Medical Council from performing major surgery in March this year, while the Tissue Fixation System was deregistered last November. Mesh Victims Need Help NOW: Go Fund Me. March 15, 2015 Many stories have been written on this site about transvaginal mesh and the complications and many brave victims have shared their stories about being sold on this “simple little procedure” that was supposed to make their lives better not worse and how its negatively impacted not only their lives but the lives of their family members as well.

Mesh Victims Need Help NOW: Go Fund Me

To many who read this site they live these problems day in and day out. To many who read this site this is just someone else’s problem and as a society (myself included) we tend to not pay attention to things unless they directly involve us. That said, one story I recount outside the mesh community engages the otherwise unaware and garners a Pavlovian response in males: “Can you imagine having sex and getting your penis shredded because your wife’s mesh perforated the vaginal wall?”

Image: Hannah Takes The Stairs. Suspension of mesh surgery in Scotland means women need improved access to physiotherapy. Top 10 Things to Know About Mesh BEFORE Having Surgery for POP or SUI. A Female Surgical Nightmare. How a problematic medical device has escaped FDA regulation.

A Female Surgical Nightmare

When mesh works its way out through the vaginal wall and extrudes into the vagina, the woman experiences excruciating pain. During intercourse, mesh can lacerate her partner's penis. Years of activism have made women’s health a topic of everyday conversation. The mechanics of mammograms and the pros and cons of cervical cancer vaccines are familiar, but one common health problem that affects millions of women remains virtually unknown. Time, gravity and childbirth can weaken a woman’s pelvic floor muscles and stretch out the ligaments that hold up her uterus, bladder and/or bowel, causing the organs to sag and bulge into the vagina—or even protrude from it—a disorder known as pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

The symptoms depend on which organs are bulging and how much. Gynekologinen verkko repi virtsarakkoa ja virtsatiehyen – Ovatko lantionpohjan laskeuman hoidossa käytetyt verkot terveysriski? Europe’s Stand on Mesh – Mesh Angels. Sometimes I stumble upon something while I am searching for information to help another woman.

Europe’s Stand on Mesh – Mesh Angels

That is exactly what happened when I came across a very important download. It answers a question, what do they feel about using mesh in Europe? What are their experiences? We have the FDA which seems to have doctors on the panel who are paid by manufacturers and although the latest report states there are many problems with mesh and the tools used in mesh sling kits, they leave them on the shelf to injure more women.

That is why I am angry with this board.

United States-Amerika

Canada. Australië and New Zeeland. Drugwatch. Surgical Watch. First Do No Harm: Complications and Complaints will Change Pelvic Floor Surgery Using Mesh Implants in 2015. MESH 101. According to the MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary: Transvaginal: [adjective] passing through or performed by way of the vagina <transvaginal laparoscopy>.Mesh: [noun] a flexible netting of fine wire used in surgery especially in the repair of large hernias and other body defects.

MESH 101

So to quickly sum up the definition of Transvaginal Mesh, it is a type of surgical mesh inserted through the vagina; much like a woven fabric that is implanted during pelvic surgery. Stress Urinary Incontinence –Urinary incontinence (UI) is loss of bladder control. Symptoms can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. It can happen to anyone, but it becomes more common with age. “On Oct. 20, 2008, the FDA issued a Public Health Notification and Additional Patient Information on serious complications associated with surgical mesh placed through the vagina (transvaginal placement) to treat POP and SUI.

UPDATE Issued: July 13, 2011. Woman Sues Johnson & Johnson in Possible $1.7 Billion Class Action Suit. Last week Zubeidat Narges (the “Plaintiff”) submitted a claim in the District Court in Lod, Israel against the American multinational company (the “Defendant”), which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical products, drugs and medical equipment.

