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A happy husband and father, nature lover, who loves spending time outdoors camping with my family.

How to stay connected to nature through the winter. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped people rediscover the outdoors and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that exposure to nature provides.

How to stay connected to nature through the winter

Scientists are still exploring how and why time in nature has such a beneficial effect. A new collaborative effort involving U professors Dorothy Schmalz, interim chair of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism in the College of Health, Nalini Nadkarni, emeritus professor in the School of Biological Sciences, and Tim Brown, President and CEO of Tracy Aviary, aims to bring researchers and practitioners together to explore the connection between nature and human health. The effort is called Nature and Human Health-Utah, or NHH-UT. Find an announcement about NHH-UT funding opportunities and upcoming events here. As we head into the pandemic’s second winter, connecting with nature indoors or outdoors provides a way to care for our physical and mental health. Nature Notes: Supporting the Pollinator’s Path - Delta Optimist.

Here in Delta, blueberry crops are dependent on commercial honey bees and native bees for pollination A busy bee travels from flower to flower, providing life to the bounty of plants found here in Delta.

Nature Notes: Supporting the Pollinator’s Path - Delta Optimist

Although some plants are self pollinating, many require the help of pollinators, such as bees, to carry out this function. Pollination is a regionally specific process, as different ecosystems host different species of plants and animals. Here in Delta, blueberry crops are dependent on commercial honey bees and native bees for pollination. In the spring when blueberries are flowering, pollinators feed on the flowers’ nectar. By enhancing sections of farmland with habitat containing flowering plants, farmers can ensure the continued availability of foraging resources for pollinators. How to train for hiking, no matter the length of your trip. As I huffed up the side of New Hampshire’s Mount Liberty in the fog, I couldn’t recall an ascent ever being so taxing on my muscles or my mind.

How to train for hiking, no matter the length of your trip

It was the second summit of my first day backpacking the Pemigewasset Loop in the state’s White Mountains, and the 32-mile trail was giving me a solid thrashing. As an active runner, climber, hiker, and cyclist, I’m fit, but my legs were burning, my knees grinding, and my pack felt much heavier than it had during my last backpacking trip only two months prior. There was no going back, of course—my determination and stubbornness simply wouldn’t allow me to call off a hike just because I was tired—but I was exhausted physically and mentally knowing I had three whole days of this ahead of me. That’s largely because I essentially hit the trail—a trail with eight peaks over 4,000 feet—straight “off the couch,” or with little to no specialized training for such an arduous adventure.

3 Major Things That Make Parenting Way Harder Than It Actually Is. I will be completely upfront with my biggest problem in parenting: I am terrified that I will fail.

3 Major Things That Make Parenting Way Harder Than It Actually Is

It is as simple as that. The fear of failure looms in my heart every single day because I have no idea what it means to succeed in parenting. Maybe I do and I simply suffer from a hefty dose of self-doubt. My marriage is happy, and my kids are happy . . . so why am I so worried all the time? Sinkholes on receding Dead Sea shore are 'nature's revenge,' not easily appeased. AFP — In the heyday of the Ein Gedi spa in the 1960s, holidaymakers could marinate in heated pools and then slip into the briny Dead Sea.

Sinkholes on receding Dead Sea shore are 'nature's revenge,' not easily appeased

Now the same beach is punctured by craters. A spectacular expanse of water in the desert, flanked by cliffs to east and west, the Dead Sea has lost a third of its surface area since 1960. The blue water recedes about a meter (yard) every year, leaving behind a lunar landscape whitened by salt and perforated with gaping holes. Net zero is not enough – we need to build a nature-positive future. Nearly two years after the first reported case of Covid-19, the world is still facing the repercussions.

Net zero is not enough – we need to build a nature-positive future

At the same time, the extent of our planetary emergency – of climate crisis, biodiversity loss and inequality – has become evident. As we rebuild our societies and economies, we are faced with a unique opportunity to build a nature-positive future that we must not let slip away. How environmental damage can lead to new diseases. THE WORLD’S monitored populations of wild animals have decreased by an average of 68% in the past 50 years, according to the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

How environmental damage can lead to new diseases

Deforestation, intensive farming and the changing use of land are largely to blame. But nature can recover, provided it is given a chance. COP15, a UN biodiversity summit that took place last week, sought to do just that. More than 100 countries recognised the need to reverse species decline by 2030 and acknowledged the consequences of harmful environmental practices and climate change for biodiversity. These efforts are long overdue—and not just for the sake of wildlife. Boating In The Fall Reminders From Southern Georgian Bay OPP. The fall colours are starting to pop up in North Simcoe and Southern Georgian Bay OPP are still actively checking marine operators for signs of impairment and required marine equipment.

Boating In The Fall Reminders From Southern Georgian Bay OPP

Officers checked 61 vessels over their 59 hours of patrol time covering the waterways from Twelve Mile Bay to Midland and the vast beach areas of Tiny Township. Of note to anglers, remember to always have a pair of side cutters in case your should become “hooked” by your own bait. A grateful angler (pictured) suffered that fate and was helped through a fish hook removal by a pair of OPP side cutters! Five operators were educated on their vessel requirements of the Canada Shipping Act along with one operator being charged under the act. Everything you need for astrophotography camping. Astrophotography camping opens up new opportunities for camera-owners, giving you the chance to escape the light pollution created by densely populated areas.

