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Theory and patches

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Sounds. These sounds demonstrate how systems and modules sound, but remember, there's nothing like hearing one in person.


Submissions Please submit your music/sound file in .mp3 format with at least 128 bit encoding to MODULAR FASCINATION (EB.TV Tech Talk) An Intro to Making Generative Music on Modular. Patchblocks. How To Make An Analog Kick with Tobi Neumann. EMS: Technical Essays. Modular-Planet. Works. T e x t s Please download and enjoy these books.


They are provided free of charge to you. Please do not redistribute them or sell them. You may quote from them, but please credit me, the author (Sam Ecoff). Students enrolling in music technology courses may download and print their texts or may purchase printed copies for a nominal fee. Basic Music Technology I This is the textbook used for MT101: Basic Music Technology. Download a zipped archive of this text in PDF format here: Basic Music Technology I (~1.7 MB) Basic Music Technology II The second volume deals primarily with recording, and covers the anatomy of reel-to-reel machines, DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), MIDI, and basic record production. Download a zipped archive of this text in PDF format here: Basic Music Technology II (~1.9 MB) View topic - Newb looking for 'Patching for dummies' kind of thing. Analog Modular Synthesis.

Undefined Copyright 1997 by André C.

Analog Modular Synthesis

Stordeur All rights reserved. CMOS Synthesizers - Beavis Audio Research. Chip Basics For our experiments, we'll use a couple basic chips: 40106 Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger: This chip contains 6 individual Schmitt triggers.

CMOS Synthesizers - Beavis Audio Research

A Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit that incorporates positive feedback. What this means is that when a high signal (positive voltage defined as '1') is applied to the input pin, the output pin generates a low signal (ground voltage defined as '0). This simple circuit can be connected to a resistor/capacitor pair to rapidly turn on an off. 4040 Binary Counter/Divider: This simple logic chip takes an input square wave and generates oscillations at 8 outputs with a frequency related to the input frequency. 4051 Eight Channel Analog Multiplexor/Demultiplexor: The voltage status of the three address pins A, B and C determines which of the eight channels presents its voltage to the common connection pin.

Synth Secrets, Part 16: From Sample & Hold To Sample-rate Converters (1) Gordon Reid introduces the synthesis modules that allow you to create a number of commonly used 'random' effects, and their close relatives -- analogue sequencers.

Synth Secrets, Part 16: From Sample & Hold To Sample-rate Converters (1)

This is the 16th article in a 63-part series. Read all parts. Untitled. DIY @ Detachment 3 Laboratories - ph33r t3h m4g1k sm0k3. The Master Synthesizer Book List r1.1 This is intended as a one-stop reference for analog and digital synthesizer design, covering both the specifics of design and the general fields that encompass them.

DIY @ Detachment 3 Laboratories - ph33r t3h m4g1k sm0k3

Wherever possible, I have used books from Dover Publications because of their technical depth, illustrious authors, and budget-minded pricing. Embarking on a self-taught engineering path can be expensive, though not as costly as a formal education in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Newcomers often balk when they are presented with a tome that costs $150, however these books can easily provide much greater value in knowledge gained., Finally a collection of all the synth secrets articles from Sound on sound in one place. Check this page out if you want to know how the sound creation works. MooT's Guitar Synthesizer Part 2. The 10 best lectures on electronic music ever; watch them now. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, one’s quest for knowledge really has no limitations.

The 10 best lectures on electronic music ever; watch them now

Between the plethora of digitized articles, documentaries, and—on the technical side of things—instructional videos and guides around, there is no shortage of information accessible to those who seek to learn more about the ever-expanding world of electronic music. The lecture, however, makes for a unique form of information sharing as it not only provides the necessary facts and details, but also allows for attendees (and, eventually, viewers) to get a sense of the person behind these facets of knowledge. With that in mind, Beatport News has compiled what we believe are 10 amazing lectures on electronic music, gathering videos from modern innovators, dance music originators, technical wizards, and a few that simply capture a time and place in electronic music too perfectly to overlook. Below are our 10 picks guaranteed to teach every electronic music enthusiast and music maker something new. Synth Secrets: SOS.

Synth Tips. Nord Modular Tips & Tricks. Welcome to the Nord Modular and Micro Modular 'tips and tricks' section!

Nord Modular Tips & Tricks

The workshops of this section are created by a very skilled Nord Modular user: Rob Hordijk. On the 'tips and tricks' pages you will find various information regarding sound synthesis techniques. With every topic comes a workshop where you can follow the practical, non-mathematical, musician-oriented examples. The patches are kept as simple as possible showing only the basic connections. So it's up to you to color the tone to your liking, add modulation, etc., thus turning them into musically useful patches.

SynthesisWorkshops. Synthesis theory - crca. Nm_filters. [Prev (Oscillator Modification)][Next (Noise Generation)][Table of Contents] Much of the character of a given synthesizer sound comes from the filters that are used to sculpt the spectrum of the sound.


While the Nord Modular provides a wide range of different filter modules, one can obtain an even wider array of filtering possibilities by applying various patch design techniques. Famous Sounds. An awesome sounding, expressive early electronic keyboard!

Famous Sounds

Synth Secrets: Links to All Parts.