Woman Sues Johnson & Johnson in Possible $1.7 Billion Class Action Suit

The plaintiff submitted the claim on behalf of herself, and also with a request for the Court to certify the claim as a class action suit for NIS 6 billion (about US$1.7 billion) against the Defendant on behalf of an estimated 60,000 women in Israel who, it is alleged, experienced the same difficulties as her because of complex gynaecological procedures performed using the Defendant’s allegedly faulty products. FDA Manipulates the Media: Scientific American. Youtube. The stories of patients who have been misled when they consent to surgery  Before you receive treatment from a doctor, you'll be asked to give consentIf it's complex with general anaesthetic, you'll be asked to sign a formBut the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been concernedThe body monitors the provision of healthcare in hospitals in the UK It found, at one ward, that patients 'had been put at significant risk of harm'Their informed consent had not always been sought or recorded' By Jane Feinmann for the Daily Mail Published: 22:18 GMT, 22 June 2015 | Updated: 22:56 GMT, 22 June 2015.

The stories of patients who have been misled when they consent to surgery 

What Big Pharma Is Saying Behind Your Back As It Tries to Sell You Defective Medical Devices. Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 7 a.m.

What Big Pharma Is Saying Behind Your Back As It Tries to Sell You Defective Medical Devices

Johnson & Johnson is known as the family company. Except for when it sells defective medical implants that destroy patients' genitals.As I reported in last week's feature story, over 17,000 women, including some in Dallas, are suing Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Ethicon, for its transvaginal mesh products. The mesh, made out of polypropylene plastic, was promoted to doctors as an easy, non-invasive method of curing stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, two conditions that are common in aging women who have given birth. New measures pledge to make Scottish NHS whistleblowing easier. The Scottish government is introducing a series of measures to make it easier for NHS whistleblowers to come forward.

New measures pledge to make Scottish NHS whistleblowing easier

An independent national officer will be appointed to review how cases of whistleblowing are handled in the NHS in Scotland. Many medical professionals not willing to declare the money paid to them by drug companies – DES Daughter Network. Aanning - Substituting Form for Substance Imagine if...

Pain - pijn - depressie - autoimune stoornis - oorzaak gevolg...

Les coussins bouées nerf pudendal - alcock -matériel médical. Nous allons aborder ici le problème que représente la position assise au quotidien pour tous les malades. En effet, comme nous l'avons vu dans les pages précédentes, cette position accroît très fortement les douleurs. Pour certains malades, il devient presque impossible de s'asseoir même simplement le temps d'un repas. Promo Loopfiets 'Lopifit' 2012.

Time Magazine Releases Cover Story on Pain Killers. The June 15 issue of Time Magazine is out with a cover story on Pain Killers that says America’s addiction to them is the worst addiction crisis the country has ever seen. Calling it a national epidemic, it says “9.4 million Americans take opioids for long-term pain and 2.1 million are estimated by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to be hooked.” How Sexism Affects Women’s Health Every Day. Even when girls and women say, out loud, that they are experiencing pain, people, including medical professionals, are more likely to minimize or dismiss what they say. I had a headache that lasted for years. It was there when I woke up and there when I went to sleep.

I got so used to it that one day, when my husband, bemoaning a rare headache, asked if we had any painkillers, I realized that for me the exceptional day was not having a headache. The doctors I consulted suggested a whole range of reasons and prescriptions, but none helped. Turns out, I did what most women not only do but are encouraged to do: live with the pain and discomfort. All over the world, women, for a variety of reasons, experience much higher rates of pain than men. Welcome to Beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia - The Huffington Post. Mariah Blake Home to one of the most brazen, deadly corporate gambits in U.S. history. Story by Mariah Blake. 1.pdf. OK van de toekomst - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. PERINEOLOGY - Groupement Européen de Périnéologie. Diagnosis and Management of Piriformis Syndrome: An Osteopathic Approach. Abstract Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular condition characterized by hip and buttock pain.

This syndrome is often overlooked in clinical settings because its presentation may be similar to that of lumbar radiculopathy, primary sacral dysfunction, or innominate dysfunction. The ability to recognize piriformis syndrome requires an understanding of the structure and function of the piriformis muscle and its relationship to the sciatic nerve. The authors review the anatomic and clinical features of this condition, summarizing the osteopathic medical approach to diagnosis and management. A holistic approach to diagnosis requires a thorough neurologic history and physical assessment of the patient based on the pathologic characteristics of piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis syndrome is a peripheral neuritis of the sciatic nerve caused by an abnormal condition of the piriformis muscle.1 It frequently goes unrecognized or is misdiagnosed in clinical settings.