Everything you need for astrophotography camping

And once you've set up camp in the wilderness there are many night sky wonders to discover, either through some of the best telescopes around or behind the lens of your trusty camera. Here’s one way parents can help develop their child’s confidence. Puhimec | iStock | Getty Images Building children's confidence is a key way to help them recover from the disruption and uncertainty of the last 18 months, according to one parenting expert who shared one important way parents can help develop their children's self-esteem.

Here’s one way parents can help develop their child’s confidence

Anita Cleare, author of "The Working Parent's Survival Guide," told CNBC via telephone that "bouncing back from lockdown and from the challenges of Covid and social distancing is big on parents' agenda right now" based on what she'd been asked as a parenting expert. Many children have just returned for a new school year after around 18 months of disrupted learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, having spent most or part of that time being home-schooled. Research published in March by Horace Mann, a U.S. financial services firm focused on educational professionals, found that more than half of the 941 U.S. educators it surveyed reported a "significant" learning loss in their students upon their return to school. How I Made My Amex CLEAR Credit Go Twice as Far.

I know it’s now been more than a week since American Express announced a litany of changes to its Platinum card — but I’m honestly still digesting all of them and taking action in a bid to make the most of them. Since the new credits were announced, I’ve been doing my research on places to stay in order to use my hotel credit, moving my SiriusXM and Audible subscription charges over to me Plat, and looking into CLEAR. What I found was that I could actually use my $179 CLEAR credit to not only cover my annual membership but also cover my wife’s as well. How? Well, it starts with my domestic airline of choice: Delta. Even before this Amex credit popped up, I had briefly considered signing up for CLEAR thanks to marketing emails sent to me as a Delta Silver Medallion member, offering me a discounted rate. So here’s the deal: as a regular Delta SkyMiles member, you can get an annual CLEAR membership for $119 versus the typical $179. Nature crisis: Talks resume on global plan to protect biodiversity.

9 Best Camping Essentials, According To A Forest Ranger 2021. The Recorder - Speaking of Nature: The 40-foot rule. Residents of the Bay State will understand that there is a certain responsibility for each of us to make a pilgrimage to the Cape and Islands on a somewhat frequent basis. My schedule for these visits is approximately every two years and I’ve done a fairly good job of living up to that goal.

In 2014, I spent two weeks seeking out the wildlife of Martha’s Vineyard. In 2018 and 2020 it was the birds and mammals of Barnstable and Mashpee that fell into the crosshairs of my camera. This year I have returned to Martha’s Vineyard. Easing kids' anxiety before and after: Tips from a parenting expert. Austin, tx — Preparing their children physically with back-to-school supplies and clothes, it’s important to also prepare them emotionally and socially to return. With COVID cases on the rise again, major transitions often happening in the fall, and suicide attempts are up 50% for teenage girls.

We chatted with parenting expert and licensed counselor, Michelle Nietert, who equips parents on how to talk with their kids about the daily issues they are facing, and how they may be affecting their mental health. RELATED: School starts for thousands Thursday as districts monitor rising COVID cases. Hiking Over 50: 12 Things to Know Before Your First Trek Hiking Over 50: 12 Things To Know Before Your First TrekHiking Over 50: 12 Things to Know Before Your First Trek - TravelAwaits. Parenting In Focus: What kind of parent are you? Parenting is hard work, no question about it. But are you making it harder on yourself than it needs to be?

Worst hiking mistakes and how to avoid them. What are the parallels between parenting and running a business? Some say parenting is a full-time job — constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and making decisions for the family. While some of those decisions require little deliberation, others lie in a gray area of parenting, without clear-cut answers. Emily Oster, a professor of economics at Brown University, argues for a data-based approach to parenting to create better, happier outcomes for families in her new book, “The Family Firm: A Data-Driven Guide to Better Decision Making in the Early School Years.” As a mother herself to two children, Oster uses her economics background to present a structured framework to make careful choices based on data, similar to how entrepreneurs make smart business decisions. Click the audio player above to hear Oster’s conversation with “Marketplace” host Amy Scott. The following is an excerpt from the book. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we had started running our house like . . . well, like a firm.

Future global urban water scarcity and potential solutions. Description of scenarios used in this study To assess future urban water scarcity, we used the scenario framework from the Scenario Model Intercomparison Project (ScenarioMIP), part of the International Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6)38. The scenarios have been developed to better link the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) and Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) to support comprehensive research in different fields to better understand global climatic and socioeconomic interactions38,39. We selected the four ScenarioMIP Tier 1 scenarios (i.e., SSP1&RCP2.6, SSP2&RCP4.5, SSP3&RCP7.0, and SSP5&RCP8.5) to evaluate future urban water scarcity. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Efforts to make outdoors accessible. In the past year, the conservation movement has been grappling with its racist roots and history.

Organizations are trying to acknowledge the ways those roots extend into the present day – and fix it. Has the world’s oldest known animal been discovered? Hear the latest from the world of science, with Benjamin Thompson and Noah Baker. “Good enough” parenting starts with avoiding these 13 abusive behaviors. How parenting changed during the pandemic according to US data — Quartz at Work. The parenting penalties faced by scientist mothers. Yhasmin Moura’s research was not the only thing on her mind in 2017 when she was considering postdoctoral positions in the United Kingdom and her home nation of Brazil.

Moura was pregnant at the time, so parental-leave policies were a top concern. How the pandemic changed parenting styles. CLEVELAND — A recent survey commissioned by Gerber and conducted by OnePoll showed half of more than 2,000 parents of children over the age of 3 said the pandemic has permanently changed the way they parent. Maximizing sleep with infants: parenting advice from Care and Feeding. Care and Feeding is Slate’s parenting advice column. Have a question for Care and Feeding? Health Fusion: Stressed out? Step into nature and listen to the sounds. When I think about the sounds of nature, I feel a little calmer. Try it. A Guide to No Trace Hiking - The Corvallis Advocate.

Study on plant roots challenges nature of ecological trade-offs. Frozen mammoths, bog men and tar wolves: Ways nature preserves prehistoric creatures. Rewilding: four tips to let nature thrive. Sustainable Strategies For Agriculture And Biodiversity: As Simple As Helping Nature Run Its Course. Intensive Parenting Is Bad for Parents' Social Lives. 10 great beginner-level hikes found around Colorado. Nature Can Help Us Prepare for the Next Pandemic. Parenting In Focus: Being the parent you want to be. A Parenting Expert On How To Teach Your Child To Self-Soothe. Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 'collapsing' ecosystems.

Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 'collapsing' ecosystems. Southwest Cards Are Including Companion Pass in Their Sign-Up Bonuses. We Need to Talk About ROBINHOOD. The Arctic Ocean might have been filled with freshwater during ice ages. Eu.usatoday. In the race to lure back travelers, vacations in nature are winning. Permissive Parenting: What It Means, Examples & The Other Styles. Travel Tuesday: The Highland Dallas Hotel Review.

The effects of smartphone use on parenting. Travel Tuesday: Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Hotel Review. How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend Outdoors. Eu.usatoday. Amex Strikes Again! New Platinum Card Offer is Worth Your Attention. In the Interest of Transparency: My Personal Finances and Approach to Money. Single Parenting in a Pandemic. Strategic vision for improving human health at The Forefront of Genomics. A Brief History of Questionable Parenting Advice. 4 Ways to Save Money When Using Foreign Currencies. Seven Natural Phenomena Worth Traveling to Alaska For. 3 New Novels Show a Natural World in Peril. Evolution is evolving: 13 ways we must rethink the theory of nature. {QUICK TIP} T-Mobile Money Extends Massive 4% APY Perk to Sprint Customers. Yahoo fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. How Do YouTubers Make Money? How Much Do They Make? The Most Effective Parenting Styles For The Toddler & Preschool Years. Parenting in the Age of the Pandemic Pod. Childhood connection to nature has many benefits but is not universally positive, finds review.

Parenting: Helping your picky eater. {QUICK TIP} Save Up to $50 with This American Express Shop Small Offer. Need a parenting refresher? Check out these tips from Marbles. Apple Card Extends Interest-Free Financing to Other Apple Devices. - The Washington Post. Facebook Mom Groups Need to Be Anti-Racist Now. AmEx Add Practical Perks to Appease Travel Cardholders. 12 Outdoor Activities to Get Out of the House During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Parenting During a Pandemic. What To Watch Now: 5 Incredible Places In Nature To Explore From Your Couch. Aspiration Plus Review — Is it Really an UPGRADE? Nature Is Bouncing Back During the Coronavirus Crisis—but for How Long? Parents Need Stress Relief, Too. Work from Home Tips for First-Timers. AI studies our photos to prove that nature makes us happy.

Why Does My Kid Prefer My Partner? Robinhood Cash Management/Debit Card Review — The Pros and Cons. Should Nature Be Given Rights Enshrined in Law? 6 BEST Money Apps to Download for 2020. Nature Shows Are Hot Again. This can Be the Year When we Recharge Nature – and Ourselves. Save Money and Earn Rewards with These 8 Great Shopping Tools / Apps. 3 Essential elements for effective parenting. Arboretum: A slice of nature and ecological history in the city. Saying ‘No’ Is Self-Care for Parents - NYT Parenting. How Parenting Expectations Have Changed Over The Years.

How social media altered the good parenting ideal. England’s new nature reserves ‘will help us tackle global heating’ Environmentalism’s Next Frontier: Giving Nature Legal Rights. Modern Parenting Is a Scam on America's Middle Class Families. Aspiration Review — What You Need to Know About the Online-Only Bank. Nature crisis: Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction'

Area Camping Parks Are Gearing Up for Camping Kickoff – Mix 107.3 KIOW.