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Gypsy scale

Gypsy scale
The term Gypsy scale,[a] refers to one of several musical scales named after their association with Romani or stereotyped "Gypsy" music: Hungarian minor scale, minor scale with raised fourth and seventh degrees, also called double harmonic minor scale.Minor gypsy scale, minor scale with raised fourth but natural seventh. [1] Both these scales are also called Hungarian gypsy scale.Spanish Gypsy scale, another name for the Phrygian dominant scale. [1][2]Double harmonic scale, the fifth mode of the Hungarian gypsy scale. [3] Notes[edit] References[edit]

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Open Ambience Project &SHEPPi& Free Spatial Enhancer Last modification: 01/19/08 19:26 Dallas' Gear REVIEW K-Stereo Ambience Processor vs. "SHEPPi" Free Spatial Enhancer "K-Stereo is a process that literally extracts the inherent ambience, space and depth in a recording and allows you to manipulate it... Let's be clear on something - I love Bob Katz. (Note to self - Is Bob planning to take over the best practices in the mastering world and label them all "K" something-or-other? In the audio world, we work from a fixed menu of ingredients beginning with Volume, Frequency and Time, working its way down into such specifics as delay, reverb, phase, modulation and distortion before hitting the general weirdness of psychoacoustic principles like masking, combination tones, Fletcher-Munson curves, HRTF plots and precedence effects. K-Stereo was something different, though. What SHEPPi describes is this. Open Ambience Project's SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer plugin (VST, Windows) does all of this. How close is this implementation to the real thing?

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15 Totally Free Reverb Plug-ins That Rock Reverb is an effect that you’ll find in any mix, and you can never have enough options when it comes to crafting the right reverberation for the sound. That’s why I’ve scoured the web to come up with this list of completely free plug-ins you can try. Some will say you can never get the same quality reverb with a free plug-in and others will say it doesn’t really matter, but at the end of the day it comes down to your taste and what sounds good in your mix. 1. Ambience is a popular choice and many users consider it to be as good as a commercial reverb plug-in. 2. DX Reverb Light is a simpler version of its non-freeware big brother DX Reverb. 3. Classic Reverb is a smooth reverb with a GUI that emulates a knob-controlled rack reverb unit. 4. This Windows plug-in provides a simple but high-quality reverb that allows you to visualize the reverberation parameters in a room simulation. 5. 6. 7. It has some great variables wrapped up in a simple interface. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

8 automation tricks every producer must know | Page 2 Automation is something that every producer can benefit from using, but you might not know how it can be employed or what effect it can have on your sounds. This being the case, we've put together a list of practical examples of automation in action, complete with audio clips so that you can hear the results of its application. All of our sounds were created in Logic, but it's the principles that are important here, and these can be applied in any DAW with automation facilities. 1. Here's the electronic equivalent of the reverse cymbal. 2. Big, fat basses that evolve and grow throughout the duration of a note are all the rage, whether in dubstep, DnB or even house. 3. Left to their own devices, pads can often become dull and simply take up space. 4. Here we've programmed a basic dub part, but we occasionally wanted to delay the snare to get some characteristic heavy echoes. 5. Above a certain feedback level, delays begin to regenerate. 6. 7. 8.

free audio plugin database Plugins Listed: 2339 Welcome to the free audio plugin database, the largest online database of free audio plugins. We list nearly 2000 free VST plugins, free DirectX plugins, RTAS, AU, and more from developers all over the world. There are tons of excellent audio plugins available for free on the Web. Recent Comments #2950 by ronisageekI'm really groov'in on the sequencer. #2949 by ronisageekTranscender 2 has been upgraded to Transcender SE. #2948 by ronisageekI have been using Atlantis for over a year now. #2842 by angel bulbheadclick on the word Choralozoide (in yellow) or the image. #2780 by angel bobwoodscrub that; link don't work #2779 by angel bobwoodit's here; c.html #2328 by zedisdeadAnyone have v1.0.15? #2288 by zedisdeadimo, sounds kinda lofi compared to Independence or sampletank free stuff #2287 by zedisdeadaresome filters on this one. can make some fat wobbles #1978 by dasoundjunkieOne of the single best tools I've ever used.

Songwriting Exercises - Handout Songwriting Exercises by Joel Mabus Scaffolding Stuck? Here’s an old trick to get you going. Try this exercise: A) Take some song you like — any song at all from any era, any style — just so long as it is familiar to you. B) Write a new lyric to that song. C) Take that new lyric and write completely new music to it. D) Edit. (Or you could do A-C-B-D — write the new music to the “scaffold” song and then write a new lyric.) What remains is a new song with only a hint of the “ghost” song that acted as a scaffold for the process. Listmaking Out of ideas? A list could become a song (remember “My Favorite Things” or Tom T Hall’s “I Love...”) or could be a starting pad for an essay song, enumerating facts or feelings. Focused Imaging Similar to listmaking, but more purposeful, is putting your imagination to work in creating a scene, place or mood. Imagine a perfect day in your childhood – or the day your childhood sweetheart left you. Out-of-context Images Brain dead? New Sounds Journal ©Joel Mabus 